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Caught Stories


After effects

After we were caught

Abby had discovered me in bed with Jane and surprised me. She had joined us. It was just after Jane went back to work. “Jane has a good body.” Abby commented. “You both do.” “I know.” She was not being anything but honest, she was a model. “Would you like...


A Hospital Visit

Coming to the notice of the machine

Donald had broken his leg and was kept in hospital in traction. Somehow he ended up in a private room. "What are the nurses like?" I asked. "I would not say no to any of them." He replied "How long are you in for?" Carol asked, ignoring his comment. "I do...

More hotel window fun

My hotel was on a main road and people on the top deck of busses could see in.

If you have read any other stories of mine, you would know I travel whilst working. On this particular day I was in Chorley and staying in a hotel that is part of a pub. My room on the second floor looked out onto the road. I noticed that double decker bu...


My mates Mother in Law

Not only was I screwing my mates Mother in Law, but he swaped his girlfriend with me.

I was talking with Trevor over a couple of pints of beer. He was complaining that his girlfriend was away for a few nights, but telling me that it was good catching up as we hadn’t seen each other for the best part of a year. I was telling him that I had...


Was that babysitting or baby making

Chloe whipped off her coat and had just bra, panties, stockings, suspenders and high heel shoes on.

It was one evening after my son had been to my house that I realised that he had left his phone. Unable to call him I rang my daughter in law to let her know that his phone was safe and at my house. Then I don’t know what made me do it but I picked the ph...


My daughter caught me fucking Tessa

Tessa joined me in the shower and soon she was gripping a grab rail while I fucked her

Jane was just three when her mother up and left us. It was quite hard bringing up our daughter on my own. But I soon found Beth, a woman with three young children and she helped out all she could. Beth’s husband was a lorry driver so she often didn’t see...

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An offer

and a carpark

It's been a couple of weeks since Lyn left, she has sent two short messages, but nothing that suggested she missed me. Anna has had no messages from Adam. We had just made love when Anna informed me, "Mummy has invited us to stay next weekend. " "That wil...


I want to marry my father's girlfriend

I discovered my fathers girlfriend was a good shag

I recently, through a genealogy website, found out who my paternal father was. My mother lived with Frank, and I had assumed he was my real father. I knew that Frank and mum never married and often wonder why they didn’t as they appeared to be devoted to...

The cameraman

She was making porn films

I watched and filmed as Suzi sucked and fucked the old man.

As I work from home mainly three days a week, not always the same days, it was a pleasure watching the yummy mummies walking their kids to and from school. I would take a break at the right times and afford myself a half hour in the morning and again in t...


Wild time

Nikkiand I agreed to be exclusive once we married

Nikki and I had been going steady for almost three years. In that time, we had been into swapping and some pretty wild parties where threesomes, foursomes and moresomes often took place. I had watched Nikki on lots of occasions taking on multiple cocks. T...


Girlfriend turned into Hannibal Lector

I was angry when I see Ray touching my girlfriends arse and tits and wanted to kill him.

I had been going out with Heather for about three years. I had thought about marriage but hadn't got around to it, when along came Ray. Like a cuckoo he put himself into another familys nest and eventualy kicked the husband out. He was a big man that stoo...


A holiday fling

We were caught with Claire with her panties around her ankles sucking my cock.

This started about six years ago. It started when I met a new girlfriend, and as yet, other than the odd grope it was the furthest she had allowed me. At twenty six I had been pretty successful financially and decided to move my relationship on with Catri...


Drink made them do it.

Debbie said she could remember four different men fucking her before it all became a blur.

When Debbie gets the drink in her she quickly goes from being her usual flirt to a slut. My mates knew it and took every opportunity to buy and give her drinks and then watch me having to wrestle her away from any man and get her home. It was a normal eve...