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"The young couple are slowly being caught in the swingers, web."

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And again we are back on the trail of another sex story, this time featuring innocent couple, Martin and Michelle who are starting to surmise that the passengers on this voyage might be a tad up to something.

Anyway, it’s part 3 now so as ever, enjoy.


  When we’d got back to the room we had to discuss what we’d witnessed that night and what it meant?  Anne caught in the hot tub in a three-way with two guys, her hubby, Terence entering a cabin with two women.  It certainly seemed on the face of it that both of them were carrying on with other people.

  “Holy shit!  Terence and Anne are having affairs!” Michelle blurted out, unable to hold back her thoughts.  I on the other hand was starting to get a different vibe.  I of course had the benefit of the night previous when I heard our neighbours engaged in sexual activity with another couple.  With that in mind I was able to work out the bigger picture.

  “That’s not it.  Holy macaroni though, I know what it is,” I fathomed, rubbing my face as the realisation dawned.

  “What?  What is it?” Michelle pressed, her hands out other side.

  “They’re swingers,” I explained.  Michelle’s eyes went wide as I mentioned this.  She shook her head as I nodded.  I sat down on the bed, face in my hands as I considered what was going on.

  “Do you think it’s just Terence and Anne?” Michelle continued to query.  I shook my head.

  “More people?”

  I nodded.  Michelle’s eyes went so wide I thought her eyeballs were in danger of falling out of their sockets.


  I nodded, again she shook her head, stopping as she weighed the evidence before gasping in surprise.

  “Does this mean that Bob and Betty…” 

  I nodded, now it was Michelle’s turn to sink to the bed.

  “Holy shit!” Michelle sighed as we both sat there, hunched forward with our elbows on our knees wondering what to make of this situation.

  “You don’t think…” 

  “They’ll try and seduce us?  Oh yeah.  I do,” I concluded, instinctively knowing what my wife was thinking.  We both sat there in silence for a moment letting thoughts about what that might look and feel like wash over us.  “Is that turning you on, too?”  


  “Hell yeah,” Michelle replied, before grabbing me by the neck and hooking me in for a kiss.  Our hands flailed over each other’s clothing removing it savagely from each other’s bodies, whilst desperately trying to keep our mouths together and our hands touching each other’s skin.  Not an easy combination.

  Eventually we managed to get naked, our hands moving over each other as we fought to start fucking as quickly as possible with Michelle electing to get on all fours to allow me to slip inside her from behind, as I moved my cock in and out of my hungry moaning wife however it was not her I was thinking about.  My mind was wandering over to Anne.

  I thought about the two of us around the pool at night, her in her one-piece bikini walking up to where I was led, wrapping her arms around me and rubbing her body against mine.  With no Michelle around those kisses that started strong but petered off maintain their ferocity as we make out before she moves her hand from round my neck to pull down my shorts.  Before her arms resume their place behind my neck I pull down the straps of her swimsuit and let the wet material THWACK to the floor, before we lie together on the Sun lounger.

  I move my hand over her cracking boobs, my fingers detecting silverware; a ring on the left nipple.  I give the ring a tug before I move my hand further down.

  “Oh yeah, I love that,” Anne whispers, as my hand moves across her stomach and down through her shaved mound where the barest amount of hair was growing back, before I get to her pussy.  

  “Is that another piercing?” I ask, as I feel the ring around bean, gently flicking it with my finger.

  “It is,” Anne sighs, as I continue to play with it, before my fingers delve inside her.  “OH, HO HO HO!  That’s good”.


  I move my fingers into her wetness while she fondles my cock.  I’m aching to get it inside her, to feel her warmth around me, to watch as her body moves to my thrusts and I can see that same hunger reflected in her eyes as she flicks herself on top of me, her mouth pressing on mine before she switches position, moving her face down to my throbbing girth and moves her delicious snatch up to my face.  As I gaze between her moist flaps I feel her lips sink down my shaft, welcoming me into mouth.

  “Fucking Hell,” I utter, before placing my mouth against her pussy and thrusting my tongue inside her, flailing my tongue up and inside her cunny, flicking at her tight hole, that I was so looking forward to driving into.

  “HOO, that’s a good feeling,” Anne says momentarily before sliding her mouth back up and down my meat as I taste her quim, the juices costing my mouth and chin as I feast on the banquet between her legs, stopping every now and then to get my breath due to the distracting bliss going on around my waist.

  “Christ, Anne!  Your oral skills are stellar,” I commend her as she slurps on my end merrily.  I resume tonguing her pussy, licking it like the most fabulous ninety-nine as we happily sixty-nine, until I feel her legs start to quiver, her mouth coming away from my tool as she starts to moan throatily.  I keep on applying pressure and press my finger inside her snatch as I circle her bean, her legs trembling even more.

  “Don’t stop, don’t stop!” she begs, as I suck on her wonderful nub, her arse cheeks shaking as she stops paying any attention to my cock and lets the joy of the moment wash over her.

  “Oh God, oh god, that’s it, keep going…please…” Anne implores as I tickle her G-spot and send her to her sexual Valhalla. “OH THAT’S IT…THAT’S…”.

  And with that her thighs squeeze my head in place in delight as she cums all over my face.  Being a gentleman I stop my licking and allow her to relax…till I flip her over and move my swollen cock to her gash.

  “No no no, not right away…I’m too sensitive,” Anne protests in a playful, girly way.

  “Okay,” I reply, holding my cock-head at her opening and not moving.  I move my face so it’s next to hers, our breath combining as we gaze into each other’s eyes before Anne reaches down and pulls me inside her.

  “Oh fucking yeah,” Anne breaths as I sink myself entirely inside her, my hips pulling back and slamming into her slippery cunt.  “Oh fucking yeah”.

  “Is that good?” I ask, already knowing the answer as I pound away at her pussy, Anne moaning as I pummel her hips.

  “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh God!” Anne breaths as our skin smacks together.  I can feel the cum moving down my cock as I get ready to spurt inside this goddess, our faces contorted in pleasure as I move towards my finish, Anne’s legs holding me in place inside her as I feel my rod explodes inside.

  “Oh my fucking God!” I yell to the sky as tool surrenders itself, sated inside this incredible woman…until I realise it’s a different incredible woman I have just cum inside of.  I grip her backside tight as I let the fantasy subside.

  “I’m sorry.  That wasn’t too quick was it?” I put to Michelle as she breathes heavily on all fours on the end of my subsiding stiffy.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Michelle’s story

  I felt Martin slip his length inside me, but as soon as he was in I closed my eyes and was somewhere else, in a room with two men, two men that had captured my attention in different ways.

  One was the charming Dan whose wit and charisma could charm any woman, but the other was somewhat more embarrassing.  

  I found myself thinking about Terence in those tiny white Speedos, his length outlined as he wandered up and down the deck, only in this version, both men are in swimwear and I’m sat on the bed in my bikini, awaiting these two guys to ravish me.

  “Why don‘t you both sit next to me and we can have a chat,” I ask as both men sit either side of me.  My bikini bottoms are already damp thinking about what we’re going to do.  On my right is Dan with Terence the other side.  I turn to Dan for a kiss and feel his hand reach for my boob.  On the other side I can feel Terence move my hand till I can feel something firm and hot and fleshy between my fingers…it also feels OH SO heavy.

  I turn away from Dan as his kisses move to my neck, his hand moving into my bikini to fish out my boob and I turn to see Terence sporting a good seven and a half thick inches between my hands.  I can’t help but have a giddy laugh as I spy the sizeable prize that awaits me.

  “Do you like?” Terence asks as I move my hand up and down his monster.

  “Do you like?” I ask him back with raised eyebrows as I start to play with his firm staff.

  “Very much so.  You’re a very beautiful woman,” Terence replies as Dan nuzzles my back avid his hand moves down into my bikini bottoms finding my wet slit, hungry to feel something inside it, thankfully Dan obliges with one of his thick fingers.

  “Oh God, that’s nice,” I cry as he moves his face to my tit.  I’m in heaven as Dan works to pleasure me, but I have to be free from these clothes so I reach back and unfasten my bikini top, letting it tumble to the bed.  I look at both guys and look down and they get the message, pulling the ties either side of my bottoms causing them to fall away.  I stand up out of swimwear and look at the two guys who are sat there like hungry puppies wanting to beg for food.  I’m going to feed them, but like a good master I’ll give them instructions.

  “Strip,” I command.  The two guys get up and drop their swimwear revealing two erect cocks for me to play with.  I decide to have fun with my new toys and get to my knees and opening my mouth, awaiting one brave soul to step forward, as Terence does so I move so I can get my hand around both hot, solid weapons, sliding my hand down both before gliding my lips down Terence’s hard length.

  “HUURRR!  That’s…nice,” sighed Terence as I moved my mouth up and down his rigid tool, barely fitting half in my mouth, so impressive was his size, whilst I run my hand up and down Dan’s less impressive but more than useful appendage.

  “Oh yeah,” Dan moans as I grip his dick firmly, running my hand up and down his length, before switching and enveloping Dan’s tool with my lips, my hot mouth pleasuring his girth whist Terence got the hand.


  “You really are a fucking turn-on!” Terence exclaims, as I continue to work his cock, before both guys reach down and lift me up so I’m jammed between their hot bodies, feeling their hot heavy poles, pressing against my tummy and my ass.  I scooch back so I can bend over and take Dan’s cock in my mouth, legs open to allow Terence full access to my pussy.  I feel him move his end between my fleshly lips before he steps forward and enters me fully.

  “Oh fucking hell!” I cry as Terence fills my inside with his thick staff.  It’s almost eye-watering as it stretches me out, my insides returning to normal every time Terence pulls out then stretching substantially as soon as he ploughs back in, pushing my mouth forward onto Dan’s sturdy girth as I steady myself with one hand wrapped round Dan’s tool and another on his abs.  As I move backwards and forwards between the two men I am in heaven, my breasts sway beneath me till I feel Terence lean forward, cup my boobs in his hands and press his fingers around the teats.

  “HUURMMMFFF!” I muffle in delight with my mouth full.  I want these guys to cum inside me at both ends, I want them to fill my pussy and my mouth over and over again, I want to feel their hot seed land on my stomach on my breasts and fill me with warmth on the inside, I crave it deep down  in the well of myself, and then right on cue, I can feel Terence’s weighty meat twitch inside me, like he’s building towards the finish, I can feel Dan’s length pumping down the shaft.  I’m about to be sandwiched between two jets of hot cum and I love it!

  “Your pussy…it’s too good…I’m gonna…gonna…” Terence says before I feel his cock pump his load all over my insides with his sticky goo, just as Dan’s gland spurt his molten semen into my mouth and throat, the combination of sensations sending my body into orgasm.

  “Holy FUUUCCKK!  HMMMMM!” I purr in sheer delight before opening my eyes.

  “I’m sorry.  That wasn’t too quick was it?” I hear Martin say.  I have no idea he’s there as I’ve been completely wrapped up in my own fantasy.


  “No, no.  You weren’t too quick at all,” said I in response.  You were…you were great,” I replied reassuringly.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


  I opened my eyes and realised that this morning we’d really slept in big-time, after all the raw sexual experiences and revelations of the previous evening and both Michelle and I had slumbered…hard.

  “Who is it?” I asked as I strained to keep my eyes open.

  “It’s Bob and Betty.  You’re neighbours,” Bob replied through the cabin door.  

  “What?  Have we slept in?” Michelle asked as she struggled to get up out of bed.

  “Listen we’re sorry to wake you but the excursion to Freeport leaves in half an hour and we figured you wouldn’t want to miss it,” Bob explained through the door.

  “We’d better get ready, quick,” I advise Michelle as I get out of bed and quickly began to try and get clothes on, with her doing the same, grabbing her bra and a T-shirt as she attempted to get dressed whilst feeling semi-asleep.  

  Somehow we managed to make it out and to the breakfast bar to grab a couple of croissants and coffees on the go before making our way with the rest of the folks heading out to Freeport.  Personally I had no idea what Freeport would be like and expected to see just a huge port area with those vast shipping containers however this was not what we got at all.  There were industrial parts at the port but clearly this was geared for cruise ships and has signage and awaiting transport to take us to other places in the area.

  “Oh, hey!  Great to see you guys.  You headed to the beach?” Dan asked.  He and Pam were in their summer outfits with Dan in a T-shirt and swim shorts and Pam in a bikini and sarong. 

  “Er, yeah.  Sure,” I replied, figuring we’d tag along and see what happened.  I had to admit it did feel weird hanging round with the two of them knowing that Dan had fucked two women whilst Pam has been on deck enjoying a tryst with two guys.  It made every possible double-entendres more pronounced and I was glad when we made the beach, unfortunately things didn‘T start off too well when we arrived.

  “You guys have GOT to try scuba diving!” Pam enthused.  As soon as she mentioned this my wife looked back at me in dread.  I had always suffered from a weird buoyancy condition that made swimming, diving and generally being in water kind of difficult.

  “Oh, I’m afraid that a no-no for Martin.  He has weird buoyancy which means he floats just below the water’s surface,” Michelle informed the two of them.

  “Really?” Dan asked, bewildered.

  “Really.  It’s weird,” I admitted.

  “That’s a shame.  I guess you can’t come then,” Dan sympathised.  “Well hey!  How about Michelle comes with us.  We’d LOVE to take good care of her!”

  “I bet you would!” I thought angrily, trying not to let the emotions show on my face.  Thankfully, Michelle was quick to respond, recognising what I was thinking.

  “We’ll be okay.  We’ll just look for other options,” my wife replied, graciously.  The other couple wished us well and headed off for their underwater adventure.  I was feeling pretty bummed off and that I was letting Michelle down when we spotted a shop that did sell full-face masks for the water, ideal for surface swimming in the shallows, which wad ideal for me.

  We bought two masks and headed out and into the water around the rockier shoals, taking pictures and video of a variety of underwater life.  It was a magical experience and we found ourselves losing track of time and distance as we followed the fish around the shore, letting the sea life move us through the seas as if we were one of them.  We witnessed catfish scuttle across the ocean floor and rocky outcrops suddenly look up, come alive and then move along their stony homes.  Just gliding along the surface of the water made me really understand what a joy it must be to explore the darker depths, however, after forty minutes I felt a hand tap my shoulder and point to the shore and so the two of us headed back in, only to be confronted by an uneasy truth when we landed on the beach.

  “Do you know where we are?” Michelle asked.  The beach we had landed on was deserted with glorious, white sands in a small outcrop fringed by trees and foliage.  The kind of place you might come to if you wanted seclusion but not somewhere for those seeking nearby amenities.

  “Well, we came from that way, I pointed over to where we had traversed.  “So as long as we head back that way we should be fine”.

  “Okay.  You want to lie down for a bit?” Michelle suggested, but I wasn’t really feeling that.  After the fantasy I had before we left and the experiences of the last few days I wanted to explore our location a little more.

  “Let’s take a look around first,” I countered.  Michelle looked at me like I had two heads.  “Come on, it might be fun,” I offered as an enticement.  Eventually she grabbed my hand and we strode towards the trees, moving easily through them to another secluded spot on the other side, but on this beach we were not its first inhabitants, and we instantly recognised two of the people who were there.  

  Dan and Pam are walking up the beach in their flippers and snorkel gear, looking a whole lot cooler than my missus and I.  With them are a black couple whom we don’t recognise, presumably just another couple on holiday.  As they stop on the beach they start to take off their scuba tanks and flippers.  My wife smiles and begins to walk forward to emerge from the trees.

  “Wait,” I state.  Michelle freezes looking back and mouths “what?” silently at me.  That same feeling I had in the pit of my stomach on the first night listening to our neighbours fuck and also last night whilst watching Pam in a threesome with two guys…I had that feeling now, and I was definitely going to listen to my gut.  My gut flipped over more as the four people on the beach started to remove the rest of their clothes till all four of them were standing naked, wet, and starting to be, very aroused.

  “Holy moly!” Michelle whispered as we crouched in the shadows.  Pam walked over to the unknown Male and moved one hand to his chest and the other to his tool, grasping it as she looked down to marvel at it.  Meanwhile he hubby had just wrapped his arms around the naked beauty as she draped her arms round his neck and one of her legs around his thigh, using it to gyrate against Dan as they smooched.


  “This is…what are you doing?” Michelle asked me as I removed my swimwear.

  “Making it easier to enjoy the scene,” I informed her, gripping my already rock-hard cock.  Michelle took one look at me, four people on the beach and immediately started to remove her swim gear, so she could pleasure herself easier whilst watching the display.

 On the beach Pam and the other woman moved down onto their knees and took the two men into their mouths, showing off their oral skills as they sucked hungrily on the two cocks, the two heads moving back and forward in rhythm almost, occasionally broken by one mouth focussing solely on the balls or the other sucking on the helmet, teasing the end, before Dan could take it no more.  He bends down, playfully pushes the young woman back and, holding her hands outstretched above her head, starts to kiss her face and neck as his hips move against her.

  “Oh yeah,” Michelle moaned.  I looked over and saw her fingering herself as she watched.

  I looked back and could see that Dan and the young woman were now on their side 69ing, Dan’s head swirling as he slurped on her sexual juicebox, her head moving up and down as she devoured his cock.  Meanwhile Pam was now stood up jerking off the young guy’s tool whilst he had his hand between Pam’s open legs, playing with her slit as they looked in each other’s eyes.  I decided to take a page out of his book and moved closer to Michelle, moving my hand between her legs.  She looked at me confused, still she saw the extreme state I was in and grabbed my cock in a reciprocal action, moving the skin up and down stimulating my end as we stared at the performance on the beach.

  Pam suddenly hooked both her legs around the standing black guy and reached down between the two of them, positioning his rod till it was in the right place then slithered down his body.

  “OH FUCK!” Pam screamed in delight, as the guy started to fuck her standing up, bouncing her up and down on his tool, Pam keeping her legs wrapped around his body as Dan moved the young woman onto all fours and slipped his cock in behind her.

  “OH!  That’s nice!” she chuckled as Dan slapped her arse, gripped her buttocks and started to smash his dick inside her.

  “We should…we should…we should do that,” Michelle murmured, as she played with my stiffy whilst my hand was sliding in and out of her wet slit.

  “All fours?” I clarified.

  “Hell yeah,” She replied, kissing me and shooting her tongue into my mouth, almost sending me over the edge right there and then.  I moved back and let my wife topple herself forward, but our hands meeting on my cock as we both longed to get fucking as soon as possible.  I slid inside her and began moving back and forward, more excited than I’d been on the trip so far as we watched people who we’d already been friendly with continue to fuck total strangers.

  On the beach Pam and her lover finally succumbed to gravity and the guy lay her on her back in the sand before beginning to really drill her with his long, skinny tool, bringing moans of desire out of Pam as her tits wobbled on her chest with every thrust, our new friend moaning and whimpering in joy at almost every action.  Meanwhile Dan was getting a look on his face of a man about to lose all control, as he hunched over whilst slamming into the young woman in front of him, watching his wife get ravaged by some naked guy they hardly knew it was clearly too much for Dan and he withdrew his cock and aimed it at his sex partner’s boobs, covering them in his sticky goo.

  “Fuck yeah, come all over her,” my wife remarked, helpfully as I continued to ream her pussy.

  The other couple on the beach upon seeing their respective partners  achieve their aims together began to buck more frenziedly together as he was moving his hips ever quicker, hers moving to meet his with every thrust until he withdrew his tool and splattered his cum all over her stomach.  The two lovers then locking together in a giddy embrace.  

  “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!” Michelle quivered as she began to shudder, her orgasm hitting her like an explosive blast wave, her pussy gripping my cock in delight as I spurt inside her in response to what was going on.  Out on the beach we see the two couples reconnect and begin to kiss, as if commencing a second round.  As for Michelle and I, we quickly get our clothes back on and skedaddle out of there as fast as our swimming legs will carry us.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  We got back to the other beach, onto the bus and almost run to the ship, fucking again almost as soon as we got through the door, the two of us incapable of holding back, before we calm ourselves just enough to get excited again as we decide to prepare for that night’s meal with friends.  I don’t know what it was but we both felt it, an unspoken bond between the two of us indicating that SOMETHING was going to happen that night.  We didn’t know what was going to happen but SOMETHING was definitely on the cards.

  We started prepping for the night with a stop on a shop on board ship to get some fancier clothes for the night.  In spite of Terence’s assurance that smart casual was fine, there was nothing casual about the dresses the other women were wearing.  I bought myself a couple of shirts, waistcoat and pants, Michelle (being a woman) took far longer trying on various outfits and asking my opinion on various occasions before she picked out two dresses; one black which had a criss-cross laces pattern from her navel to her cleavage showing plenty of skin underneath and a red dress she refused to show me how it looked on.

  “Why won’t you show me what it looks like?” I queried as the cashier tilled them up.

  “You’ll see,” Michelle smirked back.  I had a feeling that however raunchy the black dress was the red dress would blow my mind.

  After our shopping earlier getting ready that night was challenging at best, downright impossible at worse.  Every time I’d see Michelle put on another piece of her outfit I’d want to throw her on the bed and remove it.  She was wearing a black bra, black knickers and stockings beneath the dress that had one split up to the top of the leg as well as the drooping neckline laced together.  She had her long black hair tied back and looked stunning and somehow we managed to make it so we were ready for the evening meal on time, thinking everyone else would be fashionably late again, however, everyone else had different ideas.

  Unlike the previous night when we got in and we’re greeted only by Terence and Anne, tonight the table was full with the same couple in attendance but with very different seating arrangements.  There was a gap (presumably for me) with Pam on my right followed by Terence then another gap (presumably for Michelle) then Bob, Anne, Dan, Betty and back to me with no-one next to their own spouse.  As we looked at the already-seated group I felt a mild sting of annoyance till we reached the table and I saw all the eyes staring lustily at Michelle in her black dress.

  “Wow!  You are wearing the HELL out of that dress!” Betty remarked as she ogled Michelle.  My wife blushed wildly at that comment, but the compliment didn’t stop there.

  “That is delicious,” mewed Anne as she placed her hand under her chin.  Anne’s dress was hardly an understatement as it was a slinky, dress with a deep purple sheen, however it was the hungry look in her eyes as they wandered over Michelle’s body that made her go even more red.

  “Well, you can’t change seating now!” Bob shouted, happily as Terence stood up.

  “Yes, no take-backs,” Terence quipped as he pulled back Michelle’s chair like the perfect gentleman as everyone’s eyes sampled my wife’s incredible figure.


  “Thank you, Terence.  I kind of feel like I’m sandwiched between my two holiday dad’s between you and Bob,” my wife giggled as she sat down.

  “Eurgh!  Don’t think of us as your holiday dads,” Bob pleaded, as he gently caressed Michelle’s back.  

  “Exactly.  Think of us as two lecherous, perverted uncles,” Terence replied, dryly.

  “Looks like she’s in good hands there,” Betty quipped as her hand squeezed my thigh.  Between her and Pam I wasn’t sure where to look.

  “Am I in good hands here?” I asked the two of them either side of me.

  “Of course you are.  We’ll look after you,” Pam reassured, before letting her hand slide down my thigh towards my groin, copping a feel as it went.  I looked over at Michelle who seemed to have the same nervous, startled look I did, the waiter and waitress coming over providing a welcome distraction as the drinks were served.

  “Let’s have a toast,” Bob suggested as he lifted his glass.  “To Michelle’s hot dress”.

  “Hang on, what about all the other ladies hot dresses, your wife’s?” Dan asked.  Everyone then turned to look at Betty who was sat there with a stern look on her face.

  “I can say this with certainty you’re not getting anything later,” Betty quipped to laughter from everyone else at the table.

  “How about to gorgeous wives and the men lucky enough to be married to them?” I put forward.  Everyone looked at one another and raised a glass, leading me to feel pretty pleased with myself.  

  As the drinks flowed and the food appeared and disappeared the touching and flirting became even more outrageous than the previous evening.  At one point I asked to try one of Betty’s vegetables and instead of passing it over on a fork she placed it between her teeth and raised her eyebrows to gesture me come get it.  I moved in for the food, took it in my mouth and finished it with a kiss from the older woman to a catcall of WOO’s from the table and caused a few other mouth-swaps, including between Michelle and Terence which caused Michelle to blush even more (I didn’t know why?).

  As the dessert appeared and the world-class singer came out we watched her perform her set with rapturous enjoyment but noticed far earlier the disappearing guests.  Bob and Betty where the first to leave together with Dan, Pam and Terence all heading out with another group to Lord knows where.  I figured we’d be staying till the end when Anne came over and invited us up to the top deck to get some fresh air.  We were never going to decline an invite like that.

  We went out on top to a still warm evening where the sun had yet to set with Anne and myself on either side of Michelle with her holding both our hands as we ambled over the surface, both Anne and I captivated by that stunning dress.

  “You know I’m not sure if you’re wearing that dress or that dress is wearing you,” Anne commented, eyeing my wife with lustful intent.

  “Says you, deep purple-girl,” Michelle countered.  “You’re looking ‘SMOKIN’…ON THE WATER’,” Michelle replied, butchering Deep Purple’s most famous tune.  We made our way to the Sun loungers with the two women taking one and me on my own on one next to there’s.

  “Oh, you know what?” Anne gestured as she looked about.

  “No, what?” Michelle giggled.


  “We forgot our drinks,” Anne pointed out.  I looked around and realised she was very right.  In our hurry to get out with Anne our glasses had all been left on the table.  Both women looked at me with puppy-dog eyes.  I huffed, not because I didn’t want to get them, but because I didn’t want to miss out on what was about to happen here.  Eventually I relented and got up off the lounger.

  “Fine.  I’ll get the drinks but…” I paused, making sure they were both paying attention.  “…Don’t start without me”.

  “We promise,” they replied, looking up to me with sultry/pretend innocent eyes.  I had a feeling this promise would not be kept so as soon as I was out of sight of the two of them I was breaking into a run to get the drinks and get back as soon as possible.  I got to the table after less than sixty seconds but recognised that the problem would be getting back with the drinks.  I did the trick of pressing them into a three/triangle shape and walking back up to the deck as if I was an Olympic walker.  When I got to the deck I could see that Michelle and Anne really didn’t need any drinks, all they needed was each other.

  My wife was led back against the Sun lounger, her dressed pushed up to her waist with Anne lying next to her with her hand down her black lacy underwear as Michelle spreads her legs. I then notice that as they kiss my wife has her hand between Anne’s legs, her knee raised and her purple dress around her waist, her red underwear undulating to the rhythm of Michelle’s fingers.

  I place the drinks on the floor so I can keep my hands free.

  Anne and Michelle’s tongue twisted around each other as they kiss with open mouths.  Anne reaches up with her left hand to try and free Anne’s right boob from her black dress by pulling down the strap, eventually doing so, as the other hand worked under her panties.  Eventually Anne moved her face down to Michelle’s tit and sucked the nipple into her mouth, feeding on the fleshy bullet, causing Michelle to writhe in delight.

  I adjust myself down below and just let my hand move back and forth as I watch the two of them.

  Michelle is trying to focus on twiddling Anne’s bean but it’s clear the stimulus is just driving her insane until she can’t take it, removes her hand from Anne’s red nicks and pulls down the other strap freeing both breasts.  Upon seeing this Anne does the same, their dresses now bunched up beneath their boobs and above their underwear.  After getting semi-naked Anne gets on top of Michelle and they re-commence making out with Anne massaging Michelle’s firm but statuesque tits as she dry-humps on top of her before Anne began to move ever further down the lounger, stoping to give a swirling lick and playful chew on each nipple, before kissing between the laces on the plunge till she Anne was looking at those black, delicate, lacy knickers.  Anne nodded towards Michelle, who meekly nodded back before Anne got up, pulled those unders off, stretched out my wife’s legs and dove her tongue deep into her snatch.  

  “HUURRR!  Ooooh!” Michelle sighed as Anne plastered her mouth over her quim, gorging on her delicious opening.  I could hear Anne lapping at my wife’s juices, knowing they were running down this other woman’s face.  Michelle put her hands to her boobs as she led back, eyes closed enjoying the attention of the beauty between her legs.  

  I ran my hand slowly down my length as I watched the situation unfold.  There was no way I wanted to end early before I had my opportunity to feast on these creatures myself.  

  Anne was on all fours, ass in the air with her red knicks still on, till she reached back with her left hand and rustled them down her legs, tossing them over to where Michelle’s undercarriage was.

  Michelle was now moving her hips against Anne’s mouth passionately as she gripped the edge of the Sun lounger.

  “HO YEAH, HO YEAH, Ho, oh!” Michelle quivered as Anne’s tongue began to elicit a massive response from Michelle.  I could see her thigh start to shake as she bit her lip in ecstasy as Anne’s tongue delved into her most intimate place.  “STOP, STOP, STOP!” Michelle pleaded as her pussy became too sensitive to continue.  My wife thrust herself up from the lounger and at Anne, their mouths open, eyes closed and tongues probing as their hands explored their boobs, tugging at each others nipples and massaging their mutual feeders.

  “That was pretty impressive,” I clapped as I walked forward.

  “How long have you been there?” asked Michelle, suddenly aware that they very much started without me.

  “Long enough,” I replied, gripping myself through my trousers to show them my state of arousal.

  “Ha ha.  I think he enjoyed our display,” Anne laughed as she straightened out her dress, covering her boobs and bare ass.  “Do you think we should play with him together?” Anne continued, mockingly.  My wife nodded meekly as she gazed at me with innocent eyes, betrayed by her horny, lascivious actions that got me harder than A level algebra.  Michelle got up off the lounger and covered herself, picking up her black discarded underwear, the two women looking very wrinkled before greeting me with a kiss each, first Anne then Michelle, whom I kept tight hold of even after her kiss, moving my mouth to her ear to whisper…

  “I’ll deal with you later,” I sighed, menacingly yet raunchily as my hard-on pressed against her mid-riff.

  “Promises, promises,” she whispered back, making me even more turned on with her.  This time we walked back to our cabin but with myself in the middle with the two women either side of me, holding my hand, all the way through the ship, past various curious onlookers till we got back to our cabin and I removed the key-card, pressed it against the scanner, and all three of us made our way inside to do what?  At that stage I really didn’t know, but was extremely keen to find out.


Can you believe I left it there?  Truly I’m a terrible human being for doing that.  If you enjoyed what you got in this chapter leave a like and a comment and if you hated that cliffhanger ending leave a like and a comment anyway.

See you next time for what will probably be the penultimate chapter as we find out what happened after they entered the cabin.

See you then.

Written by goodafterboob

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