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Infidelity Stories


As we all remember we left our couples trapped in the house but also trapped on the board, unable to move. What gives, man? Well all the answers are here now in the next scintillating chapter of our latest sprawling saga. WOULD ALL THE PLAYERS PLEASE STAN...


Separate, but far from alone, the new Sergeant and Mel cavort in Forston

Here we are again, folks with Part 5 of the sprawling epic that is HOT AND FUZZY. I hope you’re enjoying it so far and I guess if you’re returning to read some more you probably are. I guess that means that I should just shut up and let you get on with it...


Things get better for the sergeant with a surprise and a fantasy

So, if you’ve reached this far you’re at the mid-point of the story. I hope you’re enjoying reading it as much as I enjoyed creating this fantasy version of HOT FUZZ. Day 2 Meet and Greet I woke up as my alarm beeped me awake. I reached out and knocked it...


In the randy village of Forston the plot thickens, as does the new sergeant's truncheon!

So here it is. We're already three parts in with this one (after Part 0 and Part 1) and we finally get to meet more of the horny villagers of Forston, Somerset (side note we visited Wells, Somerset this year, and found it to be amazing. I recommend it to...

Cucked on the Riverbank

A faithful account of the moment I discovered I had been an oblivious cuckold.

This is a faithful account of the moment I discovered I had been an oblivious cuckold. It was 30 years ago, in year two of our marriage, long before the advent of Internet porn and open discussions of hotwives and cuckolds. Enjoy Sophie, my young 22 year...

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Rose Likes It Rough Part 2

Build upto first threesome

If you read Part 1, you know how I met the anal obsessed, insatiable Rose, one of my memorable fuckbuddies. When I received a text on a Saturday evening, I didn’t realise it was the start of a roller coaster of lots of firsts. It was Rose asking if I coul...

Kelly T

A married woman's secret life

Broken rules and hot bodies.

This will have to be my last update for a while, partly because the last update takes me close to when things went nuts with this Virus so not many really good stories to tell and partly because my husband and I will be working from home due to lockdown s...


Honeymoon infidelity

My dirty secret

Hi all, I'm Val, a 46yo divorced blonde lady who has a very dirty secret I've kept hidden for years. I've decided to tell my story now that I am single again. I married back in 2004 when I was 30yo. At that time I had long straight blonde hair, a size 12,...


A hole in one.

Mate not ready for golf so I play a few holes with his wife.

I went round to Pete and Shirley's I had already stowed my golf clubs and was looking forward to a round with Pete. I knocked on the front door and Shirley answered still in her nighty and dressing gown. She let me in apologizing, Pete had asked her to ca...