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New mum in the playground

"I tried to imagine what it when Katherine described how her and Molly shared a double ended dildo"

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The last time I wrote I told you about being a stay-at-home dad, and how my wife Katherine wanted me to get her lesbian boss’s girlfriend pregnant.  I also told you how I provided Shona and Tina with two children.  I was still having to walk the kids to and from school, and I spent time chatting to many of Katherine’s friends.  It was halfway through the term when suddenly there was a new face at the school gates.  I introduced myself as Darren and she told me her name was Molly.  She told me that they had just moved to this area, and it was the first day for her kids at the school.  I told her that I hoped they got on alright.


Later I was back at the gates waiting for the kids to come out.  Molly’s brood of four were all out before my three.  I told her that I hoped they had all had a good day.  Molly thanked me as she walked away.  I was waiting for my last one when Claudia told me, “You know she’s a single parent and all the kids have different fathers.”   I told her that I didn’t, but even if I did, that was none of my business.  Just to stir her up I added that Molly seemed a nice woman before walking my three home.


Later in bed I told Katherine of the new mum at the gates and the attitude that Claudia had towards her, warning me about her.  Katherine asked did I need to be warned.  I asked did she want to know if I found Molly sexy and was dying to get her into bed and give her a fifth baby.  Kathrine laughed and said, “Do you.”   I said I wasn’t sure if she was sexy as it was a damp day and with coats on, I couldn’t see enough to say she was sexy, but she was pleasant and had a pretty face.  As for getting her pregnant, the fact that with Shona and Tina’s two and our three, plus any others I don’t know about, I thought that I had done my bit to seeing the human species survived.  


By now Katherine was stroking me cock and soon dipped her head beneath the covers to suck it.  After fingering her pussy for a bit, we moved around into the sixty-nine position.   That was before we had a great fuck.  To tease Kathrine, I deliberately called her Molly several times and Katherine called me Kurt after one of her stripper’s she had shagged in Amsterdam.  Next morning Katherine joked to keep away from loose women, especially ones called Molly.  I told her I would try.  A while later I saw Molly again as she dropped her kids off.  We passed pleasantries and then I was off home to get on with work.  Later I was back waiting for the kids and was approached by two other mums.  They asked had I heard about Molly.  I asked if they meant that she was single with four kids.  They said yes and they added that all had different dads and some different surnames, and I should keep clear of her.  I told them not to be so bitchy.  They could have found themselves in a similar situation had their lives gone different ways.  They both stormed off in a huff.


Molly was approaching and saw the two storm off and came over to me enquiring why the two looked upset with me.  I said that they were running another mum down and I told them they shouldn’t be so bitchy.  She asked was it her they were talking about.  I told her it was.  She went to say something, and I stopped her telling her that her situation and business was none of my business.  She thanked me and by then the kids were out and we went our own ways again.


That night Katherine asked how I got on with the pretty Molly.  I joked that she practically raped me right there in front of all the other mums.  She had me hanging on to the school gates as she took her pleasure out on me.  Katherine joked that she sounded like a slut to her, and I joked back that she was just how I liked them, hot, pretty and slutty.  That was a good start to another good shag.  Two shags in two nights was virtually unheard of recently, and I was grateful to Molly for stimulating things for us.  I saw Molly again the following day, but timings meant we passed and other than saying hello, we didn’t talk.


That night Katherine asked how my slut was, referring to Molly of course.  I joked that she rapes me one day, and then today I was cast aside, she didn’t want to even speak to me.  Katherine joked that I was a poor thing and cradled me to her tits.  I fell asleep enjoying their warmth.


The next day Molly stood chatting with me after the kids had gone into school.  She told me her first child’s father had died in an accident and she still carried his name.  She admitted the second child was an accident, and having named him as the father on the birth certificate, she giving her son his surname.   Things went badly wrong, and he ended up in prison and she severed all ties with him.  Her third and fourth child were by her second husband.  He turned abusive and she moved to where she is now to get away form him.  I told her it really wasn’t my business.  I added that I liked her, but what happened in her life was just her business and the other women were bitchy, and it was their problems and not mine of hers.  She smiled and gave me a peck on the cheeks.


Someone saw it and the rumor was all around the school before collection time, that I was having an affair with Molly.  Someone texted my wife saying I was having an affair with Molly.  It was from an unknown number.  Katherine rang me and asked what was going on.  I asked what she meant, and she told me about the text.  I told her of the conversation and the peck on the cheek.  I then joked and expanded to tease her that Molly was sucking me off before I fucked her doggy style in the playground.  My wife joked that I was bad, as doggy style was just for her.  I told her I was sorry, and I would fuck her some other way next time.  We laughed and then I was getting ready to meet the kids.


I deliberately made a bee line to stand with Molly and as we stood talking, I told her about the rumor and the phone call.  She asked what my wife thought about it, and I told her of our conversation.  Molly joined in saying, “Well what position are you going to fuck me in if not doggy.  I joked and said she could choose.  We had deliberately stood as close to each other as we possibly could, to wind the other mothers up.  We even walked our kids part of the way home together.


That night in bed Katherine asked, “So what position did you use?”  I joked that I sat her on someone’s bonnet and took her that way.  It led to us having a fantastic fuck.  This joking and Molly was doing wonders for my sex life.  Afterwards my wife asked did I actually fancy Molly.  I told Katherine truthfully that I hadn’t really thought much about it, but she did have a pretty face and a lovely smile and having seen her without a coat now, she did have quite a good body shape.   Katherine suggested that as we were having a few friends round on Saturday for a barbecue, I should invite Molly and the kids.  It would allow her kids to get to know ours better.


I deliberately made sure some of the mums heard when I asked Molly if she would like to spend an afternoon with me.  As they walked away gossiping, I told her it was a barbecue and bring the kids.  When she turned up with the kids, she looked great.  She had done her hair nice and was dressed in tight sexy clothes.  I had got in a bouncy castle, so all the kids were quickly bouncing away on it.  I introduced Molly to my wife.  My wife teasingly asked Molly, “so you’re the one that ravaged my husband in the school playing yard?” For a moment Molly looked worried.  I quickly explained that I tell Katherine everything and she knew all the tittle tattle going around the school mums. Molly played along and said,” Yes I took my fun with him on the school gate.”  We all had a good laugh.


That evening Katherine was snuggled up in bed with me, when she told me that she could understand if I did have my way with Molly. Them my wife added that she wouldn’t mind a turn with her herself as she also found her to me sexy.  That was it, I was on Katherine in moments and calling her Molly as I fucked her.  A few days later Katherine told me that if I managed to get Molly over with her kids, she would take all the kids out while I had my way with her.  I suggested there was a perfect opportunity coming up.   Our Daughter’s birthday was coming up and Katherine was going to take our kids and a few others to “The Play Center” for a few hours and then have a tea there with them and a Birthday cake.  Katherines told me to arrange it and she would increase the numbers for the party.


I told Molly of the plans for the birthday party and her kids were invited along.  Molly asked and what do we do.  I told her that it would be my turn to ravage her.  Molly looked at me and saw I wasn’t joking.  She thought for a few seconds and then said, “OK.”  I couldn’t wait for Saturday to come around and see if Molly realized that I meant what I had said.  I dropped my wife at “The Play Center” along with our kids.  Shortly my wife and two mates had fifteen kids surrounding them four of them being Molly’s kids.  Molly asked where we were going, and I told her back to my house. 


Molly knew exactly what I meant and as soon as we closed the front door her hands were in my pants as I kissed and played with her tits.  I had to slow things down so we could make it to the bedroom.  It was the most frantic fuck that I had in years.  Molly was one sexy wild woman.  After we had cooled down, I started to wind her up again playing her pussy with my fingers, and this time when she was thoroughly worked up, I rode her from behind.  We again cool off and then Molly was down sucking my cock saying she needed to make the most of things, as since arriving in our area she hadn’t had any sex. As soon as I was hard, I lay back and enjoyed having Molly ride me with her boobs swaying around above me.  It was the best sex that I had since I fucked Tina to get her pregnant.  Don’t tell Katherine that I said that, or I would be toast.  We had just about dressed when the phone rang.  Katherine told me it was time to get out of bed as I needed to come and collect her and our kids, and Molly needed to collect her brood.


We were in the carpark just in time as the kids all spilled out into the carpark.  Molly collected her kids and went on her way looking very happy with herself.  That night in bed Katherine wanted to know all about it, what positions we did and what sort of lover was she.  I told Katherine all I could.  Katherine said that I needed to arrange an opportunity where she could get Molly in bed.  It took me a few weeks to think of one and set up a reason for me to whisk the kids out the way.  I was excited before I took the kids to the cinema and all through the film, I had a soft erection as I kept wondering what Katherine was getting up to with Molly and whether Molly would go along with Katherine wanting to bed her.


It was like agony even when I got home as I couldn’t talk to Katherine until our kids were in bed.  I was dying for Katherine to tell all, but she deliberately dragged it out before finally telling me that at first Molly was shocked that Katherine had hit on her but allowed Katherine to kiss her and it wasn’t long before Katherine had Molly’s tits out and were kissing them.  From there it didn’t take much for Katherine to get Molly completely undressed and on our bed.  At first when Katherine was sucking Molly’s pussy, she didn’t return the favor, but suddenly it was as if something was switched on and Molly was right in there sucking hard on Katherine’s clitty.  From there it was no big jump for them to take turns using Katherine’s strap on cock and fuck each other.  Katherine described as how a while later they both sank their pussies on her double ended dildo until their pussies met in the middle, and then they ground against each other until they came.


Katherine told me that when I arrived home with the kids they had barely gotten out of bed and got dressed.  Katherine was soon on her back taking a good pounding from my hard cock as I tried to visualize what it might have looked like had I been able to watch.  With the kids it has been hard to spend time with Molly, but we have managed several more meetings with Molly and I and a some with Molly and Katherine.  Sadly although all three of us want it, we still haven’t managed to have our first threesome, but is only a matter of time and the right opportunity.

Written by Darren

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