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Roger and Ashleigh

My wanton wife

I watched as the second man was now stabbing at her with his cock and missing her pussy

I was sat watching her sat there in her pretty floral dress sipping a cocktail and leaving a red mark on the glass from her lipstick. The hotel was really plush and that was reflected in the people there in the bar. It wasn’t a cheap hotel and its patrons...

Meeting Sir again We flirted and caught up over gin, kissed passionately on the sofa with his hands beginning to wonder over my curves. A phone call interrupted us, as he took the call I took this as a hint to remove my dress. Revealing the hot pink lace...

Dirty old Sam

older men, younger women

hot women asks for sex.

My wife suggested that we have fun with other people. So, now and again, she goes off to meet her boyfriend for a shag and I go to meet my fuck buddy. What she doesn’t know is (and this makes me laugh every time). I’m 59, she’s 55, her fuck buddy is 61 an...

Jedi Master

Jenny saw the shining light

I indicated with a laser light for Jenny to play with her own pussy, she was soon rubbing her own clioris.

I often worked in a building that was higher than the neighbors property across the road. The elevation allowed a view straight into a bedroom. I had worked there several times before I noticed that the woman would come home from work and immediately stri...

Amanda's hubby.

Holiday romance

A one off unexpected swap.

I’ve noticed that a lot of stories are based on events that happen with strangers whilst on holiday which is what happened to us and why I feel I have to share ours. Our adventure started completely out of the blue. Amanda and I have been married for 15 y...


A Surprise Gangbang

Husband planned a gang bang for his wife as a speacial treat

My husband, Darcy, and I have talked and fantasized for years about him watching me have sex with multiple men. There have been a number of scenarios we have talked about and it always ends up with me and Darcy having an explosive sex session but the fant...

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Wife goes native

Wife enjoys a holiday first

D was happily glancing around the room taking in the different scenes that meet your eyes when the party scene begins to warm up and D is one of the greatest people watchers I know, not nosey just fascinated in other peoples interaction, it all comes from...


Insane Sue Part 2

Further adventures

After my rather wild afternoon/evening I was exhausted and the drive home was an effort. I was also more than slightly ashamed of how filthy I had been and the risks I had taken. It wasn’t going to change my playing around, nor my efforts to fully satisfy...

Paul and Susan

wife asks me to fuck her lonely friend

You think you know someone.

I’m Paul, I’m 48 and married to Susan 45. Usually it’s the guy who tries to convince his wife to try something different or to consider a swap but with me it was the other way around. My wife is not the sort of person you would expect to want her husband...


More than I wanted

He brutally fucked my poor wife and treated her like a whore

My wife Toni loves to dance and I love to watch especially when she rubs herself on other men and they touch her back. She had never been unfaithful to my knowledge. I had suggested to her lots of times that I would love to see her making love with anothe...



Debra broke down in more ways than one.

Debra was just 42 years old when suddenly she became a widow. Bob had a heart attack. Once all the funeral and other paperwork was completed and monies sorted, she suddenly discovered that she was all alone. Bob had been her world and every spare minute w...

Kiley and friends

messing around leads to sex

messing around with the neighbour leads my wife to suck and fuck her husband

My wife and I are both 26. Kiley is short, about 5’5” , very pretty and slim with long black hair and I’m a little under 6’ so we are referred to by our friends as ‘the odd couple not just because of the height difference but because we click so well and...

Woodland fun


I was very horny one night a few years ago and snuck out to go dogging, I am married and bipolar so my wife doesn't know what I get up too when I go manic. I went o the M4/J18 as it often has cruising guys there. I headed into the wood after after arrivin...