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Teasing went wrong.

"Sandra told me that she wanted what he did to her."

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My wife and I would often play this game.  Sandra would come into a bar or club just behind me.  She would them look around at a possible Mark and sit near him.  Being a beautiful thirty-two-year-old woman, it wasn’t long before she got hit on, occasionally not even from her Mark.  She would spend the evening with them chatting and laughing.  Then close to the end of the evening she would give me that nod or look to say come and get me.  The blokes faces when I introduced myself as her husband had me glowing inside.  Then walking away with my wife that they had entertained for the evening and was hoping to shag made the feeling even better.


We had done this hundreds of times and Sandra always gave me the nod or a sign especially if they were coming on a little hard with her.  When we got home, she was so sexed up that we always had fabulous sex.  Sometimes we didn’t even get home before we ended up fucking.  They were even better than at home.  It was almost three weeks since we last teased some poor chap, and I could see Sandra was gagging for some fun and moreover a good fucking.  I suggested the Royal.  It was always full of men away from home and there was always plenty of good-looking men to have fun with.  Sandra rushed upstairs to get changed into what she called her pulling outfits.  They usually consisted of shortish skirts and tight tops and often without a bra.


In just two minutes she was back looking good enough to eat.  I could have fucked her there and then.  She was in the same outfit that she was thrown out of another hotel as their security thought she was a hooker.  We were soon on our way, and I slipped a hand between her hot thighs as I drove to get her even more worked up.  Sure enough, I had barely sat down with a pint when she walked in.  All male heads turned her direction.  Sandra looked around and singled out a good-looking man.  I thought he was a good choice as she sat at the next table to him.  He quickly grabbed a waiter and told him to get whatever that lady wanted.  Sandra gave her order and the man quickly moved tables to sit with her.  I could see lots of disappointed men watching.


During the evening Sandra would form and O with her thumb and forefinger to indicate to me all was well.  She was laughing a lot and knocking back the drinks he kept ordering.  I was on my second shandy and noticed that the room had thinned out and there were just couples left with the exception of myself.  I could see the Mark was holding Sandra’s hand and couldn’t fail to have noticed the rock that I had put on her ring finger some years back.  Sandra never takes her wedding ring off and claims that it seems to get the Marks even more interested.  She had just signaled me another O so I knew all was well.  I was dying for a pee, so I went off to the gents.


On my return she was gone as was her Mark!  I asked several couples if they had seen where they had gone but they all said no.  The barman grinned and said she had left with the man she was sat with.  I rushed to the elevators, and nothing was moving.  Then I rushed to the carpark and again she was nowhere to be seen.  I wondered if like me she had gone to the toilets and asked some woman to see if she was inside.  The woman said they were empty.


All I could do was sit back down with my drink and wait.  We live about six miles from the Royal so I know she wouldn’t be making her way home on her own.  I just hoped that she was OK.  I decided to give it an hour and if she hadn’t returned call the police saying she might have been kidnapped.  I kept looking at my watch and around the bar.  The barman had a constant grin on his face.  It was getting close to the hour when I heard the elevator stop and when I turned and looked, there stood Sandra alone and looking disheveled.  Her hair was a mess, and her blouse was buttoned up wrong.  I rushed to her and asked if she was OK.  She had a grin on her face that went from ear to ear, and she asked me to take her home.


I hurriedly got her out of the hotel and into our car.  I asked what happened and Sandra sighed and said everything.  I quickly drove out the carpark and towards home.  As I drove, I asked her to explain what she had meant.  She said she didn’t mean it to happen.  I again as what had happened.  Sandra said she had spotted the man as soon as she entered the room.  She said he looked a little familiar, but she had no idea where from.  He was good looking, so she sat by him.  Then she said he bought her a drink and several more to follow.  She said they were all nonalcoholic so when she felt a little funny put it down to having not eaten yet.


She said she felt safe with the man as he wasn’t pushy and made no moves.  That’s why she made the O signs for me.  He took her hands and held them and asked about the wedding ring.  Sandra told him that ours was an open marriage, which it wasn’t.  He just chatted about all sorts of things.  Sandra again said he was nice, and she felt safe.  He told her that he had been married and was now divorced.  He was looking directly into her eyes telling her what a gorgeous, beautiful woman she was.  She said she enjoyed that and was expecting the punch line that he wanted to take her to bed.  It never came and he changed the subject again.


That’s when she gave me another O sign.  She said she saw me get up and walk towards the toilets.  The moment I was out of view the man just said, “Come.” And he pulled Sandra to her feet.  She said she didn’t feel drunk, but her arms and legs felt heavy, and he put an arm around her and walked her in the opposite directions to the other set of lifts.  I said I never knew there were two sets of lifts.  She said neither did she.  She said she had no idea where they were going but didn’t feel scared or threatened, so she never tried to resist or shout for help.  Then they were in the lift and the man used a card to start the lift.


Then he was helping her into a suite.  She said it looked fabulous and very expensive.  He sat her down on the sofa and poured himself another drink before returning to her.  Sandra said she still didn’t feel threatened or scared even when he bent forward and kissed her.  To my surprise Sandra said the kiss felt good and she wanted more of it.  He asked where her husband was, and Sandra said she told him in the toilets.  The man smiled and gave her another kiss.  This time as they kissed, he reached into her blouse and squeezed a nipple.  Sandra said it felt just like when I squeeze them.  As he broke the kiss, he pulled her to her feet and walked her through to the bedroom.


He asked Sandra what she thought they were about to do, and she remembered saying they were about to make love.  The man said yes and then started to remove her blouse.   I asked didn’t you stop him.  She said she didn’t want to, although she though she shouldn’t be doing it with him.  Then as her blouse hit the floor, he was on his knees undoing the button and pulling down the zip on her skirt.  Sandra said she remember wiggling her arse so he could pull the tight little skirt down.  Now stood in only shoes and panties he told her to remove her panties.


Sandra told me she felt so excited and guilty taking her own panties off.  She said she knew it was wrong, but she wanted this so much.   Then his face was in her pussy and his tongue was working magic with her clitoris.  She said in seconds she could feel an orgasm building and her legs were trembling.  The man stopped and led her to the bed and spread her out on her back.  Then her legs were lifted up so her knees were against her own chest.  Then he rubbed his own cock against her pussy and asked what do you want now.  Sandra to my shock said, “In me.”   Then he was in up to his balls and pumping slowly in and out.


Sandra said she couldn’t help groaning as it felt so good.  Then he stopped and pulled out.  He instructed Sandra to get on her hands and knees.  She said she quickly did as he asked, and he was behind her feeding his cock back into her pussy.   She said her legs were trembling, but he held her still by her hips and just kept fucking her.  “Where do you want my spunk,” he asked.  Sandra said it was the first time she thought about either of them coming let alone spunk.  She said on her tits, but he ignored that and as she came, he held her tight and deliberately pumped his cum deep in her pussy, telling her that her dirty married pussy was going home with his spunk in it.


As she started to recover from her climax, he wasn’t finished with her and held her head and told her it was time for a blow job.  His cock was slippery and soft, but he still managed to stick it into Sandra’s mouth.  She had no option but to suck.  I was mortified as she told me that for some reason, she wanted to suck it.  I know she loves sucking cock but that’s mine not some stranger’s cock.  She said he stopped holding her head and she still kept sucking.  She said she could feel it pulsing as it got ready to come.  He told her not to take it out.  Sandra again amazed as she told me she had no intentions of taking it out her mouth.  Then it came and he sprayed all his come in her mouth.  Sandra said she wondered what to do with it.  He put his hand on her throat and held her still and told her to swallow.  Sandra said it felt right so she did.  He laid on the bed for a short while, and then got back up and started to redress Sandra.  He took little care in making it look right.  He put everything on her except her panties which he kept.  He also got dressed.


“Now you can take that filth spunk filled pussy of yours back to your husband.  Perhaps you won’t tease men anymore.  If you do, I might be there to fuck that married pussy of yours,” he told her.  Then he walked her to the lift and used his card to start the lift descending as he stepped out.  That was when I found her.


I had pulled off the road hearing her story.  My cock was rock hard hearing my wife had been fucked.  I had often thought about it, but our playing was the nearest we had ever got to it.  I leant over and ran my hand up her skirt.  She was right she hadn’t got her panties back and her pussy was wet and contained some spunk.  I practically dragged her into the back seats.  It was my first time having sloppy seconds.  Sandra was just as excited and urged me on to fill her again.  It was probably to this day the best fuck I have ever had.  Back home we fucked yet again.


I wondered if that had ended the game.  Far from it, Sandra wanted to go again as soon as possible.  Only now she willingly goes to the lucky man’s room and fucks his brains out before coming back to me and has me fuck her some more.  Now in our fifties the game doesn’t work so well, and she gets fewer men wanting to bed her.  She does still pull some, but we have found other ways to supplement our sex lives.


As for that first time, a few months later the police were looking for women that had been seduced at the Royal.  Turned out the barman and his mate, their other barman, were experimenting with some designer drugs and using them to get unsuspecting women in bed.  Sandra never went forward as she said that she had really enjoyed it, even if what they were doing was wrong.  It was no wonder the barman that night had such a big grin, he knew what his mate was getting.

Written by Simon

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