The video Cross Dressing

My regular guy films me and gets a bit carried away.…

The door bell rang , I was quick to go and open it I did not want 3 guys stood on my door step for long, it seemed a bit obvious, though I could not say why.

"Hello Lisa", John my regular master "all set I see!" he eyed me up and down, pleased i was dressed as he had instructed no doubt. i stood in four inch heels and a feminine cocktail dress, tight body and floaty but short skirt.

He had been begging me to shoot a video for ages, I had… Read more

Spanked by the new neighbour Cross Dressing

Lucky to find a new neighbour into spanking…

For those that havent met me before, I’m a naughty natured CD/TV (not full time, and not very convincing) , living with my wife as my mistress.
A couple of weeks ago we had a new neighbour move into our secluded close in a small village. Nothing new there – the bungalows are often changing hands being just right for retired folk.

Over the weekend I did the neighbourly thing and went to say hello as he was in the garden at the same time a… Read more

Van man surprise Cross Dressing


Having a week in Brighton: dog & house sitting.
An opportunity for me to be free of daily commitments & constraints. A chance to dress and enjoy feeling sexy
Late this afternoon, dressed in: Wig, heels, stockings, suspender belt, skimpy nickers and short light loose dress - I drove to Devils Dyke just outside Brighton. I found the recommended parking place and pulled up next to van.

I was parked close enough to the van for the occupant t… Read more

Still having fun x Cross Dressing

Happy life…

Not sure if my love life is getting better because I've lost weight or losing weight has given me more confidence ! Put an ad on a dating site and met a lovely guy this afternoon .
He is 8 years older than me and a really bulky guy . He said he used to have a big cock but it seems to have got smaller as he's got older.
When I was on my knees sucking him it was a big cock but obviously his lovely big belly was covering it when he looked down . … Read more

My boyfriend loves rimming me Cross Dressing

My boyfriend writes about our meetings…

My boyfriend has written the following account of what he likes to do when I visit him!

CD/TV/TS - Call yourselves what you will. Stay in the closet or stand in the shopping mall with head held high. It’s your choice but I believe the world would be a far less colourful place without you. Bless you all.

He no longer knocks, just opens the door and walks straight in. If I’m quick I get a quick peck before he bowls straight through the lo… Read more

Never too late 2 Cross Dressing

More info.…

As I was asked for more info on my fun with my neighbour John - here goes.
John was telling me about his wife Jenny losing interest in sex.
He then began to tell me about the porn he was watching. He loved stockings and suspenders and was really turned on to see men wearing them ( we had both had a number of drinks at this point ).
I told him that I loved stockings too. Do you like to see men wearing them he said.
Well actually I love to wear… Read more

Never too late ! Cross Dressing

New life !…

Got to be honest ! I'd let myself go over the past couple of years. Saw myself in a holiday photo and decided hat was enough !
Joined the gym . Went on a diet.
Not looking too bad now.
I was quite proud of myself and decided it was time to dress up again.
Splashed out on some expensive stockings and undies. Some figure hugging skirts and dresses and very high heels ( which I struggled with ).
This was all for my own personal pleasure at f… Read more

A day off work dressed as a sexy slut Cross Dressing

From oral fun to full slut in 2 hours…

Two weeks ago I had a day off work and got a meet set up on another site he came round to mine I was dressed in slutty skirt and red knickers black satin basque with six thick suspender straps and silky stocking and 5" heels, not passable but he knew that. He came in we sat and chatted his hands started to wander to my stocking-clad legs then under my skirt to my sexy red knickers.
I asked if he would like to come up to bed and he agreed I walke… Read more

Another visit to my boyfriend Cross Dressing

He treats me as his girlfriend…

Last Tuesday, I visited my boyfriend again. You may remember a previous story I posted about us baking bread together. We are still a couple, with probably an even stronger relationship than when I last posted.

I arrived about 10:30, and we sat and chatted for a few minutes over a cup of coffee. We exchanged Christmas cards, which we opened. I had already sent him a card that could be displayed without leading to questions from his family, but… Read more

Fun times Cross Dressing

My older lover…

By the time I was 18 I was cross dressing every day in the warm summer months. I'd come home from work, have something to eat and then a shower and then put on my stockings suspenders belt panties and bra. Then I'd cover them in loose fitting clothes . My high heels in a bag .
The public toilets were only 10 minutes walk away .
Although I loved having my cock sucked I didn't really want to come because the thrill was making someone else come … Read more

Jessie’s first Cross Dressing

Want more…

When I was 18 and courting my first girlfriend I would buy her all sorts of lingerie that secretly I wanted to wear, she would wear them in my car when we were having sex. Because we we’re both living with our parents we would hide them in the car. One day when I wasn’t seeing her I decided to wear them myself I got the bag of clothes from under the seat and drove to the local toilets, I parked the car nearby and walked straight in with my ba… Read more

Caught by a mate - leading to fun Cross Dressing

How a long time mate became a lover…

I’ve been Tina for a few years now. I started dressing when I was a teenager as one of my other stories will tell you. This is about an unexpected encounter with a long standing mate….

I was being my usual girly self at home. Mid thigh length summer dress, B cup bra, with some padding to enhance my A cup tits, holdups, panties of course, and simple heels, just an inch or two. I love to dress like this and my wife (and mistress), wouldn’… Read more



This is a true story, it started this morning when a guy mailed me for a meet and I agreed as he wanted to breed me, But when he arrived, He unfortunately found that he could not get it up, So instead he left, and I was disappointed, I was already dressed up and excited with nothing to do, so I went on line thinking the worst when I got a message, But I felt the same would happen again.

Anyway he persisted to let him visit me and said 'it wa… Read more

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blackpool B&B fun Cross Dressing

I was trembling with excitment…

My most recent session of fun was quite by accident, I still get really horny at what took place and cannot wait to find another occasion to relive the sexy fun
I was called away on business for a few nights, so as well as packing my overnight case for work I decided to take the opportunity to pack my carrier bag of lingerie ( whilst I,m not convincing I do like to think I have a good eye for satin and nylon that not only turns me on , but the… Read more

First introduction to dressing and a mistress Cross Dressing

This account is of my earliest introduction to what is now my lifestyle…

At 16 and a few days, I got my moped licence and I was mobile and free. I was of course still at home with my parents and older sister. I had stashed a couple of pairs of her panties that I wore when ever I could. Summer 77, saw me undertake a long bike ride to my aunties farm for the summer hols – previously I’d only been able to stay for a couple of weeks with parents. So there is me, staying on the farm with my cousin Leila (adopted) hav… Read more

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First crossdresser Cross Dressing

Not what you would expect in a tight white dress.…

When I was in my twenties we used to go to a club in Soho called Madame Jo Jo’s. The first time I went I thought the waitresses looked so tall and glamorous. I was with a lovely long haired girl and we had swapped jeans as she liked the rips in mine. Hers were indigo and I liked them and as she was very tall so they fitted fine. We were dancing and I felt someone touch my bum. I looked round and it was a petite blonde girl in a tight white dres… Read more

The chronicles of Alex Cross Dressing

a young effeminate man realizes his sexuality and the sexiness of being a transvestite…

At 18 years of age Alex made a life changing discovery that opened his eyes and emotions to the person he had been growing towards for a good number of years , it was a wet miserable Saturday and Mum and gone out for the afternoon , Alex lived alone with his Mum as his father had left when he was really young , his Mum, Andrea was a successful business woman and so the family where by all accounts reasonably wealthy not to mention that Andrea … Read more

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More than one thing rises Cross Dressing

Baking bread with my boyfriend…

Last Tuesday I went to visit my boyfriend, Ray. I manage to visit about once a fortnight. He very much enjoys a "lady with a bit extra"!

For this visit, he had asked me to show him how to make bread, as his previous attempt had not been special. The great thing about baking bread is that there are long periods between stages when you have to find something else to do.
I arrived about 10:30 and spent half an hour douching, doing my makeup and… Read more

Sissy in pretty polly tights. Cross Dressing

Cock in the Park.…

In my 20's l use to love going to a certain park in huddersfield where there was lots and lots of cock action.
Not just during the day but also at night. I loved to wear my sheer pretty polly pantyhose and a pair of silky pantys under my jeans.
I use to love the glory holes, sucking on cocks of all sizes and getting plenty of lovely hot spunk in my eager sissy mouth. I use to wear a bit of lippy to...while sucking a hard cock my own little siss… Read more

Full turnaround Cross Dressing

It's strange the way things turn out !…

I'm 61 years old now with a beautiful 18 year old crossdressing lover. His name is Simon ( or Simone ) . Slim with very little body hair. He lives with his parents but comes to visit me 3 times a week. I buy his clothes. His underwear. He has a boyfriend the same age as him . Am I being used or am I using him ? I don't know. All I know is that it works for all of us.
This is a story in itself but not the one I want to tell now.
I find it stran… Read more

Hotel meet as a closet crossdresser Cross Dressing

Crossdresser agrees challenging but fullfilling encounter with a stranger…

Late spring and early morning Spanish sunshine heralded the start of a new and promising day.

As the online radio played memorable tunes from a while back and so provided welcome listening, I wondered what the new day might bring.

When I opened up my mailbox there as usual were the protracted conversations from those who are full of desire though still uncertain about meeting, requests for just one more image from picture collectors and all… Read more

foursome Cross Dressing


im gaz, 54 and a bi crosser dresser, i love meeting guys and c/d , ive met the same gay guy quite a few times, and last week he texted me to say he had a couple of friends coming to stay and would i like to play, we arranged for the saturday night at 9 o’clock, i showered and put on matching red lace and satin, bra, suspenders and panties,black stockings and leather micro mini, under my clothes, it took 20 mins to drive to kevs house, he opene… Read more

Humiliated in my pink suspender belt. Cross Dressing

Sissy in pink.…

My ex bought me a lovely pink suspeneder belt on line which had a pouch for my little sissy cock..
She would put it on me while giggling away and then fasten my gorgeous chocolate ff nylons ( re _ inforced heel )to it all the time reminding me what a useless little dick l had.
Then putting lippy on me and tieing a neck scarfe around my neck she would laugh even more as my cock was aroused and leaking plenty of pre cum in the little pouch.
She … Read more

My neighbour has the same hobby as me Cross Dressing

Secret CD'ing is spotted over the hedge…

Well, how lucky can I get. My next-door neighbour has the same interest as me, I’ve just found out.

Been a hot few days leading up to the long holiday weekend and like most people, I’ve been out in the garden, planting and tidying & trying to catch a bit of sun. I do love my garden & being quite secluded at the end of a close, I can get out the back and virtually everywhere is not overlooked, except a little bit by next door from an upsta… Read more

A trip on the moors Cross Dressing

The next chapter…

I experienced excitement when dressed in womens clothes and felt very sexy. Somedays I would dress as a respectable woman and others I wanted to act like a whore. Certain times of the year the feelings grew stronger and I just had to meet others although the risk of being exposed was real it excited me too. It was the beginning of Summer and I felt so horny in the hot weather I decided to make contact with someone online and arrange a meet on the… Read more

My journey begins with Master T Cross Dressing

A sub bi guy gets owned in the office…

Master T is a guy I’m looking at meeting soon so this will have to go in fiction for now, but any advice on whether I should meet up with him and what should happen when I do. Any thoughts would be much appreciated....

I’d been chatting to Master T for a while who was married to a gorgeous Nubian princess. He enjoyed watching his wife enjoy herself and she had enjoyed the company of well endowed bulls over the years. Master T was submissi… Read more

Dressed for the Occasion Cross Dressing


On Friday, I had a very important meeting with my Manager and an outside agency. For such occasions, I love to wear some sexy underwear; its such a massive turn on and keeps me concentrating (maybe not always on the meeting) lol.

One of the secretaries (Clare) is aware of what I like to do, it’s a long story how she found out, I might tell it sometime.

For the meeting I went shopping for some new underwear, as normal I ended up in M & S. … Read more

My inner self Cross Dressing

The day I discovered a new me…

When I was younger my best man returned for a visit from Australia so his sister decided to throw a welcome party. As we hadn't seen him for some years we decided to surprise him by me dressing up as a woman to see if he recognised me. I was roughly the same height and build as Vanessa so she looked in her wardrobe for a sexy dress and lingerie and a lovely blonde wig. She and her other sister spent an hour giving me a face over and when finished… Read more

Crossing the line - self realisation Cross Dressing

Embracing a desire…

She was out, shopping, I think. It is not important. What is important was that I was at home. Alone. Unfair temptation, I think. Her top drawer was not closed properly; something was stopping it, something black and lacy hanging out. I recognised a pair of her panties. Black, lace front, satin rear. I remembered when they caressed her curves. I remembered the rough lace on my tongue, the aroma and taste of her excitement.

It was unfair to ex… Read more

End of Year Crossdressing Cross Dressing

Dressed for a day…

Last evening I had the opportunity to get dressed, Sue had gone with a friend to London for a dinner and theatre trip left at 3 not expected home till nearly midnight.
So I planned the day to be a girlie day had a leisurliy bath with the wet shaver to really remove every last body hair. Smooth all over , cleaned every nook and crevasse, borrowed Sue’s body lotion and slipped my chinos and f shirt on, and waited for Sue to leave the mornin… Read more

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