Once you go black.............. First Time

.....you never go back…

I wasn't sure which Genre I should chose, but you will see why I choose 'First Time'. This is true, unlike some I've read on here.

Several months ago I had a fall from a height while at work, I ended up breaking my right collar bone, my right arm in several places (I'm right handed so I find it hard to do anything easily), several ribs and my pelvis. I was in hospital for months and was finally discharged home following several operations to '… Read more

Dancing with two BI women First Time

The beginning of my sexual pleasures…

Where shall I begin? The Night I Met The Ladies will do.
I wont go into who I am, you have my Profile to hand if you wish to read it.

It was about 8.30 pm, I had just arrived at a bar I like to use, Samantha's, in Badalona north east Spain, between Girona and Barcelona. The bar was filling up as I sat there drinking my "Slow Comfortable Screw", yes that is a cocktail, excuse the pun. I was on the lookout for a sexy looking lady, say about … Read more

Bi travelling experiences First Time

Should I really do this?…

As a young man growing up I was a real ladies man. Lots of clubbing, socialising in various groups and the inevitable bed hopping with plenty of willing girls open to sexual experimentation; but I always had a hidden curiosity that would eventually become a reality. I would masturbate fantasising about being with a bisexual couple, exploring both their bodies.. touching, sucking, kissing and entering.
Following a break up with a long term girlf… Read more

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Never say never First Time

Wife's first bbc…

For the past 6 years me and the wife have done a bit of sex play started with dogging then moved onto going to a few clubs. But to my best efforts of having a black man inside her the most she had done was a quick snog and a blow job .then last may she had to stay away for work for 2 weeks. She was staying in a different hotel than everyone else about 9 miles apart . All was as normal till the last night there when they all went out for a drink… Read more

My First Black Men. First Time

older lady fun…

A few years age we were on holiday in Barbados, hubby got drunk one night and we had a tiff, so next morning we were a bit off with each other, late in the afternoon I said I wanted to go for a walk, so we left the resort, after about 15 minutes we passed a Cricket Green with a game going on, shall we watch for I while hubby suggested, I was feeling a bit tired so I agreed. Hubby sat on a bench, but I sat behind him on a deck chair as I was not i… Read more

An unexpected fucking First Time

An amazing experience…

So, I'm from Newcastle UK and sometimes head down to the quayside dogging spot to have my dick sucked by some guy. But this was something new and amazing.
I have a bi friend who is in a straight relationship. Aka he has a girlfriend and they've been dating for about a year and I know he prefers men so however she got him is beyond me.

One night the three of us went out drinking in town and we all got a little merry and wanted to continue th… Read more

My First Venture Into Swinging First Time

Thsi is the true account of my first time swinging…

My present wife and I spent many wonderful years on the swing scene but it was with my ex wife that I got first swinging experience. We were making a return visit to Perryville, in Tennessee and staying with couple, Pat and Bill, we'd met them the year before. I was performing at a rockabilly festival in nearby Jackson and had been introduced to them by a mutual friend. We got to know them quite well and spent a night at their place before we lef… Read more

My Wife and my Mate Steve First Time

Opening a whole new love life…

My name is Jacky and I have been Married to Colin for 5 years now, and no kids, we don’t want any yet. We have an active sex life, quite regular, and my husband Colin is quite adventurous, but I draw the line at anal sex. I was a virgin when we married, quite shy really, had some boyfriends, but nothing serious.
We own a nice detached 3 bed roomed house in the suburbs, we socialise with friends from over the years and work colleagues. Colin … Read more

YOUNG BUILDER more First Time

First time, all the way…

I was looking down at a beautiful woman, in absolute amazement as she was sucking my cock. She was licking up the spunk and running her tongue all around my dick. After a while she lifted her head, letting my dick fall from her mouth and grinned. She opened her mouth to show the cum on her tongue and scrambled up my body and planted a kiss on my lips, pushing her tongue inside my mouth and we kissed madly with tongues wrapping around themselves.… Read more

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Bucket List First Time

Sexy MM…

I have just retired but still in reasonable shape, over the years I have had a fantastic sex life having enjoyed MM 3somes with a previous partner, she loved me taking her dogging and occasionally would meet an old boyfriend and come home to give me creampie.
A few health problems have now left me with problems getting an erection but I still manage to have a wank reminiscing about past experiences and fantasising about a scene on my bucket list… Read more

YOUNG BUILDER continued First Time

First lesson…

The first story post finished with:
‘I’ve had a few girlfriends but never been all the way, with them’ I said hesitantly. She suddenly kissed my neck and hugged me from behind, ‘perfect she said, 'will you let me teach you?’

Sue took me by the left hand and led me from the kitchen, up the stairs, carefully stepping over the dust sheets and my decorating equipment, into her bedroom. She threw herself onto the bed and opened her legs … Read more

Young Builder First Time

Learning on-the-job…

Many years ago my Father suddenly passed away. He was a builder and decorator, self-employed, worked in the local area and dropped dead ‘on-the-job’. Not what you are thinking, he was stood on a plastic milk float plastering one minute and dead on the floor, the next.
I was at college and the Principal called me out of the lecture , gave me the message from my Mother and drove me home. I had just finished my final exams and was considering w… Read more

Last of four about my wife Carly, (started 6th May) First Time

She took up Kenny's off with his friends…

Best to read the whole story about my wife Carly starting on the 6th ,16th and 27th May before this last one.
Kenny and 4 friends meet most Wednesday nights at his place , have a drink and watch porn videos, so taking Carly when they are all there was a bit frightening for her. Before we went she nearly changed her mind so I took her for a few drinks so I could talk her into it as it was all arranged and the guys would be there waiting for … Read more

The past haunts First Time

25 years ago…

25 years ago i was playing for a semi pro football team , usual stuff most of us would go out Saturday night pubs clubs etc , stories would be told on Tuesday night at training about the weekend activities, who pulled etc , no mobile phones then so some stories exaggerated , one particularly night near Xmas there were a lot of chat in the changing room about the previous night out , Joe telling us he nearly slept with someone but no one took to … Read more

First Bi Experience First Time

Oh what a night I had…

My story begins in Newcastle town centre, I've been drinking with friends and they've went home. I'm being chatted up by a very cute looking woman who is on a bachelorette night out. We go outside of the club which is tiger tiger and head toward the bus station, she drags me up a side street behind the Tesco express and starts kissing me. She starts to moan as we kiss and roll her tongue around in my mouth. Still moaning, I start to move my hands… Read more

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Third part about my wife Carly started 6th May, then 16th May. First Time

My wife easily talked into another cock or more…

Best to read part 1 and part 2 about Carly and friend Richy 6th and 16th of May first..

After Kenny left she wanted another fuck cos she was excited and still in the mood. She was disappointed when I said I was knackered cos I'd already cum. So we went off to bed . Next morning she was ready for cock so we started fucking and I told her Kennysaid he's got discrete friends that would love her. She said something sarcastic like 'shame they we… Read more

JJ & J - THE MASSAGE WITH -H- First Time

Enjoying massage given by two guys…

THE MASSAGE - ( names are private and random initials used to protect privacy of this true event ) – PART 1 -

JJ keeps nagging at J to organise another massage she so enjoys them, they do help her relax and stimulating her mussels and body also her mind. In fact she confesses she gets very aroused and turned on sexually. J says lets get a professional to give you a sensual massage for a change your always going on about enjoying another per… Read more

My wife Carly a Vicars daughter amazed me and my pal First Time

she was easily persuaded to let my pal fuck her before he emigrated to Canada…

I met my wife Carly as we caught the same bus every morning. I didnt have a girl friend and was attracted to her and after a couple of weeks I asked her for a date. I was 20 at the time and she was 18 . I started borrowing dads car to do our courting in and I found how sexy she was. With it being the mini skirt days she wore the shortest skirts . I'd take her out in the car and park up beside the bushes .I soon found she loved her nipples s… Read more

So close First Time


To the guy in the purple car earlier on this evening I can only apologise. I'd plucked up the courage to go out and discover myself, all my life I've been bi-curious and tonight I decided that fuck it if don't do it soon I never will. I drove past this guy in a little pull in, turned around and parked in the next one about 50 yards further on from him, my heart was pounding as I got out and walked into a little clearing, I undid my shorts, pulled… Read more

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First time bi experience First Time

Bi encounter…

This happened a while ago, maybe 10 years...I had benn our drinking with mates in Newcastle and found myself alone and very horny. I had always fantasised about experimenting with a guy... usually it would consist of sensual, gentle groping and sucking, playing etc and used to get really horny just thinking about it...anyway, Alone, very tipsy and horny I headed off to the gay area of town. Once in the club, I immediately felt the energy of the… Read more

Our first time at a sex cinema. First Time

Youngish couple discover the delights of a soho sex cinema, back in the day.…

Our first time at a sex cinema.
By Plain Jane Housewife Veronica.
Hi guys, plain Jane housewife Veronica here. Hubby Bill has asked me to relate to you about our first time at a sex cinema. As usual get the kettle on guys it's a long long long one.
As in all my other stories this goes back quite a long time, well most of our first times were quite a long time ago. We were still living on the west coast of Scotland prior to going down to live a… Read more

Wife’s first time with with another guy First Time

Wife finally gives in and fucks a work friend in front of me…

Linda and I have been married for 20 years and it’s been a good marriage. Now as we have just hit 40, the only real issue we had was sex becoming stale so we chatted and spiced things up a bit.

It wasn’t anything dramatic but resulted in us having outdoor sex with the thrill that we may be caught and Linda dressing more sexily, revealing more and us both really enjoying guys checking her out.

She was even more daring during a recent Te… Read more

I needed some relief First Time

So what is a guy to do?…

It had become increasing obvious that my partner was losing interest in swinging and general fun. As anyone who had been through this will know, it is a great shame because there’s always someone in the relationship who gets more and more frustrated as a result. The harder you try to persuade, the more they resist, so in the end you just give up.

You tell yourself it’s fine, that you understand and that everyone changes their needs. You st… Read more

The Beginning First Time

First FFM…

The Beginning
I’m in my 50th Year and as such decided to do 50 things for being 50, one of which is write and publish erotic story about an encounter. So here goes, I’m not a great English scholar, my first FFM came about without planning or thought, it just happen. I was 18 and at polytechnic midway through my first year with my first real girlfriend Sara, very posh and rich, she was a year older than me 5 foot 7, real blond, 34b tits, pear… Read more

Meeting my Ex First Time

A meeting with a suprise for me…

I have been swinging for about 9 years and meet some nice people. But this weekend was a first I had been contacted by a couple on a website I had been chatting on and via e-mails for about 2 weeks before they asked to meet me, we arranged to meet in a local pub on the Saturday. Well Saturday came I got ready freshly trimmed cock it was hard and smooth I resisted having a wank I wanted to save it all for them.
I got to the pub a bit apprehensive… Read more

I gave in to husbands fantasy First Time

He wanted to watch me with another man and I finally agreed…

I’m Kelly, aged 38 and generally shy and quiet. I guess I’m fairly pretty and keep myself in shape. Im a redhead with long wavy red hair and a very petite size 8 and 5’ tall. My breasts are average for my size, but my nipples are big and very sensitive; so much that I can sometimes reach orgasm with them caressed in the right way.

My husband of many years is Ben, who is 10 years old than me. We have a great sex life and have always had … Read more

My Sexual liberation First Time

I am a well to do lady, now 40, but keep myself fit going to the gym and know my figure is pretty good for my age. For you naughty men and women reading this, I am 5’3” tall, size 8-10 and have large 34d breasts that get a lot of attention. I am a redhead and still retain a small red strip down below.

I was married and had kids at a very young age and my husband was the only man I had ever had full sex with, as only had a couple of exper… Read more

Wife has first mmf threesome First Time

We are a happily married couple in our early 50s. My wife Laura has a curvy figure with large sexy boobs. Laura has very responsive nipples which when teased get her very aroused. She also enjoys her pussy being licked and can be brought to orgasm that way. For the past 10 years we have met with a few couples to swing with and the experiences have been great and very sexy.

We enjoy watching porn together and a while ago we were watching a mm… Read more

How we started swinging First Time

My wife and I have just turned 60, we still regard ourselves as young, although we would admit we are not as fit as we once were. We have two children, a pidgin pair who are now grown up and independent, leaving us with the house and our lives to ourselves, which we think is only right at our time of life.

Annie and I have a good sex life, it always has been except for a brief period when Annie went through the menopause, she said she couldn… Read more

First time swinging. First Time

When I found out my husband was cheating on me with his cousin I was devastated. I had two small kids and I didn’t want my marriage to end. He didn’t want to lose his kids and decided to finish with her and stay with me. It was hard but we tried. After a year he suggested to go to a swingers club. I almost smacked him in the face. I couldn’t believe that he would ask me to do that after the affair he had had with his cousin. He explained th… Read more

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