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Masked Party

"A wife takes her husband to a masked party, who soon discovers that this was not what he expected."

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Author's Notes

"I still love writing erotic fiction, if anyone has a fantasy they desire and can not discover a similar story then please leave a comment and I will attempt to full fill your fantasy."

It was 6pm, my wife Rachel and I were almost ready, we were heading to a themed masquerade party one of her friends had highly recommended.
We had our masks, hers with fancy feathers and diamantes mine resembled more like the phantom of the opera.

I had no idea what's so ever about this party, and would no one there apart from Rachel who would know her friend.

The party was due to start at 8pm and it was a 40min drive.

" Should we be there slightly early or fashionable late."

" I reckon slightly late " Rachel suggested

We headed off at around 7.30pm. I was actually feeling nervous about tonight, probably because of the unknown.

We soon arrived and I was blown away, the party venue was a large stately country manor, they even had staff parking the guests cars, this was proper posh.

Rachel dressed in a lovely fitted lack cocktail dress and I was in my tucks climbed the steps and entered the manor.

We were greeted by servants holding trays of drinks. I couldn't take my eyes of the two waitresses they too were wearing masks but their outfits didn't leave to much to the imagination, Rachel clocked me.

" You better close that mouth of yours before you trip yourself up"

I laughed and apologised.

We entered the main room. There was a band playing at the far side and I was taken back with the amount of guests already there.

" You did say this started at 8pm didn't you? "

" Guessing they all like to be early " Rachel stated laughing.

As I looked around at the many different masks and wondered who and what these people actually looked like.

I asked Rachel if by any chance she new what her friend was wearing, which she told me she had no idea.

I told my wife that I will go and get two proper drinks from the bar I had spotted and headed off.

I started to make my way back to the spot I had left my wife but could not see her.
Shit I thought as I scanned the room desperately looking for her. But so many people all in masks, this was proving hard.

As I stood there a female approached me.

" Thankyou is that for me?" She said laughing.

" Sorry my wifes but I've lost her, but yes by all means be my guest" as I handed her the drink.

" Thank you "

" My pleasure"

This lady introduced herself as Mandy and told me that couples often loose each other, but by the nature of the party you'll find new friends and partners.

" New partners? " I questioned

" This is clearly your first time here isn't it "

Mandy had a big grin on her face and told me that I will enjoy the night, everyone does.

I continued talking with Mandy who I found easy to speak with.

" You are aware what type of party this is don't you? "

" Of course, how could you not"

"Ok explain it to me then" Mandy asked

" Pretty obvious Mandy, it's a masquerade party, people will dance, drink and have a good time"

" Ow they'll certainly be having a good time and yes they will be drinking and dancing and you just haven't a clue where you are. Can I ask how you ended up here?"

" My wifes friend invited us to come."

Mandy took my hand.

" Come with me I've got something you might like to see, in any case you'll be more the wiser where you are"

Mandy led me through the crowded room and out through two large doors that led to a very long hall way. As we made our way along this hall we started coming across quite large rooms off to either side.

I looked into the first room.

"Holly shit."

" I see the penny has dropped then "

Mandy was laughing. You are at Europes largest masquerade swingers party.

" Fuck, really, shit, no fucking way "

Mandy was laughing.

" I think someone must have forgot to tell you"

I was still looking into this first room, just staring at couples, snogging, some have oral sex some where in groups of 3, 4 and 5.

I asked Mandy If there were other rooms

" Lots and all with different themes and fittings"

Mandy took my hand again and started showing me other rooms some looked quite scary with cages and chains, some had massage beds and others like french boudoirs but they all had bodies engaged into the early stages of intimacy.

Mandy turned my face to look at her and at the same time kissed me.

" Can I interest you to anything?"

My heart was pounding, part of me was telling me to go with it and the other half was telling me no, Rachel is here and will kick ya ass if she saw you.

" Mandy could see my struggle "

" I can assure you, your wife is probably having a good time as we speak."

Something in me took over, I took Mandy's hand and lead her into the boudoir room, there's something about that room that interested me.

We sat on a plush crimson chez lounge, Mandy leaned in and started kissing me on the lips and I responded back, we casually kissed for quite a while until I plucked up the courage to start investigating her body.

" I thought you'd never start" mandy told me smiling

I started running my hand from her shoulder over the front and to her right breast where I discovered she was wearing no bra. Her breast was quite firm and her nipple was growing with each stroke.

After a few minutes playing with her tits I ventured further down, Mandy was wearing a similar satin dress to my wife, i ran my hand down to her knees before slowly running my hand back along the inside of her legs, the hem of her dress riding up as I ventured further up until I reached her pussy.

I discovered there were no knickers either.

" You're a naughty girl " I told her

" they just slow you down and get in your way," she responded

I started to just stroke her pussy before I started to probe her pussy lips with my fingers, Mandy I discovered was very wet as my fingers started to slid in.

I heard Mandy gasp slightly as my fingers entered, we were still kissing at this stage and I slowly started rubbing her clit.

Mandy had started rocking her hips on my hand and was now moaning in time with her movements.

I broke free from kissing and slid onto the floor where I took hold and parted her knees. This is where I got a good view of a lovely shaven pussy, my wife trims her snatch nicely when going on holiday but has always refused to shave it to my disappointment.

I leant in  smelling that familiar aroma which I love, kissed her pussy before my tongue started to probe and suck, I felt Mandy's hand on the back of my head pushing my head into her pussy harder and she had started to gyrat her hips into me as well.

It wasn't long before I felt and heard Mandy reaching a climax and I felt a rush of her juices running from her pussy which I happily enjoyed.

As I started getting up Mandy told me to kiss her as she wanted to taste her juices on my lips. Her saying this was such a turn on I started snogging her hard.

Mandy told me to sit where she started to remove my trousers and pants and admired my cock. As sizes go it's not the largest but it's a good 7 inches with a decent girth.

Mandy took me in hand and lowered taking my cock into her mouth. She started slowly sucking and wanking it at the same time,

I looked around the room where everybody was engaged in some sort of sexual pleasure and different stages of undress.

I suddenly thought about Rachel and hoped she didn't come looking in this room.

Mandy after a while stood up pushed me down length ways on the chez lounge where she started to straddle me, grabbing hold of my cock guided it into her pussy where she slowly rode it.

As I lay there looking up at Mandy I started to visualise what she actually looked like. I could see from her nose down and she appeared very attractive but I'm an eye man. There is something I find extremely attractive with ladies eyes and I love looking straight into my wifes during sex.

Mandy's rhythm started getting quicker her moans were in time with every thrust and I knew i wasnt going to last much longer.

" Mandy I'm not wearing any protection and im going to come soon"

" I dont care she shouted " as I felt and heard Mandy coming on my cock her body tightened as she held her breath and pushed down harder trying to get more cock into her.

This was too much for me and I found myself coming and shooting my come into Mandy soon after.

Mandy still sat on my cock leaned down and kissed me.

" That was a perfect start to my evening,  thank you. "

She kissed me again before getting up and just casually walking off. I remained lying there trying to take in what had just happened and then quickly looking around incase Rachel was stood there, which to my relief I couldn't see her.

I put my trousers back on and walked back towards the main room, where i stopped in my tracks. I looked around from the huge doorway, I had left alot of people stood around drinking and socialising but now I was looking at groups kissing, females with their tits out and having them sucked by both sexes, men with their cocks in peoples mouths,

How long had I been with Mandy and had my wife known we were going to a large orgy. I knew what an orgy was but genuinely thought they existed purely for porn films, clearly not the case.

I decided to have a walk to see if I could find my wife, which I figured was going to be a tough challenge, firstly because many of the females had similar masks and dresses and the buildings lights had all been dimmed giving the impression of candle light.

I saw a female having alot of attention from 2 males who were totally naked, the woman was still dressed albeit had her tits pulled out over the top of her dress and the bottom pulled up around her waist.

This female looked like Rachel and my heart started beating extremely fast, i moved in to look closer, but still was not 100%, I wanted to just go up and remove her mask to see but as I stood there one of the men unzipped her dress which fell to the floor revealing a tattoo on her side. To my relief this was not Rachel and I continued my search for her. Looking around there was not one person who was not engaged in some sexual act and realised I was never going to find my wife just sat there drinking and waiting for me to return to take her home.

I've never given it a thought in watching another man or woman have sex with my wife, but now it's possible going to be a reality or at least the knowledge that she will be at some point tonight and I felt nervous but also excited but not sure how I'll cope if I actually found her.

As I stood there looking around, a naked lady, long brunette hair pierced nipples on average tits and plumpish approached placed both hands to the side of my face kissed me

" Why are you still dressed? "

This lady summoned over one of the many servants before she started to unbutton and remove my clothing, it wasn't long before I was just stood there in just a mask, the servant wrote a number on the inside of my arm before disappearing with my clothes.

" That's better, now we can all admire you gorgeous body"

This female started kissing me again whilst reaching down and grabbjng my cock as she started to stroke and wank it.

The female then started to explore my body as she lowered herself down stopping at my nipples which she licked sucked and then bit.

" Fuck, cheers  that hurt"

" You need pain to heighten your sexual experience, I could see this was your first visit, so enjoy, before you leave you will be subjected to experiences beyond your imagination sir "

She was now sucking my cock, I thought about what she said beyond my imagination thinking that it wouldn't take much as my wife on occasions has jokingly told me I wasn't that experimental in bed.

I'm now wondering how experimental my wife was prepared to go. My thoughts started visualizing my wife being screwed by many men and women and being caught up in my thoughts with this lady vigorously sucking my cock was to much and I shot my load into her mouth.

" Shit, I'm sooo sorry"

The lady laughed and thanked me as she loved swolling spunk. She told me that it was her time now as she pushed me down towards her pussy.

As silly as it seemed I found it quite a turn on not just sucking on another womans pussy but doing it whilst she was standing as silly as it sounds, all my life I've only had sex in a bed.

As I sucked on her clit she had grabbed my hair and was now pushing it harder into her snatch at the same time rotating her hips into my face, she held me there for wait seemed like ages until I felt her body to start shaking and I felt her orgasim in my mouth.

As I started to get up I was aware that we were nolonger alone there was another male kissing her tits. As I stood she drew me close and started kissing me, I felt a hand grab and start wanking my cock, I was enjoying her wanking me until realised that it couldn't be her as her one had was embracing my face and her other was holding the other mans hair who was still working her tits.

I temporary brokecaway and looked down to see the male was the one wanking me, the female whispered to me.

" I did tell you that you needed to heighten your experience, just go with it" she then continued snogging me.

I felt some lips on my cock. No having a bloke suck my cock was a little to much and as I broke from kissing a saw that a blonde female had joined us and infact it was her sucking my cock, relieved I went back with more vigour kissing this female.

We all soon moved on, as I walked through the room I saw a woman lying on her back two males at her side, she was snogging one, the other biting her nipples, I stood temporarily staring, I was looking at my dream, this lady had in my view the most sexy body I had ever seen and i found myself wanting it.

I thought fuck it and as i approached i went down and kissed her pussy, I then using my fingers spread her pussy lips, her snatch was just outstanding and found myself eating her pussy as if I'd been starved of sex.

After a while I was aware that one of the males had moved off, wanting this female I moved up her body reaching her tits which I admired and started sucking before moving to her mouth.

" You are truly the most attractive lady I have ever seen may I enter you please "

I was so glad when she moaned back to me.

" Yes, take me and fuck me please "

This female opened her legs and I felt like a pro when I managed to guide my cock into her without having to look or guide it.

Even though she was wearing a mask I could still see her eyes which I found hypnotic. Her pussy was wet but tight and I started slowly fucking her. I did not want to rush this experience. We began kissing as we fucked, she just as gentle started gyrating her hips in time with me. Our pace started to increase and I could feel in inevitable approaching which I had no control over and the moment came where I spunk my load right inside her. She thanked me and told me that she would seek me out again later. We got up and she walked off. I preyed she would so we could have sex again.

I walked a bit further on when I spotted a lady being double ended. My heart raced, was that my wife?

You would think you would be able to recognise your own wife especially stood around 10 foot away but how many of us have ever seen our spouses naked and being doubled ended wearing a mask.

She doesn't have any tattoos but she does have a small faint birth mark but that was on her right tit and out of veiw, I got a break as the man that had his cock in her mouth lifted her up and started kissing her,  as my attention was fully on this lady establishing if it was my wife or not i hadn't noticed that the other male fucking her had gone and another bloke was lying down next to her.

I watched this lady started to straddle this man who was guiding his dick into her pussy. That was when I saw it, faint but as clear as crystal, the birth mark, OMG it was Rachel and i was watching her being willingly fucked by multiple men, I started to initially feel sick but at the same time found that my cock was reaching a whole new level of erection.

I suddenly noticed my wife staring straight at me, she was smiling and she motioned me across to her.

As I reached her, still riding this strangers cock she pulled me towards her face and kissed me, she then whispered " Enjoy"
Upon which she grabbed my cock and started to suck on it. I was that excited that I did a first and found my cock exploding in her mouth.

Another female grabbed my hand and pulled me from Rachel whilst kissing me, she turned and backed into me whilst reaching over her shoulder cupping my face in her right hand where we continued kissing. I instinctively reached around and started fondling her breast with one hand the other reaching down where I started to play with her pussy.

I couldn't help looking across at my wife who was still riding the blokes cock, she was staring straight at me and smiling.

The female then lent over and started to kiss my wife on her mouth and the pair started to snog passionately.

I couldn't help myself seizing the opportunity to exploit this moment and slid my cock into this woman and started to fuck her, gentle at first slowly building up the speed as I watched my wife snogging this lady.

Still snogging, my wife repositioned herself kneeling so the male who was now knelt behind started fucking my wife doggy style.

It didnt take long before I was coming into this ladies pussy who herself had reached climax and was pushing backwards hard onto my cock.

I suddenly saw my dream lady from earlier walking nearby, I couldn't miss the opportunity so I jumped up and walked over to her, she smiled when she saw me approaching cupped my face and slowly kissed me.

" I was hoping our paths would cross again"
She told me.

My goddess who I later discovered was called Nicky led me by my hand to another room, this consisted of the largest sofas I'd ever seen, the type you just sink in where we both sat.
Nicky leaned over placing her left leg across my lap where we embraced each other kissing softly but passionately, I was running my hand over her body brushing her breast and I passed them.

I was starting to feel guilty as this was feeling like love not pure sex it was clear that we both had an instant attraction to one another.

Nicky started stroking my cock whilst we were still kissing, they were long and slow strokes before she moved from kissing me, adjusting her posture and taking me in her mouth.

I lay back savouring the moment and running my fingers through her hair. She sucked my cock for quite a while before lying back spreading her legs for me.

God she was so attractive, I slide ontop of her kissing her again and sliding my cock into her pussy and slowly started making love to her, I was not going to rush this, choosing to savour the moment.

After we had both climaxed we lay, i was still engaged in her.

" Are there rules preventing in guests swapping details? " I asked

" Yes sadly " " but I'm very easy to contact, just ask your wife Rachel"

It was then I saw Rachel stood near watching us and came over.

" I see you have met my friend Nicky, I'm glad you hit it off, I was hoping you would "

My wife was smiling as she sat next to us, leant forward stroking Nickys hair before kissing her on the lips. My wife went on to inform me that she met Nicky a while ago and the pair instantly hit it off and soon formed a relationship.

" This was a new experience for both Nicky and myself, neither of us having ever been with a woman before, myself self married and still deeply in love with you, Nicky was single but still wished to sleep with men, I proposed that Nicky could join us both, where we all could live as one and enjoy each other "

The servants retrieved our clothes and we were soon heading back all still wearing our masks. As we entered the house Rachel told us that we could remove our masks, I already knew that Nicky had the most amazing body and stunning blue eyes but here I was waiting in trepidation to see her unmasked for the first time. Nicky feeling my anticipation slowly removed her mask and stood there looking directly at me, I was certainly not disappointed,  Nickys beauty was beyond my imagination.

That night my wife, Nicky and I all retired to bed where we slept together kissing and caressing each other until we fell asleep happy.

Written by Lonely_H

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