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Confession Stories


How I became a shared wife.

I pulled my panties down and bent forward over the desk waiting for Jeff's thick cock.

Hi I’m Terri a thirty two year old housewife. I showed this to Alan my husband before posting it. That earnt me another good shagging. This happened earlier this year. Since covid, times have been hard and Alan had just heard that his company were going i...


Girlfriend turned into Hannibal Lector

I was angry when I see Ray touching my girlfriends arse and tits and wanted to kill him.

I had been going out with Heather for about three years. I had thought about marriage but hadn't got around to it, when along came Ray. Like a cuckoo he put himself into another familys nest and eventualy kicked the husband out. He was a big man that stoo...


Loving relationships

When I told Janise that Claire liked men as well as women, her reply was don't we all.

Growing up I had an older brother and when I got to fifteen I started chasing skirt. I thought it a little odd that Guy just hung around with a couple of mates and none of them had girlfriends. I thought no more of it when he went off to University. On hi...


Lins confession continues

Lin continued her confession. "OK the last one" I asked her. Lin looked at me with a slight smile on her face, "Do you still want to hear it all?". I nodded.. Lin carried on "Ok, that was last year, when I went to Birmingham, for that management training...

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How it began pt 6

Our story continues

Pt 6 I got up from the bed, dressed quickly, and went downstairs. I sat at our kitchen table, contemplating what my wife Linda, had just told me. That she’d had a lesbian “encounter” with her best friend (Sally). Not only that, but Sals husband Ade (My be...

How it began pt5

Lins continued confession and our first swing.

Lin continued her story. “Well after the long kiss me and Sal had, I moved into her arms and things got very heated” I said “Details?“ Lin carried on, “We kissed again, and I pushed my tongue into her mouth. Sal pushed hers into mine. Sal put her hand on...

How it began pt4

Lin begins to confess

I looked at Lin, who was laid on our bed with three fingers pushed into her pussy. An image I could never tire of seeing. I smiled and explained, “Sorry babe, I’ve cum twice in the last hour, who do you think I am superman?“ Lin looked at me and said, “Sp...


I was introduced to the local slut

I was gutted when she got into the back seats of his car and it soon started rocking.

I was with some mates at a disco when I spotted the sexiest girl I had ever seen. She was tall with long dark hair. A very pretty face with a cheeky smile. She had a good handful of tits and a very shapely figure. I shouted to a mate over the top of the m...

secret wife

a confused woman

rough dirty sex with two others .

I’m going to share with you my story because I would like your comments, especially if you are going through the same thing yourself. Not because I want to copy any of you but because I am so confused, and I hope you will understand. I’m a married woman,...

Scuba 🤿

Mums friend

Seduced by family friend

I grew up calling this lady aunty because she was a friend of my moms from before I was born and she even used to look after me as a child while my parents were at work sometimes! I was now 25 and she was 52 I had grown up and hadn’t seen her for years th...

Slut 101

From good wife to slut

A cautionary tale

I’m writing my story because I need to get something off my chest and let people know that women like sex as much as men who seem to be the main writers on this site. I also want to write because sex has changed me from a good married family woman to what...