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Lesson 6

Anal games

“I hope you enjoyed dinner.” I welcomed everyone back to the bedroom. “Not so bad, was it sluts, I think you enjoyed today.” Eve continued. “We washed our cunts this morning. Next is colonic irrigation, washing your ass out. This way.” De led them to the...

Building confidence with toys early on

As Alexa became more comfortable with sex toys they soon started getting bigger

As Alexa and I have got older we have naturally lost some of our inhibitions and concerns in life, thinking life is too short, trying our best to enjoy the moment in all aspects. When I first met Alexa she was not particularly keen on the idea of sex toys...

A club night

Lots of fun

I had spent the night with Cherry. It was not my first plan. My first plan was to pick her up and go directly to the club. Plan B was to see a second woman who surprised me by inviting me to her house. I left her suddenly when her husband came home. I wen...

Happy customer

Best customer service ever

I was surprise when she bent over and I didn’t see any panties.  I couldn’t! She wasn’t wearing any.

Just recently I attended the motorhome and caravan show at the Birmingham NEC and straight away it reminded me of what happened four years back. I had been intending to upgrade my motorhome and as I went around the show I found exactly what I was looking...


The porn film

I asked Pat if she was ready and as she said yes we both pushed and we met with my cock buried deep.

I grew up with a big group of mates and girls. As time went on we sort of paired up. I hadn’t fancied any of the girls as life long partners so I just played around with some of them. One day Bruce arrived at the pub showing off a brand new video camera....


Doctor knows best

As she rode me, her well developed tits swayed above me.

I had just got out of hospital after a fortnight in there. The length of time was because I lived alone and had nobody to look after me when I left. Whilst in there I had an operation, and the doctors afterwards was telling me that I needed to exercise mo...


It wasn’t that hard to finally persuade Lucy, my girlfriend, from going out without her bra on. Her tits bounced around beautifully in her loose blouse giving a treat to all who saw it or them. The following week it was a little harder to get her to go ou...


Holiday fling turns into so much more

Carrie let herself into my motorhome stripped and dived under the covers.

My wife Penny was off to Marbella for a fortnight with five of her best friends. I knew it would be a boozy affair with sun sea and lots of sex. Of her five mates I had slept with four of them, only my wife only knew about me sleeping with three of them....

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Our porn films

I heard Beverley groan, I looked over and Paul was naked and was on top of her fucking my girl.

My girlfriend, Beverley, and I had tried three times to make ourselves a porn film. It was purely for our own enjoyment and not for others to see. The first two times I waved the camera around so much as we fucked that most of it was useless. The third ti...


Collecting interest payments

Ryan just watched as I bent his wife over and stuffed my cock into her pussy from behind.

I was thirty-four and pretty upset with women, even though I was free and single again. Just two years earlier I was in a relationship with Selina when she announced that she was pregnant. In a matter of weeks, I was attending scans and other appointments...

Tired of Birmingham

Avril turned into a ball buster

I had never had any contact with another man but here I was with Jon sucking my cock

I found Avril on a web site looking for some extra fun. She had put that her husband just didn’t satisfy her. I took one look at her photos and just knew that I had to have her. I messaged her that I was single and willing and ready to fulfill her every n...


Three deep cocks

three hungry cunts

Over the next few weeks we continued to meet Phil and Andy as usual. Sometimes as a 4sum, sometimes 2 or 3. We were all very comfortable, not bothered if we were there to witness each other's debauchery. I went to see Andria a couple of times and at Isla'...


It was my 21st birthday, the first day I was permitted to enter the Great Hall. I was dressed in a very thin pink robe. I was born in 2062 and trained as an engineer. I lost my virginity when I was 19. While many got married, everyone knew if you wanted t...


Our new house

As she went up the stairs I could see her bush of pubic hair, she had gone au natural.

I had just left my bank manager and he had told me the most that I could have for a mortgage on a second home. I had to dash to see the estate agent at the house that I fancied. I was surprised that it wasn’t the chap that I had organised the viewing with...


I cuckold a mate

Craig moved closer on hands and knees to watch my cock in his wife

I was out with a mate, and he was getting pretty drunk. Craig asked me to get another round and he would tell me a secret. I told him he had enough and Sandra his wife would already be pretty mad with him. He was insistent that he didn’t care and wanted a...