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Sex films

The porn film

I asked Pat if she was ready and as she said yes we both pushed and we met with my cock buried deep.

I grew up with a big group of mates and girls. As time went on we sort of paired up. I hadn’t fancied any of the girls as life long partners so I just played around with some of them. One day Bruce arrived at the pub showing off a brand new video camera....

The cameraman

She was making porn films

I watched and filmed as Suzi sucked and fucked the old man.

As I work from home mainly three days a week, not always the same days, it was a pleasure watching the yummy mummies walking their kids to and from school. I would take a break at the right times and afford myself a half hour in the morning and again in t...


Caught on camera

On screen I could see Angela sucking his cock and mine was getting hard.

I met Angela on campus at Uni. I was smitten with her and within days I thought we were a couple. I thought Angela felt the same as soon she asked me if I'd like to move in with her. Angela was a year above me, whilst this was my first year and I was in h...


Ruined a family

Best mates sister was a porn actress

In nineteen eighty three I was twenty six years old. My best mate Sam had a sister who was twenty two. She was gorgeous and far more worldly than I. I would watch her with my tongue hanging out so to speak. The biggest problem was she and her mate knew th...