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She wanted to go to a dogging site just to watch.

"I told her no, but her window was down and the men were getting her out the car."

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I was trying to get to sleep as Bell (pet name for my wife) had already rejected my advances to her. She was sat reading a magazine. I'm pretty sure she does that just to annoy me. Anyway I must have huffed at her as she told me the article she was reading was interesting. Stupidly I asked what it was all about. She informed me it was all about how to arouse and excite a woman. I told her I didn't need any magazines to know how to do that. She said that she doubted that I would pass the test at the end of the article. Stupidly I said try me, meaning for her to let me have my way with her, instead I ended up answering questions.

The first dozen or so were extremely easy and I didn't even need the mulit choice possible answers. Then by question twenty they were getting much harder and I was having to chose from the four choices. Then at question sixty four I was stumped. I had never heard of dogging and couldn't imagine any of the four possible answers could be true. So having got it wrong I declared that it was made up and rubbish. Bell showed me the questions and answers in the magazine. I, in a huff, said who the hell does that and who would know of such things. At which point Bell informed me that she had heard of it and already knew the answer. I was shocked and asked how comes she had heard of it.

Bell then told me about Mel and Roz at work. They were young girls in their early twenties and they were talking during a break about doggers. Bell assumed that they were talking about dog agility classes until she said something about loving dogs but with our small garden and house we didn't have the time or space for one. The two girls laughed at Bell and filled her in what they get up to. My wife like I, didn't believe that girls and women would go in for such things. But eventually it became clear to Bell that it was real and they did indulge in the practice of dogging.

Mel teased Bell that the men would love her as she is well stacked up top and just a little on the cuddly side. Plus Mel added that if the collars and cuff matched her blond hair they would go wild for her. Bell got embarrased, but also a bit excited. Mel then spoilt it for her saying that the men also love older women. At forty two Bell didn't consider herself old and stormed of telling Mel she wasn't old.

The talk had got me randy again and this time Bell went along with my advances on her, and we made love after I went down on her fluffy spot for her, her soft blond pubic patch. Sadly I only got fifty three out of one hundred questions right, and was told that I was in the band of must do better.

A few days later FBell beat me home and the moment I got in she was tearing at my clothes wanting a good shagging. Aferwards I asked what had made her so fired up, and she told me about the photos Mel had taken to work and showed her. The first few was with her on her knees servicing a line of cocks, sucking them. Then Mel was on all fours getting spit roasted by complete strangers. In the two photos she had two different men fucking her pussy and two more fucking her mouth. Just hearing about it had me hard again and Bell wasn't surprised when she got bent over and fucked again, this time hard form behind.

That night in bed she teased me saying that if just telling me about the photos got me that excited perhaps she should go and have some taken for me. I couldn't get hard again but I was back at her lovely bush teasing her clitty until she came again.

Over the coming weeks Mel and Roz not only told them of their latest adventures but also showed her evidence of it in more photos. The girls were trying to shock Bell with their tales. This one night after she had told me of the stories she heard that day, and described what was in the pictures she was shown, I again got very hard and fucked Bell good and hard. Afterwards in a soft quiet time, she asked would I take her to see what happened at these sites. I was very reluctant as hearing about it and seeing it would be two entirely different things, besides I was worried that Bell might want to join in and I wasn't sure how I would feel about that.

Very reluctantly, the following evening I was heading off to a beauty spot not that far from us. I was pretty late but the summer nights were long and it was still light. On driving into the carpark I could only see one car and two men stood chatting. After sitting in the car for a little while and seeing nothing I eventually got out and approached the two men. I was almost immediately offered a blow job from one of the men. I explained that I wasn't into that but was looking for doggers. The man told me we were at the right site but on the wrong evening. He soon put me right about evenings and times. The two men followed me back to my car and as I got in one went down on the other. Bell was definitely enjoying the show, and enjoyed it even more when I frigged her pussy for her, allowing the man being sucked to watch her getting frigged. She even got her tits out for him.

Afterwards we made our way back home where we had a great session of sucking and fucking that lasted quite some time. Afterwards Bell said she needed to go again, when the main action took place either Friday or Saturday evenings. Reluctantly I agreed to take her, although I worried where this might lead.

Later in the week Roz and Mel again teased Bell and she got to see more pictures, this time of Roz getting fucked as she was on her back sucking several different cocks. From the stories these two girls were wild. Never the less it did get us excited and fucking yet again. Our once or twice a week sex life had certainly been revitalised with a new life of it's own..

Friday I was scared as I drove Bell to the car park again. As we turned in there were five or six cars already there and in the distant we could see a woman of our age on her knees on a blanket taking turns sucking five different men. We pulled up almost opposite the cars she was between and sat watching the show the woman was putting on. As we just sat there I could feel my cock getting hard and uncomfortable in my jeans. Then Bell's hand was stroking my hard cock and I found my hand reaching for her pussy under her frock. I soon found a rather hot damp spot between her bare thighs. Her panties were soaked. Then Bell's hand left my cock as she raised her hips off her seat and pulled her own panties down and off.

My hand was quickly back between her thighs and with her left foot now on the dash board I had ample room to get fingers in her pussy as we watched the show between the two cars. I could feel Bell's thighs trembling as I fingered her and shortly she pulled my head down to her pussy and I was trying my best to engage my tongue with her pussy. As hard as it was I must have hit the right spots as soon she was groaning loudly and shaking like a leaf in the wind. I was also rewarded by a small gush of pussy cum. As she calmes down I sat up to see that we had attracted our own audience that had just watched me bring my wife off. The four men around our car were all wanking their naked cocks. Not only had they watched me going on Bell's pussy, but she had also released her tits for them to look at.

Several of the men were telling Bell to wind her window down. I was quickly telling her not to do it as I feared where it might lead and possibly end. Fortunately Bell listened to me and insted of opening her window she put her tits back away and strarted to pull her panties back on. All but one of the men walked away and back towards the other woman that was now fucking as well as sucking different cocks. The one man that remained at our car, a man in his early thirties at a guess, finished wanking and came on the passanger side window. Then he zipped up and walked away.

I couldn't leave the car park quick enough. Back home we never made it to our bedroom before I was in Bell's pussy banging away at it. Afterwards I had to admit just how much it had excited me. To my shock and horror Bell told me that the man that came on the window could have her any time he liked. That weekend and the following week we had far more sex than we had in years and each time the vision of the woman on the blanket sucking men as she got fucked filled my mind and I guessed that the man wanking was Bell's fantasy as we fucked and sucked each other.

Come the following Friday, Bell again wanted to go and watch. I again was reluctant to go as I feared what would happen. I'm affraid that my fears came true. I started with watching some woman being fucked across a car bonnet. It wasn't long before Bell had my cock out and was stroking it as I fingered her wet pussy. Tonight she had gone out without any panties on. The woman on the bonnet had just started to be fucked by her third cock since we had been there when another car came into the car park.

Bell recognised the car and the driver as it stopped and Mel got out. Almost immediately she was surounded by a dozen men all wanting a piece of her. Bell thought that Mel hadn't seen her, but was wrong. Mel pushed the men aside and made her way to our car and took out her considerable sized tits and leant forward leaning on the bonnet of my car. Within seconds one of the men was on her and in her making her tits rub up and down my bonnet as she got fucked from behind.

Up till now the men hadn't realized that I had Bell's tits out, but as they gathered around Mel they soon noticed Bell's state of undress and my fingers in her pussy. There were so many naked cocks waving around. I could feel Bell's pussy suddenly flood with pussy juice. The men were asking Bell to get out the car and Mel was trying to temp me out as well, telling me to come and have a go at her pussy. I instructed Bell not to undo her windows or her door. For a few moments she bobbed her head down and sucked on my cock.

I couldn't help myself and deposited a rather large amount of cum in Bell's mouth. She sat up and rolled the cum around in her mouth as she captured the small amount that had spilled down her chin with her tongue and her fingers and returned it to her mouth. Then she swallowed my load. It was at this time the man, she had watched wank himself off before, was stood at her window asking her to undo the window.

I told her no, but it was too late and her window wound down to the bottom as she grabbed the cock and sucked it deep into her mouth. I could hear her making Mmmm sounds as she sucked on his cock. I thought that at least the doors were locked. Then with no warning a hand reached in an pulled the locking button up. The man Bell was sucking was pulled to one side as the door was opened and Bell found herself being helped out of the car. She was quickly taken forward of the car and I lost sight of her as Mel who was still being fucked now obstructed my view of Bell.

I was out of the car as quick as could and tried to get through the men on my side of the car to prevent anything happening to Bell, but it was too late. Bell was already on her back and the man she had fancied was between her legs trusting away at her pussy. I was devistated, my worst dreams had come true. To make it even worse Bell seemed to be loving it, grunting and groaning as the man thrust at her. After a few moments the man withdrew and rolled her over and hoisted her onto all fours and then thrust straight back in up to his balls.

Bell squealed as he penetrated her again and then her moans indicated that she was loving it as he set his pace. This now allowed another man to kneel in front of her. He raised her drooping head and fed a thick cock into her mouth. Straight away I could hear slurping sounds coming from Bell's mouth. Yes it was my wife's first spit roasting and all I could do was watch.

This was a start of a long hot summer that had Bell along with Mel and Roz servicing lots of men. I hated every moment of watching Bell with the men, although it it always had me hard and excited at watching. I didn't always just watch as Mel and Roz often had me getting involved and either getting sucked off by them or sometimes fucking them.

I was relieved and thought it had all ended when due to my work we had to move well over one hundred miles away. I was quite happy that it was just the two of us again. Then Bell invited Mel to visit us. Mell had been told by one of her men, that traveled a lot, where our nearest dogging sites were. On her second day with us she had Bell out at a local dogging site servicing several men.

That was it, Bell was back into dogginf. Now some eight years later I am one of those men that attend dogging sites as I left Bell. I couldn't take seeing her getting fucked by so many men. Perhaps our break up caused it but Bell stopped going and now lives with another man. I am told he was one of the doggers that used to take advantage of her. I am now on my own, and it's me that is taking advantage of any woman that is prepared to put out for us men.

I was right all along and should have put my foot down and told her no and refused to take her to her first site. But far too late now.

Written by Ralph

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