Dressing at home is one thing, going outside is scary First Time

Would my girfriend let me go outside dressed as a woman?…

Whilst I wouldn’t say that my girlfriend likes that I often wear women’s clothing and underwear, she certainly doesn’t discourage me and has recently started calling me Amy when I’m dressed. Over time my clothing collection has grown, and now includes several dresses, various miniskirts, tops, seven matching underwear sets, two pairs of high heels and a pair of black thigh high boots and matching bed wear so we can dress the same for bed.… Read more

first time for everything First Time

at last she did…

hi, we used to swing but the years have gone by, now its all just a memory despite me trying to talk her in to having some fun again. I can see where she is coming from, we have met a couple of guys over the last couple of years, both of whom seemed really keen to get her interested but they just talked, neither of them touched her or suggested going somewhere we could get a bit feely touchy. She took it as a rebuff and said, because of her age … Read more

The first meeting..... First Time

Imagine...........( Males please DO NOT READ .....you wont like it ....and there are too many big words :-)…

We meet in a nice secluded hotel...we like the look of each other on first sight....and the excitement starts to build ..we make small talk..nervous....as we get to know each other you can see my eyes flicker occasionally to your stockinged legs...you cross and uncross the teasingly..we both know what you are doing and both love it.....as we chat we privately assess each other..how will we look naked ?..how will we feel?..how will we touch?...del… Read more

Our First Time First Time

Alot of internet searching finally cures our curiosity…

After 10 years of marriage my wife Lisa and I recently started to discuss the increased popularity of swinging and soon discovered it was something that turned us both on and agreed it was something we'd both love to experience... but how?

After some research we found several sites and took the leap of creating our own account while not expecting anything other than a few messages from some dirty old men.

To our surprise we soon had messa… Read more

Giving wife to John 2 First Time

Wife seduced over time and made pregnant.…

Following on after leaving the bedroom and having shot my load I retired to the spare bedroom. It doesn’t seem quite as exciting after you think and reflect on what might follow. I stayed there all night hoping Pam would come looking for me, I had heard the bathroom used a couple of times but didn’t know if John had stayed or gone.

The next day it turns out John had left in the night, neither of us approached the subject next day it was as… Read more

First Time Bi - Maspolamas First Time

First Time…

Hi thanks for reading about my first bi experience, it is a true story.

After the end of a 12 year relationship, I started dipping my toes in the swinging world using various websites, I always considered myself straight, but the more I used the various websites. Over a 4 year period I became more openminded and started reading and watching bi porn and cam to cam wanking with men online.
My bisexuality sneaked up on me my curiosity grew and… Read more

Giving of wife to John First Time

wife seduced over time and made pregnant…

This all happened many decades ago we married young both of us were two kids really, sex was only foreplay and missionary never pushing the boundaries and neither having had sex with any one else. A year after marrying we moved to the outskirts of a small Norfolk village a group of three semi’s John lived alone in the one adjoining us.
We were both dark haired and of pale complexion and both shy and reserved Pam having small tits but stand out… Read more

Lady massage with lady happy ending First Time

I needed to release and by god i did…

Ive been so stressed out from work i needed a bit of me time , i needed a full deep massage.

I looked online and i found a Thai massage studio , the reviews were good so a quick phone call i booked an appointment.

It wasnt that far away , it wasnt on the high street , mood lighting at reception , i discussed my treatment my lady looked young , pretty , her english was not the best there again my Thai was non existent.

She asked me to str… Read more

First Bi experience. First Time

More than I bargained for…

Hi, my story is a little out of the ordinary as I had never thought about being Bi at all. I have always been an exhibitionist and voyeur and love woodland walks - naked or semi.
My real joy is getting out in the middle of summer, in the rain, stripping off and either walking or wanking in the woods, I have several places where I park up, strip off and lay over my car bonnet and wank in the summer rain, and if lucky get a watcher.
Well the day … Read more

First Encounter First Time

First meeting with a guy who wanted to be in control of all sex & what we did , & what I wore etc etc , so we met up for a drive , it doesn’t sound …

I had been chatting to this guy on line & we have spoken quite a bit too.He told me that he likes to be the dominant person during sex & would like me to be submissive to him & call him master whenever he suggests anything .This was all new to me & so thought let’s give it ago & see what it’s all about , so we decided to meet up .I had no idea what to expect .He said he gets turned on by women wearing stockings & suspenders ( so I had to go … Read more

First Couple Meets First Time

Meeting couple first time for 3way…

After putting advert on swing site, I got a message from a guy,
Saying his Mrs fancied two Cocks at once. I gave him my mail address
He said they had kids one being young and they both worked, his Mrs part time.
We arranged a meet in a quiet pub about half way, he knew the car I was in,
The pub was quite big with huge car park set in middle of a busy roundabout.
We met on fri lunchtime and not many cars parking, I noticed couple in one of t… Read more

First time swinging with an old friend. First Time


My husband introduced me to this site a while back and now I can contribute something to it myself. I knew a couple from where I worked in factory a few years back who were about 15 years older than me. I was 19 when I first met them I was engaged to my then boyfriend. Don was always flirty with me but being young and naive at the time I never took much notice. My boyfriend was my first proper boyfriend and when it came sex it was the blind leadi… Read more

New Girlfriend Part 1 First Time

Taking GF virginity…

Looking back just 5 years….I was 25, working with my dad in our tool hire business. My new girlfriend was new to the Town and had begun working in the hair salon less than 200 yards from our shop. Abbie was 17 when I first met her and I asked her out a week before her 18th.

I’m not sure what first attracted me – her beautiful face with subtle make-up, her long brown hair, the outline of her great body inside her drab uniform or just her … Read more

A Fantasy come true First Time

A great weekend…

This started a few years ago . My husband and myself got talking about our fantasy, mine was to have sex with another female and to have my husband watch and join in .
So about 6 weeks later we where away for the weekend , on the Saturday night we went to the local pub for a few drinks and got chatting to a few of the locals , One of them was 5' 7 long blonde hair ,large breasts and a not to bad figure .
She was hitting on my husband ,touchin… Read more

First suck First Time

Offered a cock…

5 years ago I was running my own business as a driving instructor. It was a good job - decent money, chose my hours and spent my time with loads of pretty girls and milfs learning to drive.. although I had moments with a couple of women, it was the one off experience with a lad I want to tell you about.

Without dressing it up too much, he was a good looking lad of 20 or so. We had good banter about football and whatnot, and when he passed h… Read more

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Men only sauna experience First Time

His spunk filled my mouth ........but i didnt seallow…

I'm writing this for all the bi curious guys out there and hopefully they will see it's worth taking the plunge and having a dabble.

I've been curious for a very long time and last summer I decided to go to a gay sauna and see if I'm bi or not. I was really nervous and went on the chatroom most of the morning trying to get aroused enough to go through with it, it wasn't working ( because of the nerves) I googled a discreet men only sauna , i p… Read more

Found My Wank Buddy 1 First Time

First time…

I've often thought of having a bi or gay experience but had never really had the courage until recently, then over the last few weeks i've realised what i've been missing. The first time was few weeks ago and quite unexpected, id stopped off to have lunch in a quiet little spot i know and while sitting there i was feeling a bit turned on so after checking that the coast was clear i tilted my seat back a bit shuffled my trousers and shorts down, w… Read more

My 1st Virgin First Time

First time for her…

Sharon was a young fit female with a great figure, about 5’6 dark hair. We got together and dated for a couple of months, in which time it became obvious she was a virgin in the sense of the word !! Never been groped, never been fingered, never been licked and never suck cock.

Sharon was happy to have her tits felt after a couple a dates but no way was she going to let me get them out, fondle under her jumper was the best it got, I kept on t… Read more

Can I Do it For the First Time First Time

Follow up from "No Longer Bi-Curious."…

Well I wrote on here about my first meet with a guy off here, it was about March and for one reason or another it's taken us all this time to get together again but tomorrow afternoon I hope it's going to happen. He thinks it's just another session like last time but I have what I hope will be a pleasant surprise for him. Instead of the mutual blow job that we had last time (mind blowing as it was) This time I want him to fuck me and me to fuck h… Read more

Never say never First Time

First time BBC…

Carrying on from never say never.
We had arrived at the hotel and Claire had noticed Paul and his girlfriend in the lobby.
She didn't say anything to me and was looking very red faced as she kept glimpsing a look every now and then. So we booked in went to the lift and as we waited Paul and Co stood next to us. He was saying to his partner that they should get to the bar about 8 for a couple be for they went out. The lift doors opened and we w… Read more

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Coming of age First Time

Loing my virginity and a hard spanking…

This is something that happened to me when I was 17 my name is Joe and I am now 47 but it was an encounter that changed my life.
I was still a virgin and was very shy around girls, but like most teenage boys was desperate to have sex for the first time and see what everybody was talking about well there was this really lovely looking girl that was always on the same bus as me, she was a bit older and I guessed about 25 or 26.
Anyway, one day th… Read more

Fight Night First Time

Wife stripped for my friends…

It was a good few years into our marriage when My wife admitted her secret. She loves showing off her body. Usually to strangers but even to my friends and her friends husband’s. Don’t get me wrong she wasn’t flashing her pussy or getting her nipples out. But she admitted the she loved the thrill of showing too much cleavage or flashing her panties. She always made it look like an accident, but there it was. What could I do with her admissi… Read more

In Vino Fertilisation First Time

Wife’s best friend seeded…

Rewind six months ago my wife Liz and I were going through a dry sex spell. With a young toddler and work commitments we didn’t get much time in bed, let alone sex.

Liz my wife of 6 years is 37, 5’7, a curvy size 12 and 36D generously sized breasts which are just starting to sag. Her high school friend Sarah despite having a similar face to Liz is taller, curvier and has massive tits which are her best asset and she wears low cut blouses … Read more

First time fantasy First Time

Fantasing about first time swing…

First time fantasy

We had been chatting and flirting, on and off for over a year and had built up close relationship. After a bit of a gap between conversation a message popped up and we replied, in a matter of minutes we had arranged a friendly social meeting at a popular local place, with excitement and eager anticipation the next day we traveled to the location and arrived at the same time. I was shaking with excitement and nerves but m… Read more

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first time First Time

never been pick up before…

I was walking back from the station to my home near Manchester, when it started raining so I went in the pub on the corner.
I was 18 at the time and serving in the RAF, I was coming home on leave and was meeting my girlfriend the following day. I had not had sex for a couple of weeks and as all young men horny as fuck.
Went to the bar and asked for a pint, stood at end of the bar and put my duffle bag down. I had never been in the pub before, a… Read more

Ibiza prequel First Time

The cock before the threesome…

Ok again here I go. If you remember I had my 1st 3some in Ibiza, however at that time I remember saying I was very wet at the start of that. Now the reason for my wetness was partially because I was wet from knowing I was going to be filled by 2 guys and physically because I was wet from being fucked quite thoroughly by someone prior, who came a lot in my pussy. I was full of his cum when I had this 3some.

I want to give you a bit more of a de… Read more

Dancing with two BI women First Time

The beginning of my sexual pleasures…

Where shall I begin? The Night I Met The Ladies will do.
I wont go into who I am, you have my Profile to hand if you wish to read it.

It was about 8.30 pm, I had just arrived at a bar I like to use, Samantha's, in Badalona north east Spain, between Girona and Barcelona. The bar was filling up as I sat there drinking my "Slow Comfortable Screw", yes that is a cocktail, excuse the pun. I was on the lookout for a sexy looking lady, say about … Read more

My First Black Men. First Time

older lady fun…

A few years age we were on holiday in Barbados, hubby got drunk one night and we had a tiff, so next morning we were a bit off with each other, late in the afternoon I said I wanted to go for a walk, so we left the resort, after about 15 minutes we passed a Cricket Green with a game going on, shall we watch for I while hubby suggested, I was feeling a bit tired so I agreed. Hubby sat on a bench, but I sat behind him on a deck chair as I was not i… Read more

My Wife and my Mate Steve First Time

Opening a whole new love life…

My name is Jacky and I have been Married to Colin for 5 years now, and no kids, we don’t want any yet. We have an active sex life, quite regular, and my husband Colin is quite adventurous, but I draw the line at anal sex. I was a virgin when we married, quite shy really, had some boyfriends, but nothing serious.
We own a nice detached 3 bed roomed house in the suburbs, we socialise with friends from over the years and work colleagues. Colin … Read more

My wife Carly a Vicars daughter amazed me and my pal First Time

she was easily persuaded to let my pal fuck her before he emigrated to Canada…

I met my wife Carly as we caught the same bus every morning. I didnt have a girl friend and was attracted to her and after a couple of weeks I asked her for a date. I was 20 at the time and she was 18 . I started borrowing dads car to do our courting in and I found how sexy she was. With it being the mini skirt days she wore the shortest skirts . I'd take her out in the car and park up beside the bushes .I soon found she loved her nipples s… Read more

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