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Wifes friends Stories

wifes friends
Hard worked Don

Its a hard life

I discovered that there are more ladies out there needing men to satisfy them

I was beginning to think that my sex life was coming to an end, unless I was prepared to pay for some woman’s favours. My wife had fallen ill and at almost sixty I was sad that was the end of my sex life as I wasn’t interested in paying for it. Over the y...

Masked Party

A wife takes her husband to a masked party, who soon discovers that this was not what he expected.

It was 6pm, my wife Rachel and I were almost ready, we were heading to a themed masquerade party one of her friends had highly recommended. We had our masks, hers with fancy feathers and diamantes mine resembled more like the phantom of the opera. I had n...


Whats good for the goose is good for the gander

Ray had cheated on me with two young lads much younger than her.

I had been out with my girlfriend Rachael (Ray) at a nightclub. Afterwards we went on to a late night pub for one last drink before getting a taxi home. As we entered there was a group of lads, probably in their twenties, one called out that he would. For...


She wanted to go to a dogging site just to watch.

I told her no, but her window was down and the men were getting her out the car.

I was trying to get to sleep as Bell (pet name for my wife) had already rejected my advances to her. She was sat reading a magazine. I'm pretty sure she does that just to annoy me. Anyway I must have huffed at her as she told me the article she was readin...


wife made herself cuckold.

Wife cucold herself by letting me service her friends.

At 52 years of age my wife had given up on sex. I had no idea why and she wouldn't say. I was getting very frustrated and my poor right hand was often doing overtime. Then one night in bed my wife surprised me when she told me that I should find someone e...