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"Our young couple find the horizons broaden substantially"

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My my my, this one is going at a fast pace isn’t it?  I can’t believe we are already at Part four and are rapidly approaching the stories conclusion.  I think there’ll just be one more part after this and that will be it.  The end of the adventures of Martin and Michelle.  Still, there’s no point getting sad about it now.  Let’s crack on and enjoy these crazy kids progress as they invite Anne back for a threesome.

Fun side note:  My wife and I played “The Kink Game” at a large social gathering featuring friends of ours.  It’s a lot of fun and we highly recommend it.


  All three of us enter our cabin, butterflies going through mine and maybe Michelle’s stomachs, Anne by contrast seems somewhat detached as she plonks herself down on the bed.  Michelle and I stand around for a moment wondering what the next steps should be.

  “We could have a drink?” Anne suggested.  

  “Of course,” said I.

  “How silly of us?”

  “It’s not very gentlemanly of me not to get the drinks”.

  “A drink will definitely help,” Michelle laughed, nervously.  I head to where we have our selection of cheap and cheery evening options, worried that our tastes might not be sophisticated enough for Anne.

  “Er…vodka and coke do?” I asked, hoping we wouldn’t appear cheap.

  “If it’s got alcohol in and it’s liquid it’s fine,” Anne replied.  I quickly poured three doubles and passed them round.  

  “Let’s have a good time,” I suggested.

  “Amen to that,” Michelle replied.  We both looked at Anne who just gulped the entire double vodka and coke down.  We looked at each other, then the murky liquid and knocked it back as quick as we could.  Anne merely smiled and patted both sides of the bed.

  “Please, sit,” Anne suggested, with both of us sitting either side of her, Michelle biting her lip as she ogled Anne with eyes full of hunger as she leaned forward and they kissed, their lips pressing firmly together before moving delicately as their tongues explored the edges of their lips.  I leaned in close and began to kiss Anne’s neck as my hand gently fondled her boob through her dress, waiting for her to move my hand, feeling better when that admonishment did not arrive.


  I looked down and saw Michelle move her hand up Anne’s right leg, moving her dress up her thigh towards her waist and moved my hand so it did the same, stopping at her middle and moved my hand to her pussy, meeting my wife’s hand there as I did so.

  “Oops, fancy meeting you here,” I said to my wife, getting her to stop and gaze down at both sets of fingers between Anne’s legs, drawing a laugh from both women.  Anne turned to me as I moved my fingers down to her juicy gash and moved my middle finger inside her.

  “What an attentive boy you are,” Anne said to me before turning back to Michelle.  “He’s such a good guy.  Should we give him a treat?” Anne asked before whispering in my wife’s ear.  Michelle giggled, got up from next to Anne and sat on my left side.

  “Why do I feel like I’m gonna be devoured by two lionesses?” I asked, concernedly, before they both put a hand on my shoulder and push me back against the bed.  Michelle stares into my eyes, longing and lust filling her gaze.

  “I love you, Martin”.

  “I love you, too,” I responded as I feel her lips smack against mine, her tongue playfully teasing my lips.  

  “I don’t, but I will fuck you,” Anne remarked as she placed a finger on my chin and moved my face to hers, Anne’s kiss being more ferocious, more demanding as her tongue battled mine as we snogged, all the while I could feel my belt and trousers being unfastened, eager hands moving beneath my underwear to get to the prize beneath.  The two women managed to wrestle it free and nudge my pants and boxers down, letting my firm member stand tall.

  “Looks like someone’s pleased to see us,” said Anne, gripping my tool and running her hand slowly up and down it.

  “I think he’s been pleased to see you from the moment we got here,” Michelle quaffed.

  “I’ll remind YOU who it was that started without me,” I chided back as I lowered the straps on Michelle’s dress, bringing her boobs into the light, as I moved my head and placed my lips around that exquisite dark flesh.

  “UURGH!  Ho, that’s good,” Michelle remarked as I pulled her dress up to get my fingers between her legs.  I was loving that feeling of her nipple in my mouth and the heat from her thighs when I was distracted by Anne sliding her mouth down my length, wetting and warming my tool in her amazing mouth.

  “Boy, that’s…that IS distracting,” I joked as she gobbled down my girth, before she removed her mouth.

  “I can always stop,” Anne replied removing her mouth from my downstairs and leaving my temporarily unattended.

  “Don’t you dare.  Get sucking,” I ordered.  A moment later I felt Anne’s mouth envelop my cock and I released both of Michelle’s tits whilst I moved my hand over her moist cleft and let my middle finger wander inside.

  “Jesus, this is wild!” Michelle exclaimed as she watched Anne suck me off, my hands massaging her boobs as Anne pulled my pants further down as she moved off the bed and between my knees, slavering over my hard tool that just needed to be between her sweet lips.  “I want to help her out”.

  “Really?” I asked.  Michelle nodded.  “Go nuts,” I suggested, with Michelle taking that literally as she moved off the bed and sucked one of my balls into her mouth.

  “Sweet lord and mercy, I didn’t mean literally but don’t stop,” I breathed as the two women’s mouths worked on my crotch, both mouths taking turns to suck on my end whilst the other licked and even gently nibbled up and down the shaft.  Oh man!  This was like nothing I’d experienced before. I looked down to see these two divine beauties worshipping my tool like their new God.  I propped myself up on the bed as Anne left my cock to move her mouth to mine.  As we kissed I pulled down her dress to expose those fantastic tits and maul them as our tongues clashed.  I knew what I wanted to do right now and that was slide my thick rod deep inside her, see her squirm with me inside her.  

  I led her back on the bed and got up, shedding my clothes as both women did the same, all of us in a hurry to get as naked as possible as quickly as possible, if that makes sense.  Once Anne was naked she reclined on the bed.  I grabbed both of her ankles and lifted them up, pulling her legs not just open as they were, but WIDE open.  Michelle grabbed my cock and moved it to Anne’s quim, hitting her pussy with my end before gazing up at whilst she was still on her knees.

  “Fuck her, babe.  Fuck her good!” Michelle ordered.  I was not gonna let her down.  I let Michelle guide me to her lips and watched in wonderment as she used one hand to fold back Anne’s flaps, and the other to pull my cock inside her.

  “Holy fuck, yeah,” I spluttered.

  “Oh, that hits the spot,” murmured Anne as I inched forward, filling her insides.  I took my time with the strokes wanting to savour each moment inside this incredible woman, figuring I may not get the chance again.  “Oh you can go faster than that,” Anne reassured me.  I took that reassurance and started to fuck her with real gusto, slamming my dick inside her as she moaned beneath me as Michelle led next to Anne.

  “Does my hubbies cock feel good?” Michelle taunted Anne.

  “Oh yeah, so good, can see why you like it?” Anne giggled, as I moved onto the bed so I can really grind against her whilst inside of her.  “Oh shit!  That’s it!” Anne exclaimed, wedging me in place with her legs either side of me as I ground my pelvis against her clit as we fucked, causing her to throw her head back and arch her back in delight at my efforts.

  “THERE, THERE, THERE, OH FUCK!” Anne yelled as I felt her spasm all around my solid member.  Michelle smiled up at me and, placing her hands either side of her face, kissed me, our lips rubbing softly against each other whilst my rod was buried in another woman.

  “I love you, Martin,” said Michelle, her voice oozing desire.

  “I love you too,” I responded, seductively.  “But your face has an appointment elsewhere”.


  “Down there,” I gestured removing my pole from Anne’s pussy.

  “Oh…okay,” Michelle replied, a little unsure as she got onto her knees and placed her face between Anne’s legs, before tentatively moving forward and beginning to lick Anne’s slippery twat.

  “You two are driving me crazy tonight,” Anne chortled as Michelle moved her face closer so she could really taste, savour and delight Anne’s wonderful clam, as for me I knelt behind Michelle and lifted her ass into the air, moving behind her before sinking my length into her cunt.


  “HMMMF!  flggle, qwmff, mmmm,” Michelle moaned against Anne’s moist opening as I eased in and out of my wife as she clearly titillated Anne with her first attempt (as far as I was aware) at cunnilingus on another woman as she lapped away whilst I slid in and out of her sex, enjoying the visual feast on front of me.

  “How’s she doing, Anne?” I asked, already knowing the answer as Anne had both hands on Michelle’s head, holding her in place, keeping her face at Anne’s cunt so Michelle could keep on eating her out.

  “She’s a Natural,” Anne sighed as her nipples pinged on her chest like bloated grapes, different to my dear wife’s bullets, as Michelle devoured Anne’s pussy, the lapping and slurping sounds getting louder as Michelle got more into it, her talented tongue causing Anne’s chest to heaven in delight as she cascaded towards yet another orgasm as my hips smacked fiercely against my wife’s arse.  I could feel my own orgasm building as my balls tingled and my thick flesh tube drew the cum down my cock as I could no longer hold on.

  “Oh fuck, here it comes!” I exclaimed as my schlong pumped hard into Michelle’s insides as I gripped her hips and held her in place.

  “Oh, HO, HO!  ME TOO!” Anne quivered as she stiffened from Michelle’s efforts, orgasming all over her face as she arched her back and reached over her head, gripping the duvet.  For a moment we all stayed locked in our current positions till I fell back and Michelle moved away from Anne’s soaking minge.

  “Well…did you enjoy that?” I asked Michelle as I led back on the carpet


  “I did.  Shame I never got to finish then, though,” Michelle replied, sounding melancholy.

  “You up for round two, Anne?” I checked with our third.

  “Always,” Anne replied, and with that the two of us got up, led Michelle on the bed and set to work on tantalising her body into oblivion.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

 I wake up I at don’t know what time.  I look around the room and recognise that Anne has gone and only Michelle and I remain.  I still find it difficult to believe what occurred the previous evening.  I look down the bed and see that mini-Martin is already standing up and ready for a new day.

  “Morning.  Where’s Anne?” Michelle asked.  I try not to feel too jealous at that question.

  “Morning.  Love you too,” I replied, my words dripping with sarcasm.

  “You know I didn’t mean it like that.  It’s just that…I’m still feeling horny,” Michelle confessed with a dirty smile as she kicked the covers back to reveal her naked form, legs wide open as her hand came down to slide up and down her already wet pussy.

  I move my face to her boob and lick around it before moving my lips over her teat to suck on the inflated flesh whilst moving my hand between her legs.  I begin to kiss down her body and feel my wife snap her legs shut.

  “Uh-huh, mister,” Michelle stated.  “No foreplay.  You.  Me.  Now!”

  I smile up at my brilliant wife easing back on the bed and yank on her ankles so she flips down the bed.

  “AAAAGHH!” Michelle screamed.

    “I don’t remember you screaming last night when spread Anne’s legs,” I noted as I move forward, cock in hand.

  “Well, I wasn’t on the other end of the pulling, was I?  HO!” Michelle sighed as I slipped inside her, her legs straight up and over my shoulders and moved my knees either side of her backside so I could really get traction as I slammed into my filthy missus.

  “You were such a fucking dirty bitch last night,” I stated to her as I slam my cock into her dripping snatch.

  “I was, I was a dirty slut,” Michelle breathed as I could see from the look in her eyes how she recalled what we did last night.  “You fucking loved it, didn’t you?” Michelle asked as I keep pumping into her, my rod so hard it almost hurts.

  “I fucking did!  I loved you being a filthy fucking slut,” I told her, truthfully.  Seeing my wife get eaten and eat out another woman was a massive turn-on and my dick felt even more solid as I pounded my wife’s test.  

  “Do you want to see me lick another woman’s pussy?” Michelle quivered as I bent her legs even further over and started to slam as deep into her as I could.

  “Fuckin’ yeah. I would,” I told her as we angrily fucked, fuelled by lust, memory and fantasy.  The idea of me sliding my cock in and out of Michelle’s cunt whilst another woman licked it and while her face was buried in another woman’s snatch was intoxicating.  I felt my prick start to throb with delight as my memories and fantasy combined.  “Oh God, that would be…so…FUCKING…AMAZING!” I yelled as my body tensed, my dick pulsing in Michelle shooting my hot seed inside her.  I opened my eyes to see her smiling back at me as I released her legs which she wrapped around me and I moved down to kiss her.

  “You decent?” a voice came from behind our cabin door that I recognised as being Bob, our neighbour on the ship.

  “You should know we’re not, these walls are pretty thin,” I shout back causing Michelle to laugh with my tool still inside her (ow!) and Bob and his wife Betty to laugh outside our room.

  “Well we thought we’d let you know that today’s excursion is Nassau,” Betty informed us.  “It’s really nice and there’s a restaurant we go to whilst we’re down there.  It’s the only time we usually eat together that’s not on the ship”.

  I look down at Michelle who nods in agreement at the offer.

  “Okay, we’ll be out in…” I started before looking down at my wife with raised eyebrows.

  “Five minutes!” Michelle yelled, squeezing my dick inside her as she did.

  “Okay, we’ll wait out here for you,” Bob advised us.  With that Michelle and I began to quickly prep ourselves getting dressed in record speed with me in a T-shirt, shorts and sliders with swimwear and a towel packed just in case, with Michelle dressed in one of her floaty, light summer dresses and towel and swimwear in a beach bag.  We probably took nearer ten minutes but thankfully our neighbours were still outside patiently waiting for us.

  As recommended by Bob and Betty we head to the top deck so we can get our bearings where everything is and our neighbours (and possible wife-swappers…they really didn’t seem the type) provide plenty of information as to where to go and what to do once we arrive, even offering to accompany us, which we gratefully decline, deciding to find our own way around.

  Having got through the cruise ship terminal the first thing we encountered was a range of market traders that were swamped with people who seemed determined to spend all their money here before they even got onto the main shopping area of Bay Street or the resort.  Whilst we were walking through here Michelle and I concocted a fun idea which we called “The Kink Game” in which we would look at each couple and try and work out what they’re specific kink or fetish was, even if they weren’t from our ship.

  “What about her there?” Michelle asked as we saw a woman in her late fifties, a tad overweight but nothing worth worrying about, gesture towards people she knew.  Her stocky, white-haired husband jollying along behind her.  She gave the friend she saw a hug and air kiss on each cheek whilst her hips and decent ass stayed back from the hug.  Straight away I knew my reply.

  “Anal,” I whispered to Michelle.

  “Serious?” Michelle side-mouthed back.  I just nodded and looked over and pictured the two of them…


  The woman was out back leaning on a trestle bench, before she reaches back to haul her skirt over her backside.

  “You know what I fucking want!” she barks at her hubby.  He moved behind her, placing a hand on her knickers-covered ass before replying.

  “I have no idea.  You’ll have to tell me,” the guy replies calmly as he pulls her black, translucent panties over her sizeable backside.

  “Take that plug out of my ass and fuck me!” she instructs him. 

  “This butt plug?” he asks as he moves the bejewelled implement slowly in and out of her sphincter.

  “Oh, you fucker!” she cries as he teases her with the butt plug, before removing it to a sloppy low-pitch “Puuuh!”  He opens his pants and pulls out his hardening cock as he stands behind her, placing the head at her star, then grabbing her cheeks and ramming his stiffy inside her.

  “URGH, URGH, UGH!” the woman yells as her old, stocky husband takes his shirt off as he fucks his wife’s ass, seeming to enjoy the mixture of enjoyment and discomfort he was inflicting on her.

  “How’s my cock feel?” He asks in his wife’s ear as he leans forward ramming himself into her butt, slamming himself hard inside her.

  “Real good, real good,” his wife moans as he rams into her so hard it’s like he’s trying to smash down castle walls.

  “Fucking yeah!  Take it!” the guy grunts behind her as he shoves ferociously into her back passage drawing whimpers of pain and pleasure in equal measure as he quickens his pace, a semi-sadistic grin all over his face as his features contort in bliss as he pumps his wife’s ass full of cum.

  “Oh you bastard!” his wife says, breathlessly.

  “You fucking love it,” he laughs as he lets his cock slip out of her destroyed and sore star.

  I stop thinking about their garden adventures and return my thoughts to the various stalls and passengers from the cruise ships currently docked, seeking out various individuals to work out what fetish floats their cruise ship.


  “What about those two?” I asked Michelle as we looked at a tall woman with dyed black and purple hair, a black and purple dress with a balding, slender man following meekly behind her.

  “Dominatrix,” Michelle replied, confidently.  To be fair, I could see this one immediately.

  She walks through the dungeon wearing a basque that her breasts perch perkily on top, whilst her black thigh length boots contrast with her white skin from her thighs all the way up to her crotch showing her shaved pussy and bare-naked bottom.  The only other clothing she is wearing is a studded collar as she walks holding a leash with her hubby crawling on the floor in leather shorts, and a blindfold.  She moves over to a throne and stops.

  “Sit!” she orders her husband, who eagerly sits back, unable to see if his mistress is happy.  She smiles, inserting two fingers inside her cunt before moving her fingers in front of her hubby’s face.  “Suck!”

  The submissive hubby (or subby) opened his mouth and sucks on her fingers, the dominatrix missus (or dominatrissus) gazing at him and licking her lips as he thirstily feeds on her fingers, even biting her lip in response to his efforts before she withdraws her digits and sits on the throne, legs wide apart, and pulls him closer with the leash.

  “Eat!” she orders her pet, pulling him so his face was pressing against the flesh between her legs.  In the same dog-like  way he’d sucked on her fingers he began lapping at her snatch, his lips smacking as he hungrily ate his mistresses love-box.

  Old purple and black hair slumps back in the seat, a joyful expression on her features as her good boy husband served her needs, her foot twirling in delight over the arm of the chair, seemingly matching the moves of his tongue as he swirled it round her luxurious twat.

  This game was now proving to be a really fun diversion, so after that little mental escapade I was hungry for more my eyes were searching out ever more couples to try and work out their quirks when I spotted a hugely overweight man and his skinny wife next to him and together they were a perfect ten…she was the one and he was the zero.

  “What about them?” I asked Michelle as she stole a glance at the two figures before considering what the kink was.

  “Adult baby,” Michelle muttered. 

  “Adult baby?” I pondered before looking back at the man and worked out that sometimes, having an active visual imagination…well that can be a blessing as well as a curse.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  The rest of the day going around Nassau was a delightful affair, visiting shops (both well known and less well known), visiting tourist sights like the library which was the former jail before taking a journey across the bridge to the Atlantis Resort, where we had an afternoon watching others gamble and lose whilst we won twenty dollars on the slot machines (which cost thirty dollars) and then made our way back to the Fish Fry area to meet at the restaurant Bob and Betty suggested, seeing the other three couples as we approached which led to an outbreak of hugging, squeezing, fondling and kissing.  By the time we’d stop to gather ourselves together I’m sure we were all feeling a tad horny.

  “Get up to anything interesting?” Terence asked, earning a dirty chuckle from some of the other couples, making me wonder if they’d got up to anything whilst we were apart from them.

  “No.  You guys get up to anything?” Michelle asked, innocently, although I noticed her face was a little too straight to be genuinely missing what was implied.

  “No, no.  We’ve all had good clean fun,” Betty answered, to more suppressed chortling.  I decided to let it go for now as we all made our way past a number of larger, cleaner restaurants to a much smaller place where Terence was enthusiastically greeted by the owner.

  “Mister Terence, SO good to see you,” the owner exuded as they shook hands.

  “Good to see you too, Cosmo.  How’s the wife and kids?” Terence replied, clearly the two men knew each other and Cosmo showed us to a rectangular table which the couples sat at with each others spouses, which seemed kind of dull compared to previous evenings with everyone on their best behaviour.  It made me suspect that Cosmo did not know at the saucy antics of the latest eight customers.  We looked at the menu and ordered some starters but I was determined to get more out of Betty as soon as the opportunity presented itself, so when the older lady went to the bar to get another drink I followed after her and caught her waiting.

  “Hi, Betty.  Good to have a chat again,” I began as she smiled at me.  “Not had a proper chat just the two of us since that first night,” I stated.

  “No.  Obviously I had to share you last night,” Betty chuckled referring to when I had her on one side of me and Pam on the other.

  “But not now,” I remarked with open arms and my most disarming smile.  “So, do tell…what did you get up to today?” I probed, quietly so as not to arouse suspicion from prying ears.  Betty looked around making sure no-one was near before continuing the conversation.

  “Well, after Anne filled us in on what you got up to last night I guess there’s no harm,” Betty quipped, causing ME to blush slightly at that before she continued with her story.  “We went to the beach and Anne was telling us all about your adventures last night and the thing about Anne is she is quite the storyteller.  After she finished we were all so hot and bothered we decided to go for a dip in the ocean.  I was with Bob, T with A and Dan and Pam were together,” Betty continued, pausing suspiciously at this point.

  “Go on,” I pressed, attempting to sound like I was liberating her from her burden-like story, rather than seeming like an absolute lech.

  “So I had my hand in Bob’s short, feeling him getting hard in the water, as he pushed my bikini over and moved his fingers inside me, to two of us moving in a rhythm under the water, far enough from the shore so we were unseen but near enough so we could see them.  It was so exciting,” breathed Betty.

  “I’ll bet it was,” said I, feeling the need to adjust myself.  “What happened next?”

  “T and A came over, as did Dan and Pam, all of us feeling frisky after hearing your adventures…so, moved over to Dan, Anne wrapped her arms around Bob and Pam sauntered over to Terence,” Betty whispered.  I felt myself getting more and more turned on by Betty’s story, pausing to look back at Michelle, who was engaged in deep conversation with Dan and Pam across from her.  Knowing my wife was in good hands I returned my attention to Betty ‘s story.

  “Anyway, I pulled down Dan’s trunks a little so his cock was completely free of them and began to pump it in my hands as I felt his fingers over my bean.  I looked over to the others and could see that Pam had her back to the beach to prevent the holidaymakers from seeing Terence sucking on her nipples whilst their hands worked their magic beneath the waterline,” Betty confessed, a smile creeping across her face as she remembered their earlier adventures.

  “Did you see what Bob and Anne were getting up to?” I probed further, curious to build the mental picture in my mind.

  “I did.  Anne had her hand on his shoulders and her legs around his body as she rode his cock in the water,” Betty elaborated.  I considered that in my mind, Dan and Betty, masturbating each other, Terence sucking on Pam’s perky tits whist Anne and Bob fucked in the water.  I should have known Anne would have been the most adventurous.  I was determined to find out more, I just had to ask the right question, and then it came to me.  It was then I leaned over to Betty, opened my mouth and…

  “What’ll it be?” asked the barman.  With that Betty and I ordered drinks and we returned to our seats with the others.

  Everyone at the table ate their meals and drank their drinks with only the merest of flirty banter, more akin to any normal group of friends rather than a bunch of hardened swingers and two newbies, however the seafood menu at Cosmo’s bar and grill was good enough that we didn’t need to enhance it with any extra sauce are behaviour may add with calamari so fresh I was surprised it wasn’t crawling off my plate and back to the water.  I also tried my wife’s bass and Pam’s mahi mahi (whatever that was) before we finished with dessert of Key Lime Pie.  By the end I couldn’t eat any more and I figured this was also true of the rest of the table.  We wandered back to the ship, burning off the delicious meal from Terence’s friend, who by the end of the evening appeared to be everyone else’s friend also.

  “How long have you known Cosmo?” I asked Terence.  Terence scratched his head and considered the answer, clearly indicating it had been some time.

  “Since Anne and I got married…fifteen years ago,” Terence replied, kissing Anne as she held onto his arm.

  “Fifteen years, wow and congratulations,” I added quick enough to make it seem like it always part of that sentence.  

  “How long you guys been together?” Terence asked us back.  I looked at Michelle and we both thought for a moment before replying.

  “We’ve been together seven years,” Michelle responded.


  “And married three,” I added, wrapping my arm around Michelle’s shoulders.

  “Mmmm.  Seven year itch,” Terence replied ominously.  I didn’t even consider that and yet here was Terence throwing a wild and wet dampener on the evening.

  “I think what my husband is saying is once you get past this year, you’re fine,” Anne responded, tweaking Terence’s nipple in retaliation.

  “AAARGHH!” yelled Terence.

  “Yeah, knock it off, T.  You’re bringing the evening down,” Bob chimed in.  The conversation continued but his words left a bit of a bitter taste on the night.  What if Terence was right?  Maybe what we were doing was actually endangering our relationship?  Maybe this might destroy what we had together?  Maybe we weren’t strong enough Togo down this path?  Michelle and I barely spoke on the rest of the way back, only offering the occasional “yay” or “nay” before the ship loomed large on front of us.  

  We all boarded and upon re-entering the vessel we engaged in our customary round of hugs, gropes, fondles and kisses before saying our goodbyes.

  “You sure you don’t want to have a few more drinkers?” Bob asked joyfully, clearly keen for our moods to be somewhat lifted.

  “No, we’re okay tonight.  Thank you though.  Maybe tomorrow,” Michelle countered, politely.  We turned and made to leave, however we hadn’t got maybe ten steps when we heard someone shout.


  “HEY!” Dan yelled as he and Pam jogged over.  “Listen we don’t really fancy having much more to drink, but we wondered if you fancied a nightcap back at ours?” 

  Michelle and I looked at each other but neither of us said no, like we were both torn at this point with the effect of Terence’s words but at the same time we’re tempted to spend more time with Dan and Pam.

  “Look, no pressure.  Just one drink,” Pam suggested.  Michelle and I looked at each, considering the generous offer before Michelle and I nodded at each other.

  “Okay,” Michelle said.

  “One drink,” I continued.  To be fair it wasn’t like they were twisting our arms.  They were late thirties, early forties and felt more like an older brother and sister rather than the larger age gaps between us and the other two couples.  We headed back to their cabin feeling pretty relaxed, looking forward to having a drink then heading back, probably to fantasise about things escalating between the two of us and Dan and Pam.  As we entered I remember thinking how normal and east this was.

  “What would you like?” Dan asked, immediately stepping into his role as host.  

  “Vodka and coke?” Michelle asked.  

  “Two of those, please”.

  Dan started to prepare the drinks and handed out four glasses.  

  “To new friends,” Pam said before we touched glasses and felt the cold sharp liquid tickle our throats.  “So what do you think of your first cruise?”

  “It’s not what we expected at all,” Michelle replied.  “I thought it’d be retired, overweight seniors slowly ambling about”.

  “Yeah, I’ve got to admit I didn’t expect all…you know,” I gestured with my hands to indicate the entire ship before I realised it may have come across as rude.  “Not that I’m having a go at you guys for doing…what you do.  No offence”.

  “None taken,” Dan smiled.  

  “Many people don’t get it,” Pam continued.  “They think we’re a bunch of sex maniacs who immediately start stripping off as soon as we get behind closed doors with another couple”.

  “And it’s not like that?” Michelle asked.

  “I guess sometimes it is,” Dan answered, with raised eyebrows, getting a laugh from all of us.  “But for some people there’s a social side as well that’s really important”.

  Michelle and I nod as we listen to the two of them talk.  They may be incredibly attractive but their down-to-earth way just pulled us in as we all sat on their bed, with them sat against their pillows at the top of the bed and us sat on the end, enjoying their doubles and feeling relaxed as the drinks warm glow tingled us inside.

  “That said…” Pam replied, before taking Dan’s drink and placing it on the bedside cabinet.  “…There is the more fun side, too”.

  And with that she and Dan moved closer and kissed, his left hand tenderly moving up to stroke the right side of her neck.  Pam the pulled her legs up and spread them wide, causing her dress to tumble down, exposing her lack of underwear as Dan moved his hand to her pussy and started to slowly move his fingers up and down her gash.  I snatched a glimpse at Michelle who instinctively licked her lips upon seeing it, her bi-side now firmly established.

  “If you want…we can…er…we can…” I began but quickly left the ‘go’ part off the sentence as I watched Dan play with Pam’s vulva, sliding his fingers up and down, drawing gasps of enjoyment as he kissed her neck.  Pam had her eyes closed and was loving every moment before she savagely moved to face her husband and reach over to his waist, attacking his trousers, undoing his belt, button and zip deftly, before removing his already hard cock.  

  Movement to my left caught my eye and I quickly glanced at Michelle who had one leg on the bed and one leg off, she slowly and subtly edging her skirt up with the palm of her hands, her eyes fixed on the display in front of her as she made it easier to get her own fingers inside her quim.  I kept my eyes on my wife as she moved one hand inside her underwear, one hand to her breast and began to move both as she bit her lip watching our new friends.

  I moved my eyes back to Dan and Pam, in the meantime he’d removed his T-shirt and Pam had her dress congregated around her waist, her blue bra covering her boobs.  Next to me I could hear Michelle breathing heavily and moaning as she watched the spectacle unfold with Pam sliding her hand up and down Dan’s rod whilst he was moving two fingers in and out of Pam’s snatch, the sloppy sounds of which were turning all of us on, as I unzipped myself and got my dick out to play with a little easier.

  Pam looked over at the two of us as Dan moved his head down to her boobs, smiling at the two of us enjoying the show, as he unhooked her bra and let her boobs fall free.

  “We like to be watched…and enjoy watching others,” Pam explained before closing her eyes to savour Dan’s mouth and fingers.  At this point Michelle and I could stand it no longer and started to shed our own clothes too.  A flurry of activity occurred but after less than a minute the bed had four naked people sitting on top of it.

  Dan and Pam continued where they’d left off except they were facing each other, half-led/half-sat as their hands delighted their partner and Michelle darted over to me wrapping her arms around my neck, her hands in my hair, her mouth on mine as my moved my hands down to her glorious cheeks, before I forced her back into the bed, Michelle going down eagerly wanting to be in a much more comfy position, however our attention was drawn away again as we felt the weight on the bed shift.

  We glanced over next to us to see Pam now led on the bed with Dan on top sucking hungrily on his cock as Dan had his head between his wife’s legs, lovingly licking her slippery slit, the contrast between their two actions striking, Pam’s hands on Dan’s cheeks, using them to bob her head up and down enthusiastically whilst he slowly and methodically tongues her pussy.  I thought I couldn’t get more turned on but I guess I was wrong.

  “That is SO fucking hot!” spat Michelle as she watched our company engage in explicit oral stimulation.  Michelle grabbed my cock and began to pull it almost aggressively, as if she wanted to tear it from my body, whilst my fingers were going in and out of sopping pussy at speed.  It wasn’t that we wanted to make each other cum, we simply NEEDED to as soon as possible.  I could see both Pam and Dan start to twitch as each others efforts started to have the desired effect.  Pam’s legs twitching and shaking as she removed her mouth from her hubbies tool.

  “FUCK!  Oh you know how to…OH MY GOD…oh god, don’t…HMMMMM!” Pam moaned as she arched her back as much as her husband’s presence would allow, her legs clamping around his face, before she spread her legs wide and began slurping vigorously around Dan’s end, determined to get him off, as his glutes began to twitch involuntarily as Pam began to literally suck the cum out of him.

  “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh fuck, PAM!” Dan exclaimed as Pam’s sucking changed to a gurgling, slurping sound as she took Dan’s load, swirled it in her mouth and swallowed it down, this was too much for Michelle and I, as I saw her stomach muscles clench as she gazed at the other couple, her cunt contracting around my fingers as my cock exploded all over her stomach.  I fell back on the end of the bed feeling spent yet still wired.  

  “Looks like you guys enjoy watching too,” Pam remarked looking over at the two of us.  Dan got off the bed and gathered up the glasses.

  “Do you guys fancy one more before heading off?” Dan asked as he poured a drink for himself and Pam.

  “Just a little one?” I compromised as I was eager to get back to our cabin, get naked again and start the whoopee machine.  Dan nodded and pour a couple of small vodka and cokes and passed them to myself and Michelle, all four of us calmly drinking as we contemplated what just happened.

  “Is that how it often works with newbies?” I queried as we all relaxed naked on the bed.

  “It depends,” Dan said, looking at his blonde wife.

  “We’ve done naked twister before haven’t we?  Well it doesn’t start off naked.  You get more naked and more drunk the more you lose,” Pam explained.  I finished my drink and glanced back to Michelle, whose glass was already empty.  Clearly she was as thirsty as I was.

  “Well we’d better shoot off,” I announced as I got off the bed on one side and Michelle the other.  Dan and Pam got off the bed also with Pam coming over to give me a hug.

  “Thanks for coming over and having fun anyway,” Pam said as she wrapped her arms around me, her naked body pressing against mine, the heat still noticeable in her chest and hips, her triangular boobs which culminated in spectacular nipples squashing against my chest, my cock between the two of us, my hips moving slowly against her body as hers moved against mine.  

  “Mmmm,” I murmured as my hands started to move stroking her back, moving down to her arse, gripping the pert flesh.  I moved my face back and looked Pam in the eyes and then moved forward and kissed her, our mouths moving slowly against each other as her tongue explored my mouth, before I suddenly came to my senses and realised just how bad this would look to Michelle as I was here, naked, kissing another woman as we fondled and were ground into each other.  I looked over to apologise for my indiscretion.

  Michelle was on her knees in front of Dan, her mouth sliding up and down his girth, one hand wrapped round his tool, the other between her own legs as she guzzled on his rod whilst Dan had one hand behind her head, less forcefully, more reassuringly that her ministrations were spot-on.

  “I don’t think they’re gonna be worried about what we do?  Do you?” Pam asked as her hand moved in front of her body and wrapped around my prick.

  “I guess not,” I replied as we kissed some more as I tongues mashed against each other urgently as we tumbled towards the bed, Pam pushing me down and moving astride my body, her hand guiding my cock to her opening.  Pam then looked over to Michelle, as did I and watched her nod her approval.  Pam smiled down at me and then sank all the way down my girth to my hips.

  “Holy fuck!” I breathed as Pam started to move up and down my pole, my hands on her hips forcing the tempo, a crazed-expression on her face that said she’d had enough foreplay tonight and needed to feel some internal release.  Whilst we fucked the bed moved again.  I peeked over and saw Michelle on all fours as Dan moved behind my wife, cock in hand, a delirious look on his face as he moved ever closer behind her, till her expression changed to one of sheer bliss, telling me his dick was in my wife.  

  “HURR, HURR, Ho God!  Dan’s…Mmmm…Dan’s dick is…in my pussy…Oh fuck!” Michelle said as Dan’s hips slapped against her cheeks.  

  “Oh…And Martin’s cock…Ooooh, mmmm…is in…Hooo…me!” Pam exhaled as she rode on top of me, bouncing on top of me whilst Dan ploughed into Michelle from behind.  I wanted to see but couldn’t from where I was at, so I flipped Pam and I over and flipped her round again so she too was on all fours in front of Michelle as I moved inside her, railing Pam in rhythm with Michelle, the two women facing each other as they were fucked by each other’s husbands as Dan and I held onto their asses and thrust inside our new pussy, enjoying the exotic sensation and excitement of being inside someone else.  

  “How’s…that cock…of mine?” Michelle asked Pam, through the metronome of Dan’s thrusts.


  “Good…real good…how’s my tool…you’re playing…with?” Pam replied.

  “Nice…real nice,” Michelle answered as Dan drilled my wife.  “You know what I want though?”

  “What’s that?” Anne queried?

  “A kiss,” Michelle informed Pam.  For a moment there was no sound on the room save the slapping of flesh on flesh behind both women before they moved forward and locked lips, their heads to the side, eyes closed as they both smooched whilst perched on the ends of mine and Dan’s cocks.  I looked down at the two women moaning and sighing as my cock slipped deep inside Pam, my hips smacking against her cheeks.  This was too much as I started to feel my tool get real sensitive and I could see Dan turning red, it was just a case of which of us would pop first.

  “Oh fucking Hell!  Oh no, I’m…” Dan blurted out before he removed his cock and came all over her ass cheeks.  I removed my tool that was ready to explode and Pam moved herself in front of me as my rod blasted its hot substance all over her gorgeous tits.  I looked at the scene in front of me and what we’d done that evening.

  So much for one drink.


I hope you all enjoyed this one.  Not bad for people that haven’t had any adventures yet.  What did you think?  Any favourite moments or highlights in the chapters so far?  Let me know in the comments and see you next time for the finale.

Written by goodafterboob

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