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Married Stories


I slept with my son's girlfriend/wife.

She wriggled her arse against me and impaled her own pussy on my hard cock.

My wife Denise has a very demanding and high level job. It has taken the pair of us and our son all around the world. It was the first time that we had left David at home on his own. Being eighteen I thought the worst he could do would be to have a few ma...


Debs is back for black - Part 2

Meeting a big lad in the gym and knowing he’ll fill Debs to satisfaction - now the dream has come true!

I couldn’t concentrate at work, today was the the day! This afternoon Ben was coming to ours to give Debs a good seeing to! We had refrained from having sex for the past 10 days so that we were both absolutely gagging for it. My balls were blue at the tor...


Robert was inviting me to fuck his gorgeous fiancee

Robert would go out twice a week allowing me time to fuck his Fiancee

I was with a bunch of my mates in the pub and we were being our normal loutish selves. The game was to give any girls or women entering the pub a mark out of ten. There had been a few eights and nines but no tens, in fact, in the main they were scoring fo...


I knew Ellie was a slt and with better judgement should have fled.

I found Ellie in the gents toilets being fucked while she sucked and wanked two other lads.

Against my better judgement I had started going out with Ellie. Yes, I had heard all the rumours that she played fast and loose. But I thought that if we were an item things would change. On our first date on the way home from the cinema, Ellie had me pul...


Spartan 7

Life with Sosipatra

I had been away from home for 14 months and my wife, Sosipatra looked after the farm, it would be the first time we had seen each other in all that time. I returned to Sparta shortly after my 30th birthday, at 30 Spartans become full citizens and joined a...


My daughter caught me fucking Tessa

Tessa joined me in the shower and soon she was gripping a grab rail while I fucked her

Jane was just three when her mother up and left us. It was quite hard bringing up our daughter on my own. But I soon found Beth, a woman with three young children and she helped out all she could. Beth’s husband was a lorry driver so she often didn’t see...

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Swapping and sharing

Things were a little awkward at first but that soon vanished as Ralph and I took turns in Cheryl’s pussy.

It had been a long hot day and a hard one at work, and I was looking forward to the weekend as I got a pint of beer and sat down waiting for my mate Ralph. As I sat down at a table, I noticed two girls in their late teens or early twenties. I was twenty-o...


Sexercising with the boss's wife

I opened my eyes just as Gina sucked my cock to the back of her throat.

It was nearing the end of the second lockdown when I started to get health problems. At twenty-six and living alone I was ordering in food and stuffing myself due to boredom. It seemed an age before I managed to see a doctor who straight away told me to l...


Going Dutch

Astrid was talking to Daan and telling him all about our lovemaking.

I was twenty-six single and overworked. I had a bed sit as I spent more time on the road than I did at home. It was good for the bank balance but not much fun in the bedroom stakes. Then my boss says the next stop was Belgian followed by Amsterdam as he h...


Swapped sisters

Misha was shy and asked me to be gentle with her.

My parents had just bought a new motorhome and I cheekily asked if I could use their old one. To my surprise my father said yes, as long as I insured it. Although it was old it was in pretty good condition. It had seen a lot of work as well as probably a...


I bought my wife

I paid Richard one hundred and fifty pounds for his wife.

Richard was such a shit. The way he treated his wife Ann was atrocious. When he talked to Ann it was Bitch do this, bitch do that. Even worse when he talked to others about her, it was the slut did this or the slut did that. I hated to hear it and most of...