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Set up Stories

set up

Anya is my lover's sister. Her husband is in Ukraine so Anya is understandably lonely. Irina does not mind me fucking her sister but she was surprised. “Do you think Anya is fixated on you or is she just after cock?” Irina asked. “I don't know. Does it ma...


A lucky mistake

Ali was naked and bent across the snooker table and Tom was behind my wife fucking her.

I was stood watching Ali as she replaced notices on the notice boards and “A” board in our social club. My wife is on the committee of the club and does whatever she can to see that the club thrives. As she bent over changing the notice in the “A” board T...


Vera got more than her photo taken

My cock was rock hard while Vera told me how Jason teased and then used her body.

Reading Ross’s story, I just had to write and tell you about my wife’s experience. Vera was, and still is, a very attractive woman. At the time this happened Vera was twenty five. I wasn’t quite sure what fired Vera up but one night in bed she told me tha...


Older women

I though Jean was Roz's older sister, but she was in fact her mother.

Before I tell you about my situation I will tale a few minutes to tell you how I got here. My mates call me Bertie shortened from Dirty Bertie. It came about due to my love of older women. It started when I was eighteen and fell into the clutches of a wom...