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Masterbation Stories


Self Care

Me time

Lying in the bath, soaking in the bubbles, as I wash my body my thoughts run away with themselves. Feeling the cold tingle of shower gel as I wash my breasts, makes my nipples harden and I gasp a little. Of course I continue to rub my breasts, caressing t...


Recently divorced Sarah was in need of some fun in her life. Her children had all grown and flown the nest, she wanted to spend some time on herself, for herself. She had signed up to an art class, she was looking forward to getting stuck in as she had en...


I'm a wanker!

I love wanking, always have and it turns out my missus does too!

I need to keep this story on track, no Ronnie Corbett monologue deviations here, for those of our generation that is. You see I (Cab) have so many stories about wanking I could go from one to the other with ease and before long you would have no idea whic...


Stevens friend takes me in hand

Stevens friend wanted to see if he could replicate his handiwork

So, my first gang bang behind me and my friend now down in London I was really at a loose end, Steven kept in touch via text messaging but no physical meets which I really needed, then out of the blue I got a call from the guy who so expertly wanked me of...


In Hot Water

and pouring rain

We were two weeks into our drive around Iceland. We had stopped on the coast road and walked up the first ridge, seeing nothing but another grey ridge we walked up that one and then the one after. We lost sight of the Land Rover but could still see the se...

Mums the word sshhhh

Does it count as an affair?

He was wanking watching me with my hand in my thong

I am married , I am in a high powered advertising position but I got myself involved in a sexual situation that I should have nipped in the bud from the start but I was hooked. Let me explain better, I was working in London business trip for a couple of n...