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Debbie does dogging

"I recognised Debbie and she agreed to fuck me if I kept it to myself."

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At twenty two I found myself at a local dogging site.  My girlfriend and I had just broken up and I had gone a week without any sex and being highly sexed I was gagging for some action.  I had been there just over twenty minutes, and other than a few men servicing each other there was nothing happening.  I wasn’t into sex with other men so I just sat in my car watching.  As most of the men wandered away another car pulled in.  I waited to see if there was anything there for me.


The car sat in darkness for several minutes and then finally the interior lights came on.  I could see it was a man and woman but from the distance I was I couldn’t make out much more.  Two men had moved to the car and as I was the wrong side to any action, I couldn’t see what was happening, so I left my car and sauntered towards the car.  As I got closer I could see that the woman was giving a blow job to one of the men.  He didn’t last long and was walking away before I even got to the car.


Then as the second man moved in I had this feeling that I knew the woman.  As her mouth bobbed up and down the second man’s cock I could now see the woman’s face.  It took several seconds for my brain to sort out that it was a housewife four or five doors up the road from my parent’s house.  I think it took that long as it was an unusual place to see the woman.  Normally I would see her around the estate pushing her two young children in their buggy.  I didn’t recognise her husband.  I had heard rumours that she was a bit of a goer from several of my old mates but had never seen any evidence of that until now.


The woman was doing a damn good job on the man’s cock, so I took my own cock out and started stroking it ready for my own blow job.  As she sucked the man I reached out and freed her tits from her blouse and proceeded to play with them.  They were a good size, perhaps having had two kids feed on them had helped.  I had to let go and move out the way as the man got close and was moving his hips to get more cock in her mouth.  Then he was groaning and I saw spunk trickling out the woman’s mouth.  As the man started to move away the woman moved back into the car.  I thought that I was about to be left high and dry and out of luck.


Not so, the man handed her a drink and after a swig she was moving back through the window.  That was when she recognised me.  “Bloody hell!” she exclaimed and then moved back into the car.  I could hear her husband ask what was wrong and she told him that I was a neighbours son.  There was a bit more dialogue between the pair of them but I couldn’t hear what was being said.  The woman turned back towards me and asked what I was doing there.  I told her that my girlfriend had left me and I was wanting some action.


It was now that she told me her name was Debbie and I told her my name.  I asked if I was to get a blow job or better still a fuck.  There was another quick talk between Debbie and her husband.  Then Debbie asked me not to tell anyone that I had seen her.  I assured her that I didn’t want anyone knowing that I had resorted to going to dogging sites, so there was no chance that I would tell anyone.  Having given her that assurance I was being pushed back as Debbie undid the car and stepped out.


Debbie was in her mid-thirties, but still very attractive.  She was just a bit shorter than my 5’11”, and she had long straight hair way past her shoulders, and as I had already pointed out fairly large tits that were just becoming a little saggy.  She was fairly slim and had a tight looking arse.  As I stood there she closed the gap between us and planted a kiss on my lips.  For a moment I was a little shocked and it took a few moments before I reciprocated her actions and kissed back.  Then as I slipped my tongue into her mouth it suddenly dawned on me that I had seen her suck and take the cum of two men in her mouth.  The same mouth I now had my tongue in.   None the less I wasn’t going to give up the chance of some fun with her.


As we kissed, Debbie took my hands and placed them on her naked tits and again I was playing with them.  My naked cock was sticking straight out of my jeans and straight at Debbie.   She must have felt it as her hand closed around it.  She had quite a tight grip on it as we continued kissing.  Then as we broke the kiss Debbie asked if I had any condoms.  I told her that I hadn’t.  Then she told me that I would have to pull out before coming.  Call me stupid or something but why would I need to pull out of her mouth or wear a raincoat.


Then the penny dropped as Debbie turned away from me and bent over and held onto the passenger seat with her arse pointed in my direction.  I was quick to lift the short skirt to find that she wasn’t wearing and panties.  I went to finger her naked pussy but Debbie told me to just get on with it and fuck her before anyone else turned up.  I was quickly feeding my cock into what was surprisingly a hot tight pussy.  I was surprised as having two kids I expected her pussy to be loose and slack, but it wasn’t.  I was soon slamming in and out and she was holding one of her husband’s hands. 


As she groaned he was asking if she was ok and was it good.  Debbie gasped, “Yes, yes, yes.”  Then her pussy was getting even tighter and I heard her groaning and gasping for me to take my cock out.  A few more thrusts and I pulled out in time and came all over her back.  I watched as it ran down her arse crack and dripped off her pussy as I shook the last few drops onto her arse.  As I went to step away I could feel my legs buckling under my weight.


Debbie’s husband was out the car and behind her and stuffing his cock into her pussy.  I staggered to the drivers seat and sat in his seat as he fucked his own wife.  I thought that was a silly thing to do as he was probably pushing some of my cum into his wife’s pussy.  Debbie was way past caring as she moaned and groaned as her husband pounded against her arse harder than I had.  As I sat there Debbie was suddenly playing with my soft cock and then she bent forward a bit more and sucked it into her mouth.  It was the wrong way around as normally you get a blow job and then a fucking, but I wasn’t about to complain as Debbie was doing a wonderful job of it and I could feel my cock beginning to revive.


By the time her husband was groaning that he was coming I was rock hard again.  I was even more confused as he didn’t pull out or wear a raincoat, so his cum was deposited deep in her pussy.  As he pulled out he asked if I wanted another go.  I was out of the car and around to the passenger side in a flash.  This time Debbie’s pussy was far less tight, and much more slippery.  Her husband made it back to his seat and turned the interior lights off telling us that he didn’t want any more men fucking his wife.


I managed to cause Debbie to have another climax before I was ready.  Debbie was gasping and telling me to cum in her.  I looked over her at her husband who had a quizzical smile on his face.  He nodded and so I ploughed on hammering into her sloppy pussy until I emptied my balls into her pussy.   I staggered back a little and Debbie stood and her husband handed her a packet and of tissues.    Debbie was quickly cleaning herself up.  I had put my limp cock away before Debbie found and put her panties on.  Then she was fumbling in her handbag before facing me and giving me anther good kiss.  I then gave her tits a bit of a kiss and licking before she finally put them away.  Then taking my hand she wrote a number on my hand and told me to ring her.


By the time I got to my car, their car was pulling out of the carpark.  A few minuets later I was also out of the carpark and on my way home feeling all pleased with myself as well as satisfied.  The next morning, I woke with a huge erection.  I couldn’t remember what I was dreaming about, but I knew it involved Debbie and her big tits and sexy arse.  Then I remembered the number she had written on my hand.  It was smudged but still there and I quickly entered it into my phone’s memory.  Later that day I called her. 


Debbie told me that she had been expecting my call.  At first it felt awkward talking to her about what we had done with her.  Debbie told me that it was her third time at the dogging site, but only the first time letting someone other than her husband fuck her.  I asked about not coming in her the first time, but then allowing both her husband and I come in her.  Debbie said she was worried how Hugh would react to having another man’s cum in her pussy.  The fact that he was OK and had a turn himself she decided that my second time would be ok for me to come in her.  She laughed that when they got home, and the babysitter left, Hugh fucked her again and adding yet another load to her pussy.


Debbie asked if I would like to go with them when they went again.  I couldn’t say yes quick enough.  A week later we were back at the site.  I joined the queue and after Debbie had sucked the man off I also had a blow job as Hugh watched.  Even though the man left and no other men had arrived Debbie didn’t want to fuck.  I was disappointed but she did sit in the back with me and allowed me to play with her tits and pussy as Hugh drove us back to their house.  I was asked if I wanted to go inside with them and quickly answered yes.  Once indoors and the babysitter gone, Debbie was back sucking my cock as I lent over her, stroking her arse and pussy.


Then Hugh watched as Debbie stripped off to her suspenders and stockings and we made love in front of him on their sofa.  Hugh sat watching and stroking his own cock as he watched.   After I had left my load deep in his wife’s pussy, Hugh climbed on board and gave Debbie her second of four fucks that evening. That set the pattern for the next five or six weeks.  Go to the dogging site watch Debbie sucking a few men and perhaps have a blow job myself.  Then home for Hugh and I to take turns.  We never once fucked her together and I didn’t suggest it as I didn’t want to ruin what we had.


Then on turning up for our next trip out Hugh was telling me that the babby sitter had let them down.  I was disappointed and was about to suggest that I leave when Hugh said it was alright as he would babysit while I took Debbie and he would wait with anticipation for our return to see her fucked and take a turn himself.  Some weeks at the dogging site we would be there several hour and others a very short time depending on who was about.    So as we left Hugh told us he would see us in a few hours.


As I drove away Debbie took my hand and fed it up under her skirt.  The dirty slut wasn’t wearing any panties.  By the time we got to the dogging site her pussy was soaking.  There was nobody around so I got out and had Debbie lay down on the back seat and licked her pussy out.  I hadn’t heard let alone seen another car arrive and as I got up there was another man to my side and he quickly got between Debbie’s legs and stuck his tongue in her pussy.  I think Debbie was as surprised to see the man as I was.  She was quickly groaning again as he licked her out.  Then before Debbie could say anything he got up and had his cock deep in Debbie’s pussy.  Debbie was soon groaning through a climax.


Afterwards when the man had come in her, Debbie cleaned up and insisted that I take her home.  On the way Debbie giggled about what had happened and that she had enjoyed it.  As soon as we got home Hugh was quickly fucking Debbie.  I think he assumed that it was my cum in his wife and was surprised when I fucked her twice more that evening.  After that I often took Debbie on my own, but we were much more careful, although she did allow a couple of other men to fuck her when it was just her and me and she fancied the man.


This went on for about three years.  Then it became more awkward for Debbie to slip away as her kids grew up, and I met a gorgeous girl and asked her to marry me.  Then with kids of my own it was my turn not being able to get away.  Then with my job we ended up moving away.  I often wonder if Debbie ever went back to dogging and if she was still with Hugh and if she was did he take her again.  I also wondered if he ever knew the full extent of his wife’s playing away.

Written by Tony

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