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Always the bridesmaid

A change to dress up at a wedding goes slightly wrong

My wife, Hannah, and I drove from the North West to Reading for a wedding. My wife was going to be one of three bridesmaids for her best friend Claire. The wedding was on Saturday but we got down to the Motel, a coach house on London Road, mid-Friday. Hav...

Beautiful Cock

A real pleasure to make cum

Back to my cruising spot this lunchtime to see if anyone on their lunch break was looking for a good blowjob. As I arrived to park my car there was a man in his 40s and in overalls walking through the gate and down toward a possible 'sucking site'. I quic...

Double Suck

Back to my old gay cruising haunt

Yesterday I was back in my old gay cruising haunt for the first time in nearly 8 years. Activity is greatly reduced but I still managed one episode although I had to wait a couple of hours before the opportunity presented itself. Sat in my car parked up i...

My mistress lived in a flat on west end road opposite the train depot one above the shops, she lived on the top floor and had a concrete enclosed balcony on the rear. Her landing neighbour was a mature guy on his own, they were friends before I met her an...

From Fed to Bred - M2M Adventures

2 hot meets, 1 cold evening

Day 1 – part 1 I’ll share my adventures from my recent trip to Germany, staying in an anonymous AirBnB for a few days. All of it is absolutely true and I’ll write several stories, because there’s lots of naughty m2m fun to share with you cock lovers. Firs...

The driver

My wife wanted to go dogging

I heard Lottie squeal and a second man had slipped his cock into her pussy right up to his balls

My thirty eight year old wife Leticia (Lettie) and I had tried most things. After getting bored with a Monogamus relationship, and getting caught with my pants down, we decided to try swapping. That led to us to trying singles, threesomes and even a coupl...

You are never to old

He loved young cock

He was on his knees sucking me full length from bell end to shaft

One of our local neighbors Norman wanted a hand painting / varnish his garden shed and a few other jobs , norman was in his late 60s a bit of a ladies man my nan told me. I popped around to his house for a look at the job and to see what extra materials h...


Never judge a book by its cover.

couple want help with their roll playing, and it was shocking.

A short story for you. You can call me Dan, I’m 59. I regularly get contacted by married women and couples for sex but the married women of all ages and sizes outnumber the couples 10 to 1. It’s shocking how many married women want to fuck behind their hu...

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the naughty couple

whicked couple

our first and last sharing

My story isn’t; exactly exciting I guess but I’ve been bursting to share it with you since it happened. In 2019 my wife and I went on holiday to Portugal. We stayed in a nice little villa close to the sea. At the time, I was 48 and the wife was 45. She ha...


Hypnotized and fucked.

Rosanna bet that I couldn't hynotize her, and if I could I still couldn't get in her panties.

After a lot of training I became a qualified hypnosis working in the health service. Instead of lots of drugs, it is used to control pain and to help people stop smoking and has several other uses. As I was training, I would attend the nurses parties. To...

Jerry & my plus one

Sext festival memories

We kissed and she pulled me away and went to town on my cock

Here a memory from my “wank bank” I would like to share - before the lockdown / pandemic I went to a musical festival with a friend unfortunately, my mate is Ged got boozed up too quick and was acting like a divvie , we argued about everything , music , d...

pretty boy

I've got myself into trouble.

shaggign dads partner is so wrong

Hi everyone. I’m Jack, I’m 23 and I have a lot of success with the ladies because according to my mates I’m a ‘pretty boy’. I don’t get it myself but a guess I’m good looking and because I have long blond hair they call me pretty buy. I’m not going to tel...