Something New First Time

First time…

We made our decision to search for the right party to join us for some fun we were undecided whether we should go for the two men or the lone man but we so wanted it to be extra exciting we chose the two guys route and we started to search on line. Eventually we made our choice and made contact with two black men. They certainly had the right equpment, looked young and good looking too. We wanted to play at home and so we invited them down to o… Read more

My Girlfriends First Time First Time

We know it will happen again ... soon…

My gorgeous best friend Dominique knows I play with couples and men that I meet through sites like this. Recently she booted out her boring husband and had started to take an interest in what I get up to. I showed her my profile on here and the profiles of some of the couples and men I’ve met and she asked me what I’d actually done with them. I could see she was more than curious, in fact quite excited.
A few weeks later she brought up the… Read more

I gave in to husbands fantasy First Time

He wanted to watch me with another man and I finally agreed…

I’m Kelly, aged 38 and generally shy and quiet. I guess I’m fairly pretty and keep myself in shape. Im a redhead with long wavy red hair and a very petite size 8 and 5’ tall. My breasts are average for my size, but my nipples are big and very sensitive; so much that I can sometimes reach orgasm with them caressed in the right way.

My husband of many years is Ben, who is 10 years old than me. We have a great sex life and have always had … Read more

My Sexual liberation First Time

I am a well to do lady, now 40, but keep myself fit going to the gym and know my figure is pretty good for my age. For you naughty men and women reading this, I am 5’3” tall, size 8-10 and have large 34d breasts that get a lot of attention. I am a redhead and still retain a small red strip down below.

I was married and had kids at a very young age and my husband was the only man I had ever had full sex with, as only had a couple of exper… Read more

Wife has first mmf threesome First Time

We are a happily married couple in our early 50s. My wife Laura has a curvy figure with large sexy boobs. Laura has very responsive nipples which when teased get her very aroused. She also enjoys her pussy being licked and can be brought to orgasm that way. For the past 10 years we have met with a few couples to swing with and the experiences have been great and very sexy.

We enjoy watching porn together and a while ago we were watching a mm… Read more

How we started swinging First Time

My wife and I have just turned 60, we still regard ourselves as young, although we would admit we are not as fit as we once were. We have two children, a pidgin pair who are now grown up and independent, leaving us with the house and our lives to ourselves, which we think is only right at our time of life.

Annie and I have a good sex life, it always has been except for a brief period when Annie went through the menopause, she said she couldn… Read more

First time swinging. First Time

When I found out my husband was cheating on me with his cousin I was devastated. I had two small kids and I didn’t want my marriage to end. He didn’t want to lose his kids and decided to finish with her and stay with me. It was hard but we tried. After a year he suggested to go to a swingers club. I almost smacked him in the face. I couldn’t believe that he would ask me to do that after the affair he had had with his cousin. He explained th… Read more

My first Bi with my mate First Time

I have known my mate Steve for years now, and our wives get on great. A couple of times a week our wives go to bingo together leaving us at home watching tv, and maybe a few beers. It was on one of these occasions that Steve came to ours, and having said goodbye for a few hours to our wives we opened up a beer and started to watch catchup tv, I put on a dating programme, but a naked one. Anyway, it was a lovely looking girl picking a guy to date… Read more