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Cheating wives Stories

cheating wives

The perks are good

I was on my back with a pussy in my face and another riding my cock.

I was not even quite twenty and had just been made redundant for the second time. Not the best start to my working career. I had opted for a job in retail sales and both my first two shops had gone to the wall. The woman at the Job Centre was very sympath...


One thing led to another

I could see the back of Ellie's head bobbing up and down as she gave our boss a blow job.

I had just gone through a rather bitter divorce with my ex-wife Olivia. I barely managed to hang on to my house as my wife strolled away with a load of my money and one of my best mates. To make things worse I was also getting a pretty rough ride at work....


Don't you just love married women

There was never a shortage of married women prepared to play away from home.

I am about to tell you about a couple of my adventures. I have a very good friend Robert, (Rob), who likes to hang around with me to see if he can pick up any leftovers. Whilst I have always been the bolder of the two of us, and better at pulling a bit of...

Hard worked Don

Its a hard life

I discovered that there are more ladies out there needing men to satisfy them

I was beginning to think that my sex life was coming to an end, unless I was prepared to pay for some woman’s favours. My wife had fallen ill and at almost sixty I was sad that was the end of my sex life as I wasn’t interested in paying for it. Over the y...

Tony M

Married women are the best

Then it was Roland’s turn to groan as Dawn lowered her head and took his cock into her mouth.

Within six months of breaking things off with Dawn she was seeing Roland. He was someone I knew from work. The break up with Dawn was pretty amicable. It just felt like we were going different directions. Then within another three months they were married...


Fun in the studio

Gina and Shona stripped to their panties and posed for the camera.

I was asked as a professional photographer to teach some lessons for the local college/night school. Although it was council backed, there was not a lot of money in it, but I was keen to pass on a bit of my knowledge, so I agreed. The college had a sort o...


Enough was enough.

I was laid on my back and made to watch someone fucking my wife just inches above my face.

Trudy had always had a stronger sex drive than me. I tried to keep up but knew that she often used her vast collection of sex toys to satisfy herself. Although I didn't know for sure I suspected that she had probably cheated on me. I was happy to look the...

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Taking care of my wife didn't meant they could fuck her.

I woke to hear someone fucking my wife.

Sandra needs a lot of loving and up till now had always managed to keep her happy. Then I was involved in a pretty bad car accident. I knew nothing about what had happened as I was hit from behind and spun into the oncoming traffic. I was told that I was...


Cheating with older women

My mates asked if Janice had any mates that wanted to play

My mates all knew I was seeing and knocking off a thirty five year old married woman. Being just nineteen most of them thought that I was one lucky bastard with the exception of one who had a far higher moral compass than the rest of us and perhaps a bit...


A match made in heaven

Chrissy whispered< "I'm looking for a fuck buddy."

I went with my mate to a rugby match in Bath. It was a good match and our team won. After the match there was a long wait for the train home so we went to a pub to kill time and also to drink in some of the atmosphere. One thing with rugby there is never...


She was naked except for an ankle bracelet

She came for some outfits and tried me for a fitting

Up until four years ago I owned and ran a ladies and gents outfitters. I would do the designs as that was what I had trained in and in the next door building I had eleven machinists that made up the clothes. We could make one offs or make dozens of the sa...


Wife was taken to a dogging site

Julia took Trudy to a dogging site and while Julia gets fucked Trudy sucks some cocks.

I was shocked when Trudy came home and told me that she had just come from a dogging site. She said she had gone with a mate and wanted to see what happens at the site. I must admit that I was also interested in what happened. She snuggled up to me on the...


Wife boasts about the size of my cock

Wife boasts about the size of my cock and it leads to me fucking her friends.

I had arrived home just a little early from a long week at work. My wife Cindy was with three of her friends. Walking in through the front door I could hear the laughter and merriment. On entering the lounge I could see why, they were on their fourth bott...