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Jack Tar


starts as an hike through the woods to see historical sites, but then hubby has dirty thoughts.

We were on holiday in Yorkshire, Wensleydale to be precise. We'd hired a cottage and used it as our base to discover this lovely part of the country. After visiting a few ancient monuments and taking a whole day to see York we decided to take it easy this...

The mother in law

husband working away she lives in the same house as the M-in-law who takes advantage of the lonely younger woman

"See you in three months." Mark leant over to give her a quick kiss before walking down the path to where the taxi sat waiting. He lifted his hand to her before stashing his bag in the back and getting in the car. Nancy waived until the car was no longer...


I head to the door to leave, I don’t want you to see me cry. It was stupid really just a flippant comment that got me upset. As I open the door you push it shut. Without saying a word you gently push the hair out of my eyes, wipe the tears away and lift m...


Sharing a fuck buddy

I started to fuck Leslie and then another buddy appeared, so we shared her.

Hi. I would like to tell you about a session that I had with my fuck buddy. I am fifty three and I’m pretty sure my Buddy is now about sixty. I have been seeing Leslie for almost ten years. My wife is fully aware that I see her. My wife has always had a l...

Kasey & Me 💋

I was caught pleasing myself by my boyfriend sister

I was pleasuring myself I opened my eyes and kasey was doing the same watching me.

Me and Harry have been a item for about 18months or so , we’ve had a on and off , good and bad relationship but one thing that was the glue to our relationship was the passion. We had a great sex life in and out of the bedroom, we liked to dabble and we a...

Lady fingers - white cotton panties

I like watching my female bi lovers masturbate

Seeing her fingers in her panties always gets me off

My story is a strange one , I am bi sexual , I like penetrative sex with men but with my female lovers I only like to masturbate or watch them masturbate . The more vocal the better , I like role play when I’m in these moods, I’m not into toys just finger...



and intermediate pleasure

Edgar woke me, he woke me and fucked me. He never asked, but since he fucked me before we slept I was not too upset, but I would have liked some foreplay. "Time to get up." Edgar informed me, and led me to the only room with a door on it. On the left were...


Time for a waoman's view

The sky was full of rainbows as the sensations washed through me

Hi, my name is Lana and on looking on your site and reading some of your letters I see that it is mainly orientated to men as are most things in life. At forty-two I have fought most of my life to change that. It’s not that I don’t like men, far from it,...

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Carla 💋

Hello my Carla i am married but i have always been bi curious i work in a office and the chance to have some bicurious female sexy fun was driving me mad . I love my husband but i needed to explore a feeling inside that was bursting to get out - I needed...

My Mediterranean plus one

Bi female orgasm in a pub loo

She wanted to dry my pussy after I finished peeing

I am a bi female I go to bars , night clubs and relish bars , to tease , flirt hoping to meet up , I don’t mind one night stands , I like to dress to impress , one this occasion I was wearing a figure hugging dress , with a white thong no bra , I caught a...

My lady plus one

Hotel maid girl / girl action

She was watching me from the bathroom

I have always been curious and have pleasured myself watching lesbian porn , but I’ve never had a opportunity to pursue my urges. Well that all changed during a business trip away in Amsterdam , we signed a big deal and the drink flowed as we celebrated ,...

Carlie plus S & S

I wanted to watch two gays while I watch

They egged me on so I could have a amazing orgasm

Hello my name is Carlie , I am in my 30s , single , got divorced last year , it happens it was a amicable split for both of us. I dont mind being single , like most single adults I have my needs , I gave a few male and female friends / associates I can ca...


She was less of a lady that day

Di was acting far from a lady, and she was insisting I fuck her good and hard and not to stop.

I had just snatched a sandwich and a half a pint of beer and was on my way back to the practice. I was the vet on call this weekend. The senior partner in the practice would normally do this weekend, but couldn't for some reason. Why this weekend? Well it...

Dave M

Happy to help out

Rosa just removed her pink panties and sat on the Sybian and wound the controlls up high.

I had coveted my mates wife from the first day I met her. Rosa was sexy, smart and really good looking. I was pretty sure that Ernie knew I wanted her. So it surprised me when he asked if I could help with a repair on a piece of electro-mechanical equipme...