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First Time Stories

Experiencing a sexual encounter for the first time is a rememberable occurrence for everyone. A first time experience doesn't necessarily just stop at losing your virginity during your teenage years, it can also include unlocking a new sexuality, exploring a new interest, or adapting a change in lifestyle like swinging.

Have you ever been curious about being bisexual, gay, or want to feel what it's like to be a crossdresser? Have you ever thought about breaking the sexual normalities and considered sex toys, adding an extra partner to play with in the bedroom, or getting involved in a gang bang? An introduction into a new lifestyle like swinging can fulfil longstanding desires and liberate a relationship.

Share your first time experiences with the rest of the erotic story community by writing your encounter below.

Last week I met a older chap for a second time, I’d met him 12 months before in a lay-by on the A465 to Hereford and we chatted for a while and he showed me his bag of toys and told me he particularly enjoyed breaking in virgin men. So we met again last w...

First Bi Experience

At a sauna got more than I thought

This is completely true ,takes place in Bournemouth in westcliff at a sauna. I had never been with another man before this I'd had a finger from my wife in the Ass, use a butt plug occasionally to assist with masterbation. On a trail separation from my wi...

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First Bi Experience

At a sauna got more than I thought

This is completely true ,takes place in Bournemouth in westcliff at a sauna. I had never been with another man before this I'd had a finger from my wife in the Ass, use a butt plug occasionally to assist with masterbation. On a trail separation from my wi...

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79 What A Year Unexpected

First Bi Experience

This happened to me back in 1979 and innocent to a degree. Walking home one Sunday evening from the local disco as they were known back then I heard a car pull up beside me the man driving had put the window down to ask me directions to which I obliged. A...

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First time part 3

Our first meet concluded

When I got home and saw her lying there on sofa naked and cum drying on her thighs and chin and her tits I got hard and wanted a fuck so to start with I started to kiss her and could taste the salty cum that he'd left in her mouth after shooting a load do...

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First time part 2

Our first meet continued

As we finished the first part with her sucking on his cock and she struggled but I watched as she got head of his cock in her mouth and a couple inches more and I was still in awe of her taking his monster in her pussy earlier and for me was great watchin...

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First time

Our first meet

We chatted for few months with a guy on the site then after lots of chat she decided it was time to move on to meeting and for the next meet we arranged to meet up on the Sunday and he said he'd get train to the nearest station to us which happens to be 1...

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My first experience

Shocked by what I liked

Many years ago I had a fantastic sex life with my first wife , we did swinging etc but it was vanilla. If you can call swinging vanilla that is . We had a holiday home in the UK, well a beach hut and she would go for 4-5 weeks with the kids , I'd go for a...

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Finally had a cock in my mouth.

Years of dreaming becomes a reality.

This all happened a little unexpectedly. I was out walking in the woods, hadn’t seen a soul for a couple of hours. I sat on a stump to have a drink of water. I was only there a few minutes, but behind me I heard footsteps. A dark haired gent appeared on t...

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My Memoirs: Claire: Works night. PART NINE.

Finally an evening with Claire.

For as long as I can remember, work colleagues would always plan an evening in town on the final Saturday of each month. Of course there would be the usual crowd of seven or eight, and others who would tag along as and when they were at a loose end. The o...

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My virginity gone forever…

How I learnt that I was made to serve older men.

Who doesn’t like a first time story eh? Here goes… For context I was newly 18, about 5ft8 and slim. Hairless and good looking. The urges started when I was around 18 when my girl best friend at the time came out as bisexual. Over the next weeks, I started...

First Time

My cock was so hard it was hurting

The stories on here I really enjoy but it is really clear that in my opinion are probably only what 90% true?, are mainly fantasies which is fine as we all have now but what is really horny are true ones. I can def say that this true. I joined SH a while...

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A Lovely BBW Experience - Part Two

I can see your cock is struggling in such a confined space so best to undress and be comfortable

I had not expected a two month wait until my return and the chance to enjoy her lovely soft warm lips, as Pat and I shared a kiss. I sensed that Pat was a skilled lover and that I was the very willing apprentice, eager to study and learn the way to satisf...

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A Lovely BBW Experience - Part One

You are about to comence the journey and have your desire fulfilled, enjoy each moment

One of my regular calls was to Port Talbot and this had allowed me to meet local ladies for social evenings. On this visit I was with Mike who was fully qualified, but needed a three months training period in the actual work schedules before moving to his...

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Life can change so quickly. Within a fortnight of my first CFNM experience with Claire, I'd moved in with my elder brother. He had broken up with his girlfriend, he hadn't told any of the family why, but he wouldn't be able to afford the mortgage on his o...

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