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Excited Stories

Harvet T

It turned this timid quiet woman into a total slut.

I heard Tina say, “Oh my god,” as she realised that it was now Mike fucking her and not me.

Tina had always been the shy timid little wife to Nigel. I had watched her from afar for some while before I got my opportunity. While Tina was married to Nigel, he made all the decisions in her life from what she did to what she even wore. When she told...


Naked pussies

As I measured her feet I couod see right up her skirt to her naked pussy

There I was your typical broke student. I was struggling to pay my rent, food, clothing and beer bills. Then I got a lucky break. Besides the two bar sessions that I was doing I was told that a shoe company wanted assistants. I was straight down the high...


Julie's secrets

It brought tears to my eyes as I see Julie taken in a double penetration scene.

I had been going out with Julie for nearly two years. I had decided that the time had come to ask her to marry me, so I had taken her out to a posh hotel, where I had also booked a room for the night, and booked a table for a nice meal. In time establishe...


Caught on camera

On screen I could see Angela sucking his cock and mine was getting hard.

I met Angela on campus at Uni. I was smitten with her and within days I thought we were a couple. I thought Angela felt the same as soon she asked me if I'd like to move in with her. Angela was a year above me, whilst this was my first year and I was in h...


Modelling sessions

We were skint so Pru went into nude modelling

Pru and I got married straight out of University. She was just six months my junior. I had managed to get a reasonable job, but Pru was struggling to get anything worth taking. She was also taking a photographic course to increase her skills and her chanc...

No regrets

So unlike me - I was so turned on

I sucked him off in his car

Last summer , I was mildly flirting a work college, Joe is sexy , confident and he knew it. I am in a relationship but my head was turned when Joe would chat to me , I can’t lie I did fantasize that Joe was fucking me when I was in bed with my boyfriend....


Banged on the bonnet

I finished fucking my girlfriend and a complete stranger took over from me.

I hadn't know Judy long, about three months. What I did know was she loved sex. She was like the martini girl, any time, any place, anywhere. But mainly as we were both single and living with our parents it was in the car or in the open. She seemed to get...

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