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Same room swapping. Stories

same room swapping.

Thursday morning

Part 4 -last-

I look at your photo gallery again, your shapely butt is beautifully flexed, in the next photo you expose your belly, I look down and I see a beautiful pussy. She is very shapely, her lips close beautifully, I imagine you are in front of me, your legs are...


The party finally gets in full swing

Finally we’re here and oh my word what a ride it’s been. This is the last part of Martin and Michelle’s first swingers’ cruise. Without any further unwanted palaver…let’s get into it. THE PARTY STARTS Once Michelle and I got back to the cabin we immediate...


As things build-up our couple split!

Aw! Have we got to the end already? Not quite. Here is part 5a of the story as things are winding-up and winding-down as the tale of Martin and Michelle begins to cum…I mean come to a close. I hope you’ve all been enjoying it thus far. And just as a warni...


Our young couple find the horizons broaden substantially

My my my, this one is going at a fast pace isn’t it? I can’t believe we are already at Part four and are rapidly approaching the stories conclusion. I think there’ll just be one more part after this and that will be it. The end of the adventures of Martin...


Shower 🚿 51

Putting it about again

Now Anna is pregnant we can go to the club, that is what we did last night. "It's Anna, yes? I'm Frank?" Frank said. "Are you sure Frank?" Anna asked as she turn to look at the man. "Yes" he replied, puzzled. "Sorry, we are looking for a couple." Anna rel...


Another step

and how it became a bareback orgy

Irina and I had met Carol and Jeff, and fucked. We eccepted their return invitation. "Are you sure you don't mind Jeff and me?" Irina asked. "Irina, I would be a hypocrite if I minded after what I have been up to." "What have you done?" Irina asked incred...

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A Dinner Invertation

and how it became a bareback orgy

Irina and I have been living together for nearly a year. We played soft in front of Jeff and Carol. I was expecting things to move on from that, I did not expect to stop going to the club, or stop bedding Carol, but that is what happened. The truth is I d...


🚿 43

Being good

We invited Sue and Paul, they were the first swing since we took the doctor's advice. Paul and I shook hands, everyone kissed. We had a glass of wine and went over the new rules. Soft sex across partners, I don't get to cum outside Anna, but Paul can come...


Soft swing gone hard

Reluctant swingers now converted

My wife Tina and I are in our early forties and we discussed about trying swinging to spice up our sex life’s We joined SH but were a little unsure . Tina decided to discuss it with her friend at work Barbara as she knew she & her partner had an active se...



or how we fucked and swapped

I met Debbie and Bob at the club while Anna was away. They played safe and insisted on it before I set the same rule. Anna has been chatting with them on the site and we met them at the club. We arrived before them and settled down in towels to wait for t...


Swapping and sharing

Things were a little awkward at first but that soon vanished as Ralph and I took turns in Cheryl’s pussy.

It had been a long hot day and a hard one at work, and I was looking forward to the weekend as I got a pint of beer and sat down waiting for my mate Ralph. As I sat down at a table, I noticed two girls in their late teens or early twenties. I was twenty-o...


Saturday morning we woke up. The sun was filtered by the tent walls. Someone moved and the airbed deformed, moving my body. I never had the comfort of more than a carrimore mat in the past. I was still surprised that Andy and Phil were into camping. I fel...

When Things Don’t Go Well

Not all my experiences have worked out as I planned.

Putting yourself out there in the swinger lifestyle isn’t the easiest thing to do. So far, my stories have been about when things went well. I would now like to offer a change of pace when things didn’t go so well. I’m not talking about erectile dysfuncti...