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Step mother Stories

step mother

Sexy step mother

As she pushed my face to her pussy I could see a string. Morisca pulled a pair of eggs from her pussy.

Growing up I had enjoyed being seen out with Nigel’s mother. The best way I can describe her was she was the most gorgeous glamorous woman I had ever seen. Long flowing brown hair. Big tits and very shapely legs. Nigel was the envy of every boy in school....


I fucked my stepmother

She was on all fours when I took her from behind. She was ahocked when she see it was me that fucked her.

This started when I was fourteen. I came home to find my dad was in the throws of kicking my mother out. All her clothes were all over the front lawn where all the neighbors watched what was going on. My brother and I were left with my father as someone c...

Trevor C.

Her husband knew

I was fucking the step mother of someone famous and his father knew about it.

It started in Secondary school. We had a lad who I will call Gilbert came to our school late on. He had been asked to leave two boarding schools and a really expensive private school. His parents move close to where I lived. I'll tell you a bit more about...