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The perks are good

I was on my back with a pussy in my face and another riding my cock.

I was not even quite twenty and had just been made redundant for the second time. Not the best start to my working career. I had opted for a job in retail sales and both my first two shops had gone to the wall. The woman at the Job Centre was very sympath...

Long wait but worth it

I get to see wife take G again.

We are occasional swingers and once or twice a year we look on sites like SH for a suitable older gent to join us for a bit of fun. It’s not as easy as you’d imagine finding the right guy. My Mrs, S, has a thing about older guys. She loves the idea of ent...

Brendon H

How we got into swinging

Ruth squealed as Eddie pulled her panties to one side and slipped his cock into her pussy.

I had been friends with Joan and Eddie since they met and we were seventeen. Before Joan went with Eddie we had been friends and I had managed to have a number of heavy petting sessions with her. I had got past stage one, a grope of her tits and snogging,...


Watching Nanny masturbating in our bed

There was Sandra and Millie on the bed side by side sucking each other

Although I work from home, if that is what you call it, my wife hired a nanny to look after young George. I didn’t see much of Millie as my office is located in what had been a barn, on our five-acre plot, that I had modified to offices. Millie was a sexy...

Roger and Ashleigh

My wanton wife

I watched as the second man was now stabbing at her with his cock and missing her pussy

I was sat watching her sat there in her pretty floral dress sipping a cocktail and leaving a red mark on the glass from her lipstick. The hotel was really plush and that was reflected in the people there in the bar. It wasn’t a cheap hotel and its patrons...

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Emily’s new friend

Emily puts on a show with a guy we found online.

If you haven’t already go back and read Emily’s first threesome, Emily’s one night stand and Emily’s other threesome. This is part 4. Please also forgive any inaccuracies, this happened a little while ago and I had, had a couple to drink. Emily had enjoye...


From a slut to the perfect wife and mother.

Hether was on the bed getting spit roasted just like I had seen her before.

I took refuge in my hut at my allotment as the heavens had opened. Looking out the window I could see a woman trying to shelter under a tree, but it wasn’t working, and she was slowly getting soaked. I called out to her and said that I had shelter. She ra...


Ruth and Simon

Fun with Kate's lesbian lover, and where it led to.

Dave here again, to tell you more of the great sexual adventures my wife Kate and I have enjoyed. This is the fourth entry and like the others it is true. The first three were: Kate's First MMF - tells of the first time Kate had two cocks all to herself T...


Watching and fucking my neighbors wife.

I watched Perry kissing Ellie with his hands in her thong and on her tits.

I had lived in my house for a little over three years. It was after the settlement with my ex-wife. I was free again, but as yet I hadn’t made use of my newly won freedom. It was a rather savage divorce. I couldn’t believe just how vindictive my ex was. I...


She wanted to go to a dogging site just to watch.

I told her no, but her window was down and the men were getting her out the car.

I was trying to get to sleep as Bell (pet name for my wife) had already rejected my advances to her. She was sat reading a magazine. I'm pretty sure she does that just to annoy me. Anyway I must have huffed at her as she told me the article she was readin...


Wife cheats at work

The new stable hand was too hot to refuse

My wife is a fanatical horse rider and rents a horse from a close friend. She keeps the animal in a nearby farm that have good quality stables. She loves the peace and quiet as it is away from any built up areas. My wife is 50, in great shape for her age...

Ricky D

Lindsay becomes a Hotwife

The sight of my wife's pussy rising and falling on his thick cock caused mine some discomfort.

Lindsay was twenty four when she discovered that, like three of her four sisters, she was unable to have children. At first she was devastated. We talked about adoption and even surrogates, but Lindsay rejected the ideas. She was on depression and anxiety...