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Teasing Stories


We are both in our 60's but like many others have found our sex life is still fantastic. This started with a day out at Arundel Castle all very innocent until we started chatting to one of the guides. She was an American,around 50 called years old called...

Tony M

Married women are the best

Then it was Roland’s turn to groan as Dawn lowered her head and took his cock into her mouth.

Within six months of breaking things off with Dawn she was seeing Roland. He was someone I knew from work. The break up with Dawn was pretty amicable. It just felt like we were going different directions. Then within another three months they were married...


Marilyn's teasing went too far and led to her becoming a Hotwife.

Marilyn lowered her hot sloppy pussy that had the cum from three men onto my cock

Just before Christmas in 2011 I took my wife to her works Christmas do. The meal wasn’t great, and neither was the evenings entertainment. We found the first possible moment we could excuse ourselves and left the party. Not wishing to go home just yet, we...


My wifes Ann Summers parties

I sat there with a vibrator still in my pussy buzzing away and a butt plug in my arse.

My girlfriend April has a high libido, and before we were permanently together, on almost all occasions that we met up we would be fucking each other silly. April is a fairly tall, size twelve and is a blond bombshell. I thought I was the luckiest man ali...


New mum in the playground

I tried to imagine what it when Katherine described how her and Molly shared a double ended dildo

The last time I wrote I told you about being a stay-at-home dad, and how my wife Katherine wanted me to get her lesbian boss’s girlfriend pregnant. I also told you how I provided Shona and Tina with two children. I was still having to walk the kids to and...


Teasing went wrong.

Sandra told me that she wanted what he did to her.

My wife and I would often play this game. Sandra would come into a bar or club just behind me. She would them look around at a possible Mark and sit near him. Being a beautiful thirty-two-year-old woman, it wasn’t long before she got hit on, occasionally...

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My sister pushed us together

I could see up Jo's skirt at the wet spot in her panties and up her crop top at her tits.

This story isn't as racy or wild as some of the stories on this site, but it is true and as accurate as I can remember. My sister's best friend had just moved into her own house. I had always fancied Jo, but was to shy to make a move on her and she had ne...


Husband shares me for the first time

My husband had read about Bradlyfrom my emails and shared me with him.

Hi I'm Stephanie (Steph). This happened about three years back. I discovered that Tom my husband was monitoring my emails. I discovered by accident, I had deliberately left one in the unread status and when I was next online it was in the read status. He...


Twisted andkle and no panties.

Went to the aid of a neighbor and ended up in bed

I had just moved into my new house in a quiet street on the outskirts of town. I had met only the one neighbor so far and although she looked quite sexy, she had been frosty to me on the two occasions that I had spoken to her. It had snowed overnight, for...


To fish or not to fish

fishing holiday that turned into a sex holiday

Tina Wendy My mate and I loaded my Motorhome, Hitched the trailer and stowed all the fishing kit. Then we hit the road. We were off for a three week fishing holiday. We arrived at a place called Burton Bradstock. I had been before and knew quite a few fis...


No blues at the launderette

Met at the launderette and ended up lovers

I had just moved house. I hadn't managed to get my white goods wired and plumbed, they were due to be reinstalled in two days time. In the mean time I was running out of shirts, pants and socks. Some of the other stuff could wait a few days. I had seen a...


Casual Coffee Turned Naughty Reunion...

Repost due to creating account!

So, as a bit of background info. R is a 5ft 4”, dark haired, stunning woman, she’s incredibly sexy, classy and has a gorgeous figure, I’m talking, although bius, 10/10 with a lovely latina style round ass. The type that sticks out regardless of what she w...


Wet Sex

A mostly factual encounter...

He is lying naked on a rug, she is on top of him. She is also naked except for an old mid-length skirt which is spread out around her over his abdomen and thighs, warming the air as she rides slowly up and down his erect penis. Smiling wickedly, gazing di...