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Fucked Stories


My names Marc and this is the story of how I fucked my boss's wife. Tommy and I were male fuck buddies. We worked together at a big company and got sent around the country to sort stuff out. Tommy was technically my boss but we were more a team than boss...


The Day After

I learned that it was not only men who could give me pleasure.

It was the morning after the party. Sharon and I slipped away. "It looked like you enjoyed the party." Sharon observed. "I don't believe what I did yesterday, it was all a dream." "It was no dream, you have given a lot of men a lot of enjoyment." "They ga...


I caught Ronnie dogging

I had longed to be with Ronnie, and after I caught her dogging, we finally got together.

It was a hot September night and I was at a loss for what to do. I tried the pub but none of my mates were out and about and my best buddy was away. I eventually decided to take a ride to one of our local dogging sites. I had been several times with limit...


Taking advantage of the sluts

My wife and her friend were sluts at a party, so I decided to treat them like sluts.

It was by sheer accident that I heard my wife Shelly talking with her best mate. They were discussing what they had gotten up to at a party that I was unable to go to. I was livid to hear that both my wife and her mate Lynn had gone back to a flat with fo...

Simon H.

Caught dogging

She was bent over hanging onto a tree and a bush as a naked man behind her fucked her pussy

Back in the late 90’s my favourite pastime was filming wildlife. I had several expensive cameras and a good video camera. I would spend every spare time I could out on the moors or at the sea front filming and photographing any wildlife I could find. It w...

The driver

My wife wanted to go dogging

I heard Lottie squeal and a second man had slipped his cock into her pussy right up to his balls

My thirty eight year old wife Leticia (Lettie) and I had tried most things. After getting bored with a Monogamus relationship, and getting caught with my pants down, we decided to try swapping. That led to us to trying singles, threesomes and even a coupl...


Vera got more than her photo taken

My cock was rock hard while Vera told me how Jason teased and then used her body.

Reading Ross’s story, I just had to write and tell you about my wife’s experience. Vera was, and still is, a very attractive woman. At the time this happened Vera was twenty five. I wasn’t quite sure what fired Vera up but one night in bed she told me tha...

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and fucked

I used Emily's toy when Ken was out. There was nothing special, yes it vibrated but that was all. I know men think that is all it takes. It does get me off but it is kind of empty. So I downloaded the app to my phone. The next day I put the toy in, the bi...

Mr Tyson

The wedding

Husband hears story at wife’s co worker wedding

A couple months ago me and the wife went to a wedding of her coworker. My wife is named Joan she’s a trip organizer for her company, she’s out of town 5 or 6 times a year for conferences. Joan looks young for 38 , and her body looks great for having 3 tee...


How Dorithy got into dogging

The shorter of the two men climbed straight on and slipped his cock into Dorithy's pussy.

Dorothy and I were just in our fifties and were taking a trip down memory lane. We married in our late twenties and had a full and varied sex life. We hadn’t tried swapping, but we made love when and where we fancied. Our trip took us to a place where I t...


Teasing went wrong.

Sandra told me that she wanted what he did to her.

My wife and I would often play this game. Sandra would come into a bar or club just behind me. She would them look around at a possible Mark and sit near him. Being a beautiful thirty-two-year-old woman, it wasn’t long before she got hit on, occasionally...


An introduction to Dogging

Ruth was up for going to a dogging site to see what happens.

We had seen that dreadful documentary on TV about dogging. Up until then neither of us had heard of dogging. We had enjoyed several years of swapping and partying. I was a bit surprised when Ruth asked if I’d like to go and see what happens. I told Ruth I...

Fucked at the gym

You wanted me to fuck someone else....

JAKE. You always talked about me having sex with another guy, it turns you on. This guy called Jake kept flirting with me at the gym. I told you everything... You seemed to love it and said you wanted me to have sex with him.. So... I arrived and parked,...


Our introduction to swinging

An arse was backing up onto my cock and a hand between the legs grabbed my hard cock.

My wife encouraged me to go to Rita’s house party. They were always fun, but I was a bit put out the previous time as one of the regulars hit on my wife Lauren and wouldn’t take no for an answer until I strong armed him on his way. Besides the sore arm he...