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Sex toys Stories

sex toys

Building confidence with toys early on

As Alexa became more comfortable with sex toys they soon started getting bigger

As Alexa and I have got older we have naturally lost some of our inhibitions and concerns in life, thinking life is too short, trying our best to enjoy the moment in all aspects. When I first met Alexa she was not particularly keen on the idea of sex toys...

Revisiting fun times with the Ex

Out of the blue message from my ex gf leads to campervan fun

Hi everyone, this is just a tale of a recent, random meet with an ex girlfriend of mine….. Wednesday night and my phone pings, it’s Sarah (not real name) an ex from a years back. We dated for about a year, I say dated but in reality we just got drunk and...

The porn shop visit.

couple got in a rut sex wise and he seeks a way to change things.

"Come on, Kelly. It will only take a couple minutes for us to pick a good one and then we will leave. It's not as if you are going to meet anyone you know in there." Kelly was quite hesitant to go into the adult video store for several reasons, but one of...


My little friend

It’s 16 centimetres long with three vibrating fingers, and it is pink. It’s my favourite toy. We call it Pinkie. On this warm Saturday morning, C is plying a wondrous trade between my legs as he gently slides Pinkie along and between the slick folds he lo...

Jo and I Get It On !!

What happened back in the room and a first for me

When we got back to the room I needed a wee so went to the toilet – when I came out Jo was lying on the bed “I’ve poured us a G+T each “ she said and I noticed a glass on my bedside table I lay down next to her and took a sip “Bloody hell that’s strong “I...


Sexy step mother

As she pushed my face to her pussy I could see a string. Morisca pulled a pair of eggs from her pussy.

Growing up I had enjoyed being seen out with Nigel’s mother. The best way I can describe her was she was the most gorgeous glamorous woman I had ever seen. Long flowing brown hair. Big tits and very shapely legs. Nigel was the envy of every boy in school....

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Moira is a slut

Moira was being fucked by one man as she sucked a second man and wanked two more.

My wife Moira is a slut. No, she’s not a hotwife, because that would imply that I enjoy sharing her. Whilst I do enjoy watching her with other men it is rarely my choice. I will give you an example, but first let me tell you a little about her. Moira is 5...


A reflection

As the years have gone by …….my sex life has taken a few turns

I have just turned 40 and if I may share with you how my sexual adventures have turned me into the woman I am today. As a teenager I found masturbation and orgasms which were a eye opener, I was addicted to solo self pleasure , in my early teens my pleasu...


School Mum

Sophie the dark horse

Sophie was a mum from the school where my youngest son goes, we always chatted and sometimes walked home together halfway before we had to walk separate ways. The conversation was always pleasant, and she often joked that we spoke more than her and her hu...

Mandy and Ben

The sex games room

On my return Mandy was tied firmly to one of the benches and Veronique was behind her fucking her with a strap on cock

About fifteen years ago my wife, Mandy, and I were in France looking at buying a chateau. It had twenty-eight bedrooms to give you some idea of the size. It was in pretty poor condition as it probably hadn’t been lived in for at least ten years. I was loo...


Was she a prick teaser?

Lance told me there were two conditions to me sleeping with his wife.

This happened over twenty-five years ago when I was twenty-two and just started to work at an electronics company that designed equipment for other companies and sometimes manufactured them for the company as well. Quite quickly I was drawn to a woman in...

Annie & Trish 🍆🥒🥕

My Uni girl lover liked to be fucked with fruit & vegetables

Her favourite was a thick long cucumber and she loved it in her pussy & arse

When I was at Uni I had a year long bi relationship with a girl a few years older than me , we liked roleplay but our special thing was oral sex and fucking each other with whatever we could get in our pussies and for Trish she also liked anal penetration...


Just for Charity

My wife was in the stocks and being fucked at both ends.

Diana and I were in our late thirties and enjoying life. Diana couldn’t have children and I was never fussed about having any. Not to say that we didn’t like kids. On the contrary we both loved playing with other’s kids. We had been into swapping and prog...