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Boss Stories


My names Marc and this is the story of how I fucked my boss's wife. Tommy and I were male fuck buddies. We worked together at a big company and got sent around the country to sort stuff out. Tommy was technically my boss but we were more a team than boss...

Wife forgot to tell me.

Accidently let something slip.

My wife and I have always had a open relationship and she encourages slutty group sex. The other day she was reading what I had told people about her here in my stories, she had not been very interested until now. She said that I had missed out some fun t...


Funking my husband's boss

It did not end as my husband thought

My second movie was filmed in the same house the following day. My costume was a nice housewife and I wore a ring. The film opened with Jed and myself on the sofa. The same sofa that Jed and Mike had fucked me on the day before. Jed held my hand. My ring...


One thing led to another

I could see the back of Ellie's head bobbing up and down as she gave our boss a blow job.

I had just gone through a rather bitter divorce with my ex-wife Olivia. I barely managed to hang on to my house as my wife strolled away with a load of my money and one of my best mates. To make things worse I was also getting a pretty rough ride at work....


Amy gets to choose 2

She needed to know what an orgasm really felt like

So a little more about Amy she looks a little like the porn actress Chloe Temple but as I could now see had larger breasts with brown nipples and a shaven pussy. She had always liked make up and beauty and would wear blonde hair extensions on firm nights...


Meeting with Boss

I didn’t expect this

I’m so glad I’ve found somewhere to confess my naughty secret. I’ll start by introducing myself as Amy I’m a 38 year old married mother of two. I work for a financial company as a personal assistant to one of the directors. To describe myself I’m 5ft 5 ta...


Sue gets taken for more than dinner.

I heard myself shout, Oh god don't stop.

My wife got in from work and was in a very cheerful mood. Over dinner I asked her what had her in that mood. she told me that Simon had hit on her. Let me tell you a few little things first before we get to the main story. Sue and I were both thirty one a...

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Sexual Flavours

Essential sex ingredients for recipes with a twist!

Hi there, I'm Amanda, a 22yo slim brunette with good size breasts and surprisingly for my age, large brown nipples and puffy areola. I'm quite short/petite at only 5ft 2 in height. My boyfriend loves my tits and my hairy pussy which I keep neat as a broad...


Gina on overtime

Boss take liberties with my wife on overtime.

My wife staggered in the door. She looked like she had been pulled through a hedge backwards. I quickly asked what had happened. she answered, "Ralph is what happened." She had told me several times about the way he looked at her and she was pretty sure h...


How I met the wife

Went for a job and got more than I expected

I was feeling pretty down as I had just lost my job. It was the second job I had lost in just eighteen months. Both companies had gone bust. Then there was my girlfriend She seemed to be permanently on the blob. Then a mate told me why, she wasn't having...

Dean and Di

Wife's Christmas Bonus

Wife pleases her boss and others at the Christmas party

As we approach the winter party season and we get closer to Christmas my mind keeps drifting back to last Christmas and what my wife did. My wife, Diane works for a large international travel firm. Before all this Covid nonsense, business was booming and...

I closed my eyes as I felt Johns cock start to grow hard in my mouth, I felt his hands in my hair as he pulled my head harder onto his cock forcing himself deeper into my mouth, I built up a steady rythym as my mouth moved u and down his shaft, my saliva...