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Younger man Stories

Younger man

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander

Ray had cheated on me with two young lads much younger than her.

I had been out with my girlfriend Rachael (Ray) at a nightclub. Afterwards we went on to a late night pub for one last drink before getting a taxi home. As we entered there was a group of lads, probably in their twenties, one called out that he would. For...


Donna had competition

In the film Donna was fucked by three lads half her age.

It was the day before my twenty first birthday when I married Donna. She was and still is the most beautiful woman that I know. Sex with Donna is still as fantastic as the first time we slept together. So now at thirty eight I was devastated when she star...


My first experience

First time a couple invited me to join

After joining this site, It was all a bit full on. But a nice couple 55M, 51F (Not even too far away) invited me to join them. After a few drinks at their local, we headed back to there to talk and become closer. Both husband and wife were great at calmin...


Young man learnd from an older woman

Albeit I have been Bi for most of my years, the following was a real situation between periods of growing experience. It is all accurate bar some poetic licence as to the dialogue. For fuck sake, we've gotta get that fucking bell sorted I thought as Margi...

Shusssh - naughty girl

Cheated on my husband during a weekend away with the girls

After licking my pussy and clit I told him to fuck me hard

Last summer I went away for a girls weekend with 4 of my friends. We’ve known each other since school, when we were all a bit nerdy! It has meant that we’ve done alright for ourselves: good jobs, nice husbands... we look after ourselves too! On the Saturd...

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Big cock

My wife wanted another big cock and I helped find her one.

Sue, my wife, had just climbed into bed with me and cuddled up to me. She held my cock gently in her hand. You may have read from my other postings that she liked and needed far more cock than I could ever give her. To that end she loved dogging and went...