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Voyeurism Stories


Who Is Winding Who Up?

One night. A bar. Myself & Jen. It's not true, but it's reality. Part two will be published if Jen is a good girl. Let's hope she's a good girl.

I know you want me. I can tell, just by looking at you and how you look at me. The striking thing for me is, the look never goes away. It's on, 24/7 and I don't understand how. But I accept it. Like right now, in a crowded bar. Everytime you look at me, i...

Filthy Frank

The sofa was covered in creamy cum, Sen’s not mine!

It was Christmas of 2022 when we found out that we were both a pair of complete pervs. You see we’ve always been somewhat conservative in our sex life, adventurous but, well conventional. All that changed after Sen had a dream though. After Christmas day...

Down in the Dunes

She told me she was going to wank me and give me a blow job and she was going to swallow my load for our audience

‘Look to your left but don’t let him see you.’ Sen hissed out of the corner of her mouth. ‘Who?’ I tried to nonchalantly but quietly reply as we walked past the scrub in the middle of the dunes. Of course, it wasn’t at all obvious that we were now loiteri...

A suprisingly enjoyable Eurovision Night

Discovering the pleasure of a big one after enjoying her big toys

After a girls night catch up Alexa returned home and plonked her self on the couch next to me, ready to spill the gossip of all the shenanigans that had been ongoing in and around her friends lives. Some interesting, some mundane and then the last bit whi...

Jack Tar


starts as an hike through the woods to see historical sites, but then hubby has dirty thoughts.

We were on holiday in Yorkshire, Wensleydale to be precise. We'd hired a cottage and used it as our base to discover this lovely part of the country. After visiting a few ancient monuments and taking a whole day to see York we decided to take it easy this...

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Wife seduces new neighbour

New neighbour takes more than an interest in my wufe

We noticed a new neighbour had moved in a few doors down, a single woman by all accounts, a newly divorcee in her mid 30s quite tall and leggy ,shoulder length dark hair, basically kept herself to herself. We had noticed a few times she would be ' casuall...


Our young couple find the horizons broaden substantially

My my my, this one is going at a fast pace isn’t it? I can’t believe we are already at Part four and are rapidly approaching the stories conclusion. I think there’ll just be one more part after this and that will be it. The end of the adventures of Martin...


The young couple are slowly being caught in the swingers, web.

And again we are back on the trail of another sex story, this time featuring innocent couple, Martin and Michelle who are starting to surmise that the passengers on this voyage might be a tad up to something. Anyway, it’s part 3 now so as ever, enjoy. THI...


For our young couple the cruise gets more interesting and more dangerous

Here we are again with another sprawling sex-story, this time inspired by the words of someone on this very site who discussed going on a swinging holiday on a cruise. I don’t know who it was who mentioned that but whoever it was…Thank you. THE SHIP’S OPE...


A young couple find a bargain holiday cums with a price

Hello everyone. So I thought I’d drop this one on here as a bit of a preview due to our lack of activity the weekend but I’ll probably pull it and repost it when the story is finished. It was inspired by reading of a group on here who were literally tryin...


The Sergeant unravels whilst Mel experiences group therapy

Here we go as we near the end of this EPIC tale of carnal desires and country life. This is the penultimate episode with the last part dropping on next week. I hope you enjoy this one as it’s a bit shorter than the last. Cheers. Day 5a The Fraying of the...