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Taking advantage Stories

taking advantage

My wife cheats with my best friend

Susan confessed that she had been seeing and fucking my mate.

I had been mates with Dick for several years when I met Susan. I fell in love with her straight away. It was just four months when I asked Susan to marry me. Susan had quite a high sex drive and we made love almost every time we met. In discussion both Su...


Our porn films

I heard Beverley groan, I looked over and Paul was naked and was on top of her fucking my girl.

My girlfriend, Beverley, and I had tried three times to make ourselves a porn film. It was purely for our own enjoyment and not for others to see. The first two times I waved the camera around so much as we fucked that most of it was useless. The third ti...


I fucked my stepmother

She was on all fours when I took her from behind. She was ahocked when she see it was me that fucked her.

This started when I was fourteen. I came home to find my dad was in the throws of kicking my mother out. All her clothes were all over the front lawn where all the neighbors watched what was going on. My brother and I were left with my father as someone c...


Taking care of my wife didn't meant they could fuck her.

I woke to hear someone fucking my wife.

Sandra needs a lot of loving and up till now had always managed to keep her happy. Then I was involved in a pretty bad car accident. I knew nothing about what had happened as I was hit from behind and spun into the oncoming traffic. I was told that I was...