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School Mum

"Sophie the dark horse"

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Sophie was a mum from the school where my youngest son goes, we always chatted and sometimes walked home together halfway before we had to walk separate ways. The conversation was always pleasant, and she often joked that we spoke more than her and her husband. Her husband was a lorry driver and away for 3 or 4 nights a month. I joked one day that she must be frustrated all on her own, she then said, no, you can get all sorts of toys online… However, she kept them hidden from her husband as he wouldn’t approve, he was a quick rub, stick it in and finish off kind of bloke.


My wife was not putting out as much, menopause, a bough of illnesses and tiredness was the excuse, we discussed this as she blurted out maybe we could help each other out. We discussed it further and decided that I would go into work to my office in London as I’ve been working from home, and she would get her folks to do the school run as she made up a London meeting. We had agreed to travel separately and meet up.


The next week I jumped on the train for the 20 min commute into London, knowing Sophie was on the same train. Arriving at London I took the tube to the centre and to a Hotel I had booked, nothing too expensive but a lot better than a Travelodge. I went into the bar and there she was, white blouse open to show her cleavage, and a long skirt with the hint of black nylon at the ankle, I was hoping for stockings.


I went over and offered her a drink, she said “I’ll have a white wine, and fuck the pleasantries lets just go to your room”. We got our drinks and walked along the corridor to the room. When we got in she took my drink and put in down before pushing me onto the bed, she stood and opened her blouse to show a fantastic pair of breasts held very tightly in a lacy white bra. She then unhooked her skirt and zip and let it fall, she was wearing a very sexy pair of suspender tights and no knickers, I could also see her pussy glistening. She rubbed her finger around her pussy moaning as she rubbed over her clit, she then pushed her dripping wet finger alternately in her and my mouth. She then climbed onto the bed and crawled up me, firstly kissed me and exploring my mouth with her tongue and then going up a bit further and planting her pussy on my mouth whilst holding onto the headboard. I explored every part of it, my tongue working ten to the dozen. My cock at this time was still in my pants and bursting to get out, so I was frantically trying to undo my trousers a get it out,  she sensed this and swung around in a 69 position, “I’m so sorry, how selfish of me”, she said. She managed to remove my trousers and pants and out sprung my neatly trimmed cock and balls, “wow she said, I’ve never seen a smooth pair before”, she went to work on my cock whilst I carried on licking her sweet pussy. It wasn’t long until I felt her tense up and let out an almighty moan of delight. She also became a lot wetter. I was enjoying the attention my cock was getting and almost came and she said, “no, not yet, I want to build up a bit pressure”. She walked over to the window and kneeled down on the seat with her hands on the window, tits on display to anybody who was looking up, stuck her arse and pussy out and said, “fuck me”.


I walked over, I asked if she wanted me to wear a condom (I’ve had the snip and she knew that), she said “No, fill me with cum”. I slipped, well pushed my cock into her wet but very tight hole, she squealed with delight and instantly pushed back right up to my balls. We got into a rhythm and the thought that somebody could see her was turning her on. It didn’t take long and I dumped what seemed like a pint of cum into her, she said “stay in there and keep going”, I was still hard and my cum was acting like a lube, she came again and after a few mins I had a second “cumming”. She pulled away and took my cock in hand and licked all the cum off it.


After I had calmed down and my cock started to soften, she said I’m off for a shower, give me 5 and pop in. She left for the bathroom, and I heard the shower go on. Left it a few mins and went in, she was fucking a suction dildo attached to the shower wall and soaping up her tits. That was it, the old fella rose up for another go, I entered the shower with her and kissed her whilst she was riding the rubber cock, and rubber her clit. She said, “fuck my arse”, Bingo I thought, going to break my anal virginity, I turned her round, and she presented her soaped up arse. I rubbed a bit of soap on my cock and pushed it in slowly, fuck me it was tight but felt fantastic. I got into a rhythm and with my hands rubber her nipples and clit until she gave out another cry of ecstasy. My balls were now aching as I came for the thirds time, not sure if anything came out but it sure felt good.


We then washed and lay on the bed naked, it was a fantastic session, we both agreed. We did a bit more sucking and fiddling but we were both sore and spent. We left the hotel, returned the key to reception, and got a cheeky smile from the receptionist.


We had a little walk around London and go the train home, we both met up at the school as normal to pick our respective kids and walked home as normal. We both said it was a one off but I know it will be repeated in the not too distant future.

Written by Alex

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