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Sleeping over

"Are you enjoying making movies?" Lucy asked, as she removed a pot from the oven. "It's a lot of fucking." "Yes, hours, but?" "...but its not the same as…." "...making love?" Lucy completed. "I was going to say fucking for pleasure." "What is your pleasur...

Worshipping a huge cock

A long session worshipping a huge cock

You let me in and go straight to the living room and sit on the sofa. As agreed previously, I stand in front of you and strip naked. You laugh and tell me to get you a beer. I get on my knees because you’ve already told me I must remain on all fours in yo...



Monster cock ticked off my bucket list.

I am an unmarried woman on the wrong side of forty. I have tried marriage, twice. I think perhaps that I was born to be single. But that does not mean no sex. Far from it, I get more now than I did from either of my husbands. I allow myself to be picked u...

Wife goes native

Wife enjoys a holiday first

D was happily glancing around the room taking in the different scenes that meet your eyes when the party scene begins to warm up and D is one of the greatest people watchers I know, not nosey just fascinated in other peoples interaction, it all comes from...


Sleep paralysis dream

Wife fucked by an old lover

Before I start this account a little background. Before we were married and we still lived with our parents my then girlfriend (now my wife) was having a long term affair with a guy she worked with. It was sorted out at the time and I’ve had details of wh...

Love to watch

Caught wife cheating

It was only a matter of time

My wife and I own a high end hair and beauty salon in the South Yorkshire area, can’t be too specific because she’s very well known and does some work for local media and tv studios. She’s 41, 5’4”, small firm tits and a big j-lo kind of arse developed fr...

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After the party

Being watched...

Thanks for the messages about my last story. As promised here’s another one... I was at a house party in March with a girl I’d fancied since I left school. We’d only been on a few dates before this evening but known each other for quite a few years. She h...

The boss

ashamed of myself

his wife offers to fuck me so he can get the job

I’m 57 and I own a business that employs over 500 people, I work hard, in fact I work so hard that my home life has suffered. My wife and I divorced, and I am so busy I never got around to meeting anyone else. So, why am I ashamed of myself. Six months ag...


Well hung

Ibiza Uncovered

Ok so how to start this, basically when me and my husband have sex I sometimes recite a certain sexual moment of my past. This has a great effect on our sex life, as when I recite this I become wetter and he becomes harder. I always take him to my tales o...

Tina's husband

wife used by a woman

From a dare to a long running lesbian affair

I don’t usually look on sites like this but I have just come back from Texas where I lived with my wife for 5 years and what we did would make a slut blush. We lived in a typical Texas house with a big garden and big pool, even thought it was a big plot o...

Jenny and the Landlord

Sex and mistaken identity.

When at college it was a bit lonely staying at my bed-sit. So I was really pleased when my girlfriend Jenny said she would move in with me. On her first day there, I left her to get settled in as I had classes. I was really looking forward to our first ev...

Carol and Tom

Holiday fuck fest

Our first time swinging ruined my wife

My wife is 45 and I am 53 and our swinging lifestyle started when we were picked up in hotel jacuzzi in Montana USA. We went there for two weeks out of our 8 week USA visit. If you don’t know Montana it is amazing, its mainly quiet country with towns of v...


My wife's Birthday Present

watching my wife being fucked

Hi my name is John and I wanted to share my experience with all of you, we’re a married couple of 30 years I’m 54 and my wife Hazel is 50. We have two children a son who is 28 and a daughter who is 21, both live away. I would say my wife is very good look...

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