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Bull Stories


Debs is back for black - Part 1

Meeting a big lad in the gym and knowing he’ll fill Debs to satisfaction!

Debs has a taste for chocolate, and not just in boxes and bars! She said to me she fancied some more black cock as it’s been a good several months since her last. The only question was where to get her some new prime beef? I asked Debs’s what kinda man sh...


More Pete adventures

… is she now a hotwife and he is her bull?

So a few more of our adventures, just search on the author name for how we got to this point. We are deffo into the hotwife /cuckold kinda vibe, my wife is getting really relaxed with all the fun and trusting me that I wont go bonkers jealous. So she has...


Accidental Bull Pt 3

This stuff doesn’t happen to ordinary people

I went into the loo, not quite believing what had happened. It was busy with blokes popping in, holding the door. I did what I needed to, and while washing my hands I looked up at myself in the mirror. Had this really just happened? What was going on? Wha...


bull really fills her up

her boyfriend can cum for england !

my wifes younger fit boyfriend has been fucking her for many years now and i get to watch or join in. he has always cum on her boobs or bum etc, never in her even though i have told him to. we met again after lockdown and think it changed him as he said h...

Janice's Last Blast

A photo shoot goes wrong for me - but ooh so right for her.

Sexually, I was a bit of a late developer being as I was painfully shy as a teenager and even at uni failed to find a girlfriend. I feel on my feet when I met Janice, though. She was 12 years older than me and was very sexually active and aware of her nee...

Gardener Does Mrs R's Today

The Lawn Man Cums While Mr R is Away and She Spills His Seed

I had phoned that man who treats our lawn in the week to complain that it is covered in the speedwell weed which was spreading over the grass like wildfire. I left a message for him to phone me back I wanted to know exactly what we were paying him for. I...

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Servicing a slut wife .

How at Sixty I became a stud .

I am a self employed painter & decorator and most of work is through recommendation . About 18 month I got a call from a gentleman called Richard who wanted a quotation to completely redecorate inside and outside his home . I arrange to call around the fo...

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How I met my wife

I met and married a slut and cum dump

I was at University and it was Saturday night and I had just pulled. I was at a house where four of lads at Uni lived and they were hosting the party. I dragged my conquest up to one of the bedrooms and she was soon on her knees and sucking my cock. I fee...

Lewis M

I thought he was gay

Caught Louise being fucked and discovered I couldn't do it for her.

I had always been happy for Roland to be around my wife, even when I wasn't around. Why? Well from the way he walked, talked and looked so effeminate, he had to be gay and then it happened. I walked into my living room to find Roland between Louise's legs...

Gareth and Steph

First time got out of control

From talking about it to having a man ruin my wife.

I’ve read a few stories on this site that the writer thinks is weird shit sex but I bet none of you are in my situation. I’m 31 and married to Stephanie who is 28. For me it was love at first site, she’s a natural red head and gorgeous with an amazing fig...

Sarah's husand

I found Sarah a bull

My wife wanted a bull and I went out to find her one

My wife told me that she fantasized having a bull. This was after telling her that I fantasized about making it with two women at the same time. A few days later I was just getting into bed when Sarah started her role play. It was nothing new and was ofte...

Secret Welsh Guy

The holiday that ruined my wife

My wife was seduced by another couple (lots of times)

I’d like to add my story to the list of weird shit sex that’s going on. There’s no way I’m going to give any personal details because after you’ve read this, you’ll understand why it has to stay a secret. I’m 36, my wife is 34. When I first met her, I was...

Wife Cuckolds Husband

wife cuckolds husband as part of married life

Paula (who looked very similar to Christina Cole’s character from Suits) was a renowned psychologist and counselled patients in her home clinic in an affluent suburb of NYC. Paula originally was from a upper class family from London (UK), Oxford universit...