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Erotic Stories


Back to the kitchen sink!

My landlord teaches me a lesson for being a dirty cum slut

I laid on my back, on my bed, running my feet up the headboard pushing them higher up ... My arse lifted slightly, so I could get a better view of between my legs. I was in my black fishnet tights, the crotchless ones that looked like stockings and suspen...

Meeting Cameron

This is the story about when my partners step father came to stay and the story of how his first marriage ended

Greg and I are very much outdoorsy people. We love hiking, wild camping and pretty much everything else that is out doors. We live in a croft on the north coast of Scotland which was hidden away in the middle of nowhere, or it was before the NC500 was cre...

Fantasy story for phone text woman

Transcript of story for a very horny woman

We were texting quite regularlyand due to the distance involved were never going to meet. I was very happy to send her stories as she would send me pictures of her wanking and showing me how wet she got. This particular story started because she texted me...


So I was at work sub contracting for a water company. I arrived in a road somewhere in England. To do a job I noticed there were two ladies stood across the way chatting. But went on with my bit of arrival admin One of them was a beautiful blonde lady she...

Home Help - 2

First time

'Commander Forbes has always made me feel uncomfortable.' 'You didn't say anything.' 'I didn't mind. I don't know why, but I liked it.' 'You liked feeling uncomfortable?' 'It wasn't creepy, it was exciting.' 'I don't understand.' 'I'm sorry, I'm not expla...

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Home help

Anything else I can help you with, sir?

'Anything interesting happen at Mr Forbes? You were late home last night.' It was unusual for her to be late home and that combined with the splendid breakfast she had served up on this, a weekday; suspicions is not really the right word. Interest. You kn...


Surprising night out 1

Chance encounter in a club

Where to start... the beginning? No that is boring, let us start at the club. I had arrived here with my group of friends, a mixed bag of guys and girls who just wanted to keep on drinking tonight. That was not my scene, I preferred to stay sober. The mus...

A lovely evening with Jean

An erotic encounter

For reasons outside our control I hadn't seen Jean for several months. I should explain what USUALLY happens when I arrive at her front door. She invites me in; we say hello; have a polite (brief) kiss and a little hug. She takes the flowers I bought her...


Secret meetings

Fantasy - Erotic thoughts

We don’t get to see each other very often, and yet you are constantly in my thoughts. I feel your kisses, to feel your touch, and feel your tongue, making love to me, to my whole body from tip to toe, images flash through my mind, memories, beautiful memo...

A typical evening's delight with Jean

Our erotic adventures get better and better

I journeyed to Jean's flat in the evening and when she answered the door she took my breath away! Normally she's dressed in casual clothes - jeans, sweatshirt etc. But this time she was dressed in a very light-weight evening gown. Obviously dressed to imp...

First Time with Jean

The beginning of a two year relationship

The afternoon had finally arrived. I was due to meet Jean at a Premier Inn about 8 miles away. I wasn't at work or anything, so had plenty of time to prepare and have a shower etc. I left in plenty of time and used my sat-nav to guide me. Sitting at a set...

Memories of Jean

Typed up to remind me of the year I spent with Jean

My third visit to see Jean felt a lot calmer than the previous occasions. The apprehension of 'will it be OK?' and 'will I satisfy her?' had disappeared. My first time with Jean had been overnight in a hotel - neutral ground - and I had almost hyper-venti...