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Romance Stories

Sex with swingers doesn't tend to start and stop as a one-off one night stand. Relationships are often built up over time and manifest into a regular exchange and exploration of sexual feelings on an emotionally connected level.

This trusted experience can heighten the erotic enjoyment, leaving both parties feeling connected on the same sexual wavelength. Love or lust? Some may say just enjoy the feeling of romance whilst in the moment.

Have you ever felt that extra connection during sex with someone who you aren't in a relationship with? Express your tales here for other readers to appreciate.


After effects

After we were caught

Abby had discovered me in bed with Jane and surprised me. She had joined us. It was just after Jane went back to work. “Jane has a good body.” Abby commented. “You both do.” “I know.” She was not being anything but honest, she was a model. “Would you like...



Finally making love

After breakfast I congratulated the class. “Open your box. You are all promoted to SO4, congratulations on completing the course. You have a sealed order, your next assignment, you may open them later. You all have a week's leave. When you are ready you m...


The Key

and a heart

I had been seeing Gail for a couple of months when she gave me a minor surprise. We had just returned from a walk in the park and as normal we could not wait to attack each other. Gail kicked her shoes off and headed for the stairs. I pulled at my double...


Cumming Home

In the front room

We flew home together and parted when we landed. I hoped Gail would call. It was the flowing day that she did. “What are you doing Saturday?” “Nothing without you.” I answered. We agreed to meet at a restaurant for lunch then went on to a movie which I do...


A boat trip

and a man on the cliff

Gail and I spent a week together, then I went to watch her on the camera shoot. She said it was not much of a shoot. She put on a little makeup, some little swimsuits. Changing was in a beach toilet. It was three changes and the last shots were her coming...


After the Wedding

I got to her room

The day before the wedding was quiet, Lucy kept Jane under control. May came back just before lunch. “Good, was he?” I asked. She looked at me with a mix of contempt and embarrassment. I never got an answer, she just went upstairs. That night was dinner a...


Old man and the young housewife

A story about a married woman and a much older man.

This is a story about Michelle and her older lover Peter. Myself and hubby had gone through a rough patch about 10 years ago. In our late 30s, a young family and not enough hours in the day, we never had time for us. We went 3 months without sex. Hubby ha...

I had been seeing Liam for 3 months. Instead of working late as I told my husband I left early and spent the night at a hotel. I met Liam at two and we went straight to bed. I was wearing my fuck me knickers, but not for long. I adored the way his passion...

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It was an ordinary Tuesday in March. After lunch, I packed my swimming trunks and a towel in my backpack and went to the swimming pool. To get there I had to travel three stops by city bus.At the second stop my girlfriend got on the bus. She is 19 years o...

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Holiday Sex Is The Best Sex

The things we do on our holidays.

My partner, Michelle, and I had been seeing each other for about six months when we decided to go on our first holiday abroad together. After looking through many holiday brochures we decided on the stunning Koh Samui in Thailand. Neither of us had been t...


Welcum home

And we are having fun

I have been away for 10 days driving. Irina has been home spending time with Carol. I got home and was nearly knocked over by Irina throwing herself at me. "You're early, how did it go?" Irina asked without releasing me. "Do you mind me being early, who a...


'My' Carol

Moving in

It was just before Christmas that Carol spent the weekend with me I had met her at a party where we dragged each other to bed several times and saw her fucking every man she could and they all wanted her. Carol arrived, I was not sure what to do. I intend...

Sand, Sex and Sea

A weekend away with my new woman

Last weekend I helped Grace buy a car from my brother’s garage; just a Focus, nothing amazing. I twisted his arm into offering her a good deal and service & MOT. I said she was a colleague but I think he’s worked out I’m fucking her and he’s probably real...


Running away

And into new arms

When I had the argument with my husband I would not have walked out if my children were still at school. I left with my mobile and a coat. "Paul, can I see you." "Yes, when?" "Now, can you pick me up?" When Paul arrived I must have been crying. He knew so...