Granddad - On the Beach Romance

“C'mon Granddad,” she called, “the water's...” she paused, “bloody freezing!”…

For the benefit of those that have not read any of the previous 'Granddad' stories, I would like to make it clear that there is no family connection between John Smith (Granddad) and Anja. See 'Granddad' for further information. No underage sex takes place or is implied.


A single word uttered but filled with concern. I thought rapidly trying to find a possible cause and failing. We were on the beach, early afternoon the day… Read more

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Gym Buddies Romance

Getting to know a married woman from the gym…

This is a long read.

When I was at school, I was a keen swimmer. I was good enough to represent my county in the 100m freestyle but sadly it never got better than that. One benefit of this was being in regular contact with girls my own age who were in very slim and often keen to indulge in some fun on the coach back from competitions.

However this isn’t about teenage fumblings with a member of the relay team.

After leaving university … Read more

Mum's Friend Jeanette (Part 3) Romance

A warm Sunday becomes hotter with Jeanette…

Jeanette texted me three weeks after our night away asking ‘’can you call me its urgent’’, I heart skipped a beat full of excitement as I clicked her number.

‘’hi Mark, guess what?’’ she asked, ‘’you’re’’ before I could finish saying a word she jumped in ‘’I did a pregnancy test and it was negative, I’m so sorry’’ she said sounding so upset, ‘’don’t be sorry’’ I told her as I heard her crying.

Read more

Mum's Friend Jeanette (Part 2) Romance

Our affair continues and loving it so much with a married woman…

It was now 2 weeks since I last saw Jeanette, I was starting to think she was avoiding me, I was lying in bed thinking about that night when we made love in her bed that she shares with her husband Doug.

I couldn’t believe I had lived out my biggest fantasy and now I wanted more, and was sure Jeanette would also, I got dressed and left the house making sure I walked passed her house hoping she was in, her place was in darkest I felt my heart… Read more

Granddad and Anja – Arrivée Romance

For the benefit of those that have not read any of the previous 'Granddad' stories, I would like to make it clear that there is no family connection between John Smith (Granddad) and Anja. See 'Granddad' for further information. No underage sex takes place or is implied.


“Yes, Sweetheart?”

“Can I take my dress off now?”

We’d arrived at the apartment after two further stops. After the first Anja had put an aud… Read more

Granddad - Route du soleil. (Part 2) Romance

For the benefit of those that have not read any of the previous 'Granddad' stories, I would like to make it clear that there is no family connection between John Smith (Granddad) and Anja. No underage sex takes place or is referred to historically.

We drove on in silence for a while. Me mentally reminiscing about those early days. I suspect Anja was wondering how much of my story was true. For the record, it was a true story.

“Can you rem… Read more

Secret Garden Secrets Romance

I had arranged to meet Averil in the secret garden during a party at my friend's large country house. I arrived in the garden at the appointed time and found her there waiting for me.
She smiled, stood and came over to me. She flung her arm around my neck and began kissing me. I cupped her small breast with one hand and began to squeeze her nipple through the thin cotton of her dress.
I heard her groan through her kiss and felt her grind her p… Read more

Granddad - Route du soleil. (Part 1) Romance

For the benefit of those that have not read Granddad, the first part, I would like to make it clear that there is no family connection between John Smith (Granddad) and Anja. This is explained in the first part when John Smith suggests that he is old enough to be her father and she corrects him saying that he's old enough to be her Granddad. Thereafter she calls him Granddad and he calls her Sweetheart. There is neither underage sex nor inappropr… Read more

seizing the moment Romance

This all started with the usual flirts at work and some serious open conversations on all subjects including sex.
The lady in question and I are about the same age and we both talked openly about life and although a little coy at first she did open up about her sexual relationships prior and with her husband. They both work hard and while he is loving and attentive sex does not happen often. She mentioned that she had trouble sleeping so I sugge… Read more

Granddad Romance


“Mr. Smith?”


“Errr, sorry. Miles away.”

“Somewhere nice I hope?”

“Oh yes, I think so! A nice sunny beach.”

“Sounds lovely, was I there?”

“Hang on, I'll have a look,” I said smiling up into her laughing eyes.

“Yes! There you are. Tiny little yellow bikini.” I told her.

“But I haven't got a tiny little yellow bikini.” she replied sadly.

“Oh! What colour is it?… Read more

Wife Wants to try her first BBC Romance

My wife is a beautiful 50 year old woman. She stays in shape by swimming and working out at the gym. I've even seen some of the younger guys eyeing her ass when she is wearing those tight yoga pants.
Our sex life is good and we spice it up every once in a while with fantasy talk. Her pussy always gets hot and wet when I ask her about fucking a big black cock. She never brings up the fantasy herself, but I know how it turns her on when I t… Read more

If you were my wife? Romance

If you were my wife then our week would run like this

on monday morning while you were still asleep i would lube my fingers up and slip them between your legs and start to frig your pussy

When you awake you will be well on the way to an orgasm

I would continue to frig you and suck your tits till you came then you would take hold of my cock and wank me off till i shot my load then taking a spoon you would scoop up my cum and feed it to me… Read more

From the heart Romance

I long for your to hold me in your arms and kiss my lips lovingly as we slowly undress each other. Skin to skin our bodies entwined on the living room floor as we kiss and caress our naked bodies. Your on top of me my arms above my head as you move down my body kissing as you go, you stop at the join in my legs, you open my legs wide and bend my knees and bury your head in my pussy, I feel your tongue licking my clit and lips, don’t stop I say.… Read more

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What should I do Romance

I’ve been in a relationship with my bloke for a year now he’s heavily in to swinging and has introduced me to it. I was taken to a club for the first time at the weekend not knowing what to expect . We entreated a room with a window for others to watch he stripped me off and ordered me on the bed. He took out some ties from his pocket and tied my hands something he had never done before but kind of excited me as I lay there wondering he strok… Read more

Under the Same Moon Romance

I have been having a long-time online affair with a guy 10 years younger than me and who lives halfway across the globe. We like to keep it that way, so as not to complicate my marriage and his religious ties to his rather conservative community. Through the years of our acquaintance, I have always fantasized about finally meeting him. This is how our meeting happens... in my head.


I was transported to a different place, maybe a di… Read more

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Tracey teases Romance

Tracey teased Jeff all the time. She used her delicious sexy petticoats, her slips and her very girly lingerie and their shared love of the pretty lace and wonderful silken nylon of beautiful lingerie to bring him to such arousal whenever she had the chance. Then she could do any silky thing she liked with him.
She would buy a transparent button-through glistening white dress, with little lace-edged puff cap sleeves and collar – so pretty and… Read more

Jenny Romance

I have always fancied Jenny since the first time I met her, she is married and has always been faithful to her husband, and she claimed she would never go with another man. But I always hoped that one day I would be lucky enough to fuck her. She’s has long dark hair, blue eyes is 69 years old but looks a lot younger, her hair and make up is always done to perfection, and has lovely sensuous lips which look so inviting and I just want to plant … Read more

Bed time story Romance

I wud pull u in, close to my body, my lips floating towards urs as i reach to close the door My hands reaching round ur waist, i spin u round and lead u to the living room I sit u on the couch, tenderly kissing ur lips, moving my way down ur neck, i start to undress uBiting ur botttom lip, i slide ur leggings off kissing lower and lower down ur body I rip open ur shirt and bite down on ur nipplePulling ur breast with my mouth while massaging the … Read more

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He's coming home Romance

Tony was due back from his parents’, and they were celebrating his return with dinner out, so she’d dressed up a bit.
Poppy loved the full slip she was wearing. It was off-white, sheer and very silky. Now sitting there, her perfect make-up and perfume complete, she gently stroked its three inches of pretty lace over her stockings and thought of her husband’s imminent arrival.
The slips she normally wore were so sheer that she could see th… Read more

Poppy alone Romance

As she moves around the flat, alone for the weekend, she reflects with such deep pleasure on the sensations caused by her lovely girly clothes, and especially her wonderful silky and sheer ivory nylon lingerie and stockings. Her pretty lacy suspenders stretch the lacy tops of her stockings and tug - delightfully - just a little, when she walks, in her four-inch stilettos. Sliding so beautifully one over the other are her completely loose, silky a… Read more

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In the next room Romance

The phone rings and she says, ‘I’m thinking of you …’
‘What are you doing … ?’ I ask.
‘I’m sitting here in my delicate transparent summer skirt and five-inch heels. My skirt is so lovely and sensuous and full. My new nylon slips look silky and shiny through my skirts …The lace is so pretty that I need to keep touching it ,and I’m pulling my girly skirt back to see my tantalizing lingerie … It’s so exciting when I touch… Read more

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I love you Tony Romance

Poppy is in love with being a girl, and all those undies of pretty lace and sensuously silky nylon feeling achingly erotic to wear …All her lingerie ... soft, silky and deliciously lacy. Each day, her petticoats and knickers are of wonderful sensuous nylon adorned with tantalizing lace …

She's arrayed now in the prettiest undies for you, but her own senses are also always aroused by all the lovely delicate slips and petticoats and panties … Read more

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Poppy is so girly Romance

Poppy tells Tony that she's loving the silky sensation of her very full-skirted full slip falling from its gorgeous shiny ribbon straps under her even more full-skirted transparent summer dress. Lounging naked on her bed, he takes in the erotic delicious froth of the lacy slip beneath her swirling, flimsy dress, as well as the glossy ivory of her nylon stockings – easily seen through dress and lacy nylon - and the simplicity of her black six-in… Read more

Late night kitchen antics Romance

So i wake up to find you in my kitchen, wearing just my flatmates t-shirt. You appears to be looking for some water. As you stand by the kitchen sink i come up behind you and pin your arms to the side of the kitchen sink as i kiss your neck. You feel something very hard poking into you. With one hand, i  release the grip in your wrist. The other hand sliding up your thigh and inbetween your legs reaching your wet exposed pussy. You feel my 2 fin… Read more

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If I Was With You

I would lay behind you one hand wrapped around your tummy and the top arm under yours, fingers locked and hands resting between your boob and neck. I would use my nose to sweep aside any hair on your neck and nibble your ear so you shiver like you do. Lips leading down the right side of your neck kissing it until you give me that look back telling me you just want me to kiss you. As I work my way down this time dragging my to… Read more

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Hotel Romance

The night before, they'd danced and she had seduced him. She'd worn her pretty lingerie and petticoats for half their love-making. They had slept so well.
She woke feeling so hungry - but sexy. After she'd showered and done makeup and perfume. he was still asleep, so she put on suspenders and stockings and a ravishing pair of sheer silky nylon knickers, that felt so lovely brushing her pussy. They were prettily embroidered and lavishly lacy over… Read more


I am a 28 old married woman. I am fortunate enough to be in a relationship where my husband loves me to have sex with other guys. In fact it really spices up our own sex life. Last week I had a great experience. I was invited to a dinner party at a local restaurant bar for a friend�s nineteenth birthday party.

I went looking and feeling sexy. I had on a mini dress, hold up stockings, high healed knee length boots, a very sexy bra and a min… Read more

Another Wives Night Out Story Romance

I've written a few stories of how Fiona and I have had some fun over the years and it seams to thankfully not showing any signs of slowing up, doesn't happen every week just when the situation presents itself and the right type of guy.

We've agreed it has to be safe and we have no intention of letting people know we are both in to it, Fiona laughs when we discuss this as she says it looks as if it is her having extra marital affairs.

Fiona… Read more

Wedding guest. Romance

Sue and I had an invite to a wedding of one of Sue's work colleagues, it was a couple of weeks back, a very posh affair at a country club where we could all stay over, so drink was plentiful and easy.

A wonderful ceremony followed by a very traditional wedding breakfast with all the usual gifts and speeches. A real good send off for the couple, after the meal there was a refresh break before additional evening guests arrived for the rest of th… Read more

Touched Up- Another View Romance

I am walking in the chilly winters air to Huntingdon Station to get the 0615 from Peterborough to London. The train is delayed due to a fault, and the platform is packed. I know she will be wearing a mini white dress, matching bra and panties and will be ready for my arrival.

I join the train, she is sat in the rear carriage so I know where to find her, I am wearing bright green gloves so she knows who I am. I sit myself next to her and the ai… Read more

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