Is this the real life is this just fantasy Cross Dressing

It’s just a fantasy story…

I was on holiday in the West Country last year with my wife Julie and we decided one day to take a walk in the woods close to our hotel. We wandered for a while sticking mostly to the bridlepath though occasionally risking the muddy paths worn by more serious walkers. I was busy taking photos of flora and fauna (hobby of mine). To be honest I hadn’t taken much notice of what Julie was doing, she’d wandered on ahead of me along one of the mudd… Read more

Humiliated in my pink suspender belt. Cross Dressing

Sissy in pink.…

My ex bought me a lovely pink suspeneder belt on line which had a pouch for my little sissy cock..
She would put it on me while giggling away and then fasten my gorgeous chocolate ff nylons ( re _ inforced heel )to it all the time reminding me what a useless little dick l had.
Then putting lippy on me and tieing a neck scarfe around my neck she would laugh even more as my cock was aroused and leaking plenty of pre cum in the little pouch.
She … Read more

My neighbour has the same hobby as me Cross Dressing

Secret CD'ing is spotted over the hedge…

Well, how lucky can I get. My next-door neighbour has the same interest as me, I’ve just found out.

Been a hot few days leading up to the long holiday weekend and like most people, I’ve been out in the garden, planting and tidying & trying to catch a bit of sun. I do love my garden & being quite secluded at the end of a close, I can get out the back and virtually everywhere is not overlooked, except a little bit by next door from an upsta… Read more

A trip on the moors Cross Dressing

The next chapter…

I experienced excitement when dressed in womens clothes and felt very sexy. Somedays I would dress as a respectable woman and others I wanted to act like a whore. Certain times of the year the feelings grew stronger and I just had to meet others although the risk of being exposed was real it excited me too. It was the beginning of Summer and I felt so horny in the hot weather I decided to make contact with someone online and arrange a meet on the… Read more

My journey begins with Master T Cross Dressing

A sub bi guy gets owned in the office…

Master T is a guy I’m looking at meeting soon so this will have to go in fiction for now, but any advice on whether I should meet up with him and what should happen when I do. Any thoughts would be much appreciated....

I’d been chatting to Master T for a while who was married to a gorgeous Nubian princess. He enjoyed watching his wife enjoy herself and she had enjoyed the company of well endowed bulls over the years. Master T was submissi… Read more

Dressed for the Occasion Cross Dressing


On Friday, I had a very important meeting with my Manager and an outside agency. For such occasions, I love to wear some sexy underwear; its such a massive turn on and keeps me concentrating (maybe not always on the meeting) lol.

One of the secretaries (Clare) is aware of what I like to do, it’s a long story how she found out, I might tell it sometime.

For the meeting I went shopping for some new underwear, as normal I ended up in M & S. … Read more

My inner self Cross Dressing

The day I discovered a new me…

When I was younger my best man returned for a visit from Australia so his sister decided to throw a welcome party. As we hadn't seen him for some years we decided to surprise him by me dressing up as a woman to see if he recognised me. I was roughly the same height and build as Vanessa so she looked in her wardrobe for a sexy dress and lingerie and a lovely blonde wig. She and her other sister spent an hour giving me a face over and when finished… Read more

Crossing the line - self realisation Cross Dressing

Embracing a desire…

She was out, shopping, I think. It is not important. What is important was that I was at home. Alone. Unfair temptation, I think. Her top drawer was not closed properly; something was stopping it, something black and lacy hanging out. I recognised a pair of her panties. Black, lace front, satin rear. I remembered when they caressed her curves. I remembered the rough lace on my tongue, the aroma and taste of her excitement.

It was unfair to ex… Read more

End of Year Crossdressing Cross Dressing

Dressed for a day…

Last evening I had the opportunity to get dressed, Sue had gone with a friend to London for a dinner and theatre trip left at 3 not expected home till nearly midnight.
So I planned the day to be a girlie day had a leisurliy bath with the wet shaver to really remove every last body hair. Smooth all over , cleaned every nook and crevasse, borrowed Sue’s body lotion and slipped my chinos and f shirt on, and waited for Sue to leave the mornin… Read more

Life as a crossdresser part 3 Cross Dressing

Hoping for more…

Since my last adventures things were slow and people on Web sites don't realise that give us a fuck or blunt comments just don't do it.

However two comments did and I have now met both albeit one very briefly. It had taken a long time to set up and just at the last minute my partner took ill.. However I managed to get an hour aeay and quickly drove to my meet.

He has a shop and as soon as I went in he showed me upstairs and I got changed. … Read more

Unexpected blow job on the school run Cross Dressing

A lift out of the rain turned into…

My dropped me and the kids off at school , she was going to work i was going to do a few bits and then get the bus back home .
Sods law the kids went into school and the heavens opened , but then i saw Frankie a father whos kids were a year above mine , we met at a P&T meeting .
Just said hello but i heard he had split up from his wife , he beeped me and asked did i want a lift , i jumped at the chance , he told me did i know a good plumber, hi… Read more

Her birthday present (climax) Cross Dressing

How low can I go? Pretty fucking low.…

.......the bell end that had recently been in my mouth, was now pushing into my other hole.
I felt it push past my initial resistance and then slide in, it felt like it was splitting me in half.
I felt hands gripping my hips and then push further, in little, jagged movements.
“OOOOOOOOOOOOW FUCK!” I shouted “I thought this was supposed to be nice!” and then I heard both of them laughing.
The sissy who was fucking me, pulled back halfw… Read more

Her birthday present (part 3) Cross Dressing

The sissy, spitball fun continues…

........Now I don’t know about you, when I’m turned on, I’m game, but once I’ve cum, I lose interest very quickly.
There I stood, cock shrinking into my knickers, my mind registering that not only had I just had my first male on male (and worse still, sissy) experience, but that I was also (not for the first time) dressed in my wife’s lingerie, had the taste of cum in my mouth and was now being expected, no, ordered to lick my own cum… Read more

Her birthday present (part 2) Cross Dressing

More sissy cock sucking…

.........I knew she wasn’t finished with me and she took my chin, looked into my eyes and smiled before holding Mr X’s wilting cock in front of me.
“you’ve missed a bit” she said and pointed at the large drop of cum hanging from the end of his penis, a penis that glinted with my saliva and his cum.
She scooped it with her finger and fed it to me. I licked it from her and licked my lips.
“Good little sissy” she said “you’re … Read more

Her birthday present Cross Dressing

MMF cross dressing, cock sucking fun…

Like a lot of people, we’re struggling for money these days, and an expensive birthday present for my wife was out of the question this year.
That’s why on Saturday night, I found myself stood wearing her black, mesh backed knickers with matching 6 strap suspender belt, her FF seamed stockings, my feet crammed into a pair of stilettos and a black mesh, see through top.
I was also strapped into a double dildo gag, on the other end, inches aw… Read more

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