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Cheating girlfriend Stories

cheating girlfriend

Holiday Time

When warm sunshine and plentiful alcohol meet and sex is the result.

I am sure most, if not all people will have such a story as this one. When I was 22 my girlfriend Stacey was 25 5’1” and size 8 blonde hair, and at that point was still trying to tell me she was a good girl. We had been going out for a couple of months an...


I knew Ellie was a slt and with better judgement should have fled.

I found Ellie in the gents toilets being fucked while she sucked and wanked two other lads.

Against my better judgement I had started going out with Ellie. Yes, I had heard all the rumours that she played fast and loose. But I thought that if we were an item things would change. On our first date on the way home from the cinema, Ellie had me pul...


Going Dutch

Astrid was talking to Daan and telling him all about our lovemaking.

I was twenty-six single and overworked. I had a bed sit as I spent more time on the road than I did at home. It was good for the bank balance but not much fun in the bedroom stakes. Then my boss says the next stop was Belgian followed by Amsterdam as he h...


Barbie and ken

My girlfriend was a slut and I loved her for it.

Hi, Ken here. I was twenty-six when this happened. I’m pretty fit as my job is quite physical and I work out twice a week. I’m told that I am good looking. I was also single but had a great new girlfriend. I met Audrey just three weeks before this happene...


A real nympphomaniac.

The four men all fucked Sage in the dark carpark behind the club.

I was in the club complaining to Cliff that I wasn’t getting enough. Barbra my wife was having women’s problems and she either couldn’t or didn’t want sex very often. Cliff said that I needed to see Kerry because he had just the opposite problem. His new...


Ruth: Kate's First Woman

How a female friend seduced Kate

I'm Dave and this is the third time I've written about some of the adventures I've had with my wife Kate over the years. These are all completely true, apart from the names. The first two were: Kate's First MMF - tells of the first time Kate had two cocks...


Reconnecting with Tina

Trevor knew Tina was cheating on him, but decided to turn a blind eye.

I had just returned home from a four year course at Leeds University. I was more than a little surprised to hear that Trevor, my best mate, was marrying Tina G. Before going off to Uni I had lost my virginity with her, and had made love to her several mor...

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Trevor T

My wife, Hope, was cheating on me.

Now I was suspicious and opened the door to see the back of Rob as he slowly thrust his cock up into my wife's pussy.

I had been married to Hope for almost three years when by a chance encounter with an old mate I discovered that she had cheated on me when we were engaged. The conversation went something like this, " Whatever happened to that horny little slut you was kn...


I stole my fathers girlfriend from him

As she was several steps up the stairs I was now looking straight at her camel toe stretching the flimsy material

I had a horrible childhood. My parents divorced when I was four and my mother remarried. I hated him, my mother couldn't see it but he bullied me at every opportunity. The other thing was I was shuttled back and forth between my mother and my father. I pr...


An auction find

She whispered that she wanted the sex toys.

I was at an auction house and had seen several Lots that took my fancy. The main ones were mixed lots and were packaged up and just listed a few of the items in them. I was after the electrical items in the lots. I had already bid on one lot and lost it,...


Sloppy seconds

Shavon went out with her boyfriend and then came home and I got sloppy seconds.

Twelve years ago I was working away from home. I would be on the road almost half the year. This day I was in Cardiff. The days work completed, I had found a restaurant and had just sat and was looking at the menu. The couple at the table next to me were...