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Stockings Stories


Ally Humiliates with Bill

Wife cheating again

You may have read other stories about my very naughty wife. This one is from about 10 years ago but she only admitted it recently. My friend Bill and I have been mates for 20 years through work although we don't socialise as couples we know his wife Carol...

A long shot

He smiled and said that would definitely be a good idea for me to come along too, as she would be the only woman - and some of the men could get a bit handy!

We've dabbled in swinging over the past 8 or 9 years. Usually, it's only been soft play with another bloke. Sometimes we've met a guy a few times depending how we've all got on. On one occasione she 'really' liked a bloke and went all the way. That was re...

My First BBW

My first fuck with a BBW. A night to remember forever.

Up until 2018 I’d never had sex with a BBW. I’d had plenty of sex with what I’d call curvy women, but I’d never consider them BBW. I’ve always liked bigger arses and thighs, but it wasn’t until a chance encounter at a Christmas market in Germany that I re...


School Mum

Sophie the dark horse

Sophie was a mum from the school where my youngest son goes, we always chatted and sometimes walked home together halfway before we had to walk separate ways. The conversation was always pleasant, and she often joked that we spoke more than her and her hu...

Lonely Lady Biker - Not So Lonely Now

A quick meal followed by some fun with a stranger

Sarah and I headed for the restaurant next door to the hotel. I followed her behind so I could watch those lovely big hips wiggling in her red dress. We quickly arrived at the restaurant, I stood behind Sarah, holding her hips firmly. My heart raced when...

Curious no more

Bi curious no more

He pulled down his pants he was wearing stockings and a red thong , his cock was hard

I have always been a little bit curious but it was only thoughts never acted on. I know a few cruising / dogging areas , I have driven and walked around but only to look , I did watch 2 men wanking , sucking and shooting their loads , the images were perf...

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Hello Again

Once more with feeling

My wife C loved singing and acting at school and at university and about 5 years ago she asked me what I thought about her joining a local theatre group. We have 2 kids and by then they were old enough for us to juggle schedules and make room for her to m...

John 1

The very friendly boutique owner

Sues touches had both turned us on

My story goes back three years ago when my wife Jill wanted a new dress for a upcoming wedding , we stumbled on a boutique , late on a Saturday afternoon In a small country town in Sussex just before we were going out for a meal , Jill is in her 50s alway...


Swinging in black seamed stockings

Tina loves to flash her legs off in public

This happened a few year ago, When me and the wife had a Friday off work . We wanted to go to a country pub , that someone recommended ,. to us About ten miles away from us . We are in our late forties ,it was the first time swinging experience . for us ,...


Being hired out for gardening…Part 3

Little did I know a good turn would have fantastic benefits

So I am lying there blindfolded and naked my cock is straining it is so hard, I have my wife and her friend pretty much naked in the same room as me except for their stockings and so far my cock has seen little action, I think this is about to change, the...