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Sharing a fuck buddy

I started to fuck Leslie and then another buddy appeared, so we shared her.

Hi. I would like to tell you about a session that I had with my fuck buddy. I am fifty three and I’m pretty sure my Buddy is now about sixty. I have been seeing Leslie for almost ten years. My wife is fully aware that I see her. My wife has always had a l...


Sexy step mother

As she pushed my face to her pussy I could see a string. Morisca pulled a pair of eggs from her pussy.

Growing up I had enjoyed being seen out with Nigel’s mother. The best way I can describe her was she was the most gorgeous glamorous woman I had ever seen. Long flowing brown hair. Big tits and very shapely legs. Nigel was the envy of every boy in school....


More to this Christmas cracker

My girlfriend was telling me to fuck her friend.

We were fast approaching Christmas 2016 and yet again I didn't have a girlfriend. She dumped me when I suggested a threesome with her best mate. It might also had something to do with the fact that I banged her best mate. In an effort to fill the gap and...

Chaz : ‘85

Fuck buddies fun and spunky games

I was a giver then I wanted to swallow and be fucked

I am married and before all the Covid restrictions I had 3 fuck suck buddy’s , early on I was a giver but that all changed I wanted to be used and by fuck I was . Steve was my 1st , his kids went to the same school as mine , after a few drinks he invited...


Cheating wife is a slut

My wife dressed as a slutty school girl and got spanked and fucked every week.

I was pretty sure my wife Shona was cheating on me. I hadn't caught her or anything like that, but just little things were giving her away. She was 32 at the time and I was two years older. I wouldn't have really minded, as we had in our late twenties exp...