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Filthy Frank

The sofa was covered in creamy cum, Sen’s not mine!

It was Christmas of 2022 when we found out that we were both a pair of complete pervs. You see we’ve always been somewhat conservative in our sex life, adventurous but, well conventional. All that changed after Sen had a dream though. After Christmas day...

My very first time

The night that I discovered that I am Bi.

My name is Will and with my partner Mal have enjoyed many interesting adventures. We are both bi and open in our relationship. This is a pretty accurate account of my first timer with another fella. 10 years after leaving the army I met up with one of my...


We had talked about it for a long time, but now it was real, the masseur was booked and he was coming to the hotel at noon Sunday. We are both from Scotland, in our 40s, my partner, a very slim blonde with, a great figure, stunning arse and lovely small t...


A Hospital Visit

Coming to the notice of the machine

Donald had broken his leg and was kept in hospital in traction. Somehow he ended up in a private room. "What are the nurses like?" I asked. "I would not say no to any of them." He replied "How long are you in for?" Carol asked, ignoring his comment. "I do...


I'm a wanker!

I love wanking, always have and it turns out my missus does too!

I need to keep this story on track, no Ronnie Corbett monologue deviations here, for those of our generation that is. You see I (Cab) have so many stories about wanking I could go from one to the other with ease and before long you would have no idea whic...

His first touch

Straight guy combats fear of accidentally touching a cock in straight mmf threesome

She really wanted a threesome with another guy and he agreed, but he was really worried about accidentally touching the other guy’s cock during play. It got to the point where he bailed out just before their first threesome. So, she took action and after...

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When I first met my husband

Wet pussy that needed looking after

When I first my husband we use to go out mid week and I would stay over. He lived with his mum and little brother. I would after a couple of drinks start to get wet and need some attention, so would suggest we went home early. I use to wear rah rah skirts...



Fucking proof

It was about a month after I arrived that I was surprised. The Master ordered me to his lower office, I knew what that meant. On this occasion I was surprised. I always prepared to meet the Master, he invariably wanted to fuck me and he liked sloppy secon...

Bicurious experience 3

I loved gripping his hard cock

I have been bicurious for a while and get really hard at the thought of wanking and sucking with another guy, previously I have had two experiences with older guys. This is my last encounter which was a while ago now but the thought still goes through my...

You only live once

Wedding fun with both sexes

Here I was fucking this guys arse and he was pushing back on my cock

A few years ago just before the covid pandemic kicked in , I was invited to a wedding by a work colleague, typical wedding fun , dancing , alcohol , I did a bit of mingling and this is where the night took a trip down “kinky lane” I got chatting to girl “...

Breast lover

Adult breast feeding

My wife told me to go have a feed from Rachael, and if she wanted more to give it to her.

I had always had this yearning to be breast fed. Now at thirty-two I decided it was time to do something about it. My wife couldn’t have children and that was one of the triggers that made me want it all the more. She was aware of my yearning as I had mad...


She was a nymphomaniac

With her shawl over me she was wanking me on a bus.

As you will be able to quickly tell, this happened well before Covid. I’m Roger a twenty-four-year-old single man that lived on his own. It’s not that I wanted to be on my own, it was that I hadn’t met the right girl yet. I hated to do it, but as my car w...