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Arousal Stories

Sexy Sandy

New horizons - new ways of getting off

I didn’t want safe vanilla sex I wanted to up there ante

Like most teenagers I knew nothing about sex or should I say enjoying sex , yes I played with myself but I wanted to really enjoy get off on it. Then me and a friend went to a dogging area, we had our windows rolled down just enough and our doors locked....

Jedi Master

Jenny saw the shining light

I indicated with a laser light for Jenny to play with her own pussy, she was soon rubbing her own clioris.

I often worked in a building that was higher than the neighbors property across the road. The elevation allowed a view straight into a bedroom. I had worked there several times before I noticed that the woman would come home from work and immediately stri...

K Willhelm

My first glimpse of what could be.

Everyone had a bit too much to drink.

So the story begins a few years ago when reading online erotic stories, I stumble across cuckold stories. I really enjoyed reading them and since then have regularly fantasised about being involved in the cuckolding world with my wife in many different sc...

Going down Pt1

A short break in a hotel leads to a sexual awakening

As a relationship matures and things become more routine, it is inevitable that the sex life takes a hit. There is a reason that there is a cliche about married couples not having sex. Despite being married for 20 years, we were luckier than some in that...


My knees were red once master had finished with me,i stood up wobbling after being used my jaw ached,good girl another load in your tummy..i looked up and licked my lips..yes master i replied. I started to remove my clothes and gather them up,leave them h...

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...I felt vulnerable but willing as he guided me into the bathroom,he turned the shower on,in you get he said,i hesitated,now he instructed,i stepped in the water soaking my blouse through,my skirt clung to my nylons and the water penetrated everything,I'...


Having got friendly with a crossdresser over time exchanging chat he asked if i wanted to meet one evening at his home,the thought excited me,knowing we both had the same fetish.I was late leaving due to work,i had packed my case with my slutty clothing a...

It’s a Hard Life (part 3)

It became a different kind of package holiday when I found myself involved in an unexpected age-gap tryst

Here’s a fond memory from a holiday a few years back. I was in my twenties, newly single and had come on a Spanish resort holiday with a couple of mates. I had been looking forward to relaxing, so when my friends headed into town on the first night I deci...

Wife and Terri

Lesbian night out

Susie has kept in touch with the wife of the guy who fucked her on New years eve and occasionally met up at Pilates etc. About 2 weeks ago she suggested they have a night out in Brighton and stay over. Susie thought that this was a rouse to get the husban...

Out walking

I started to compliment her on the way she looked and could see her nipples getting hard through her top.

I image im out walking in a forest all alone, the sun is out and its very hot. I only have a t shirt and shorts on, no underwear, don't usually wear them anyway walking alone this disused track when i see a small opening up ahead. I decided to stop there...

Did I dream it

Strange sex

This story goes back to around 1990 when i drove from Newbury to basingstoke or reading each day. I had travelled this road so many times that you drive in autopilot and wonder how you actually arrived. This day was different in as much as my journey was...


I wish I had...

Cock teasing on the Tube

I got on a Tube train a few years back and a girl was sitting on the opposite side of the carriage to me in one of those of four seater bays. The train wasn’t full so we had a clear view of each other. She used that to her advantage. She was filing her na...