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My first time with an older woman (friend’s mum)

"How being caught snooping can lead to much more"

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It was late afternoon at my mates house and his parents were out. My mate and I have such similar birthdays we often would celebrate together. (Me being older by about 5 days)

we invited a few others to come round for some food but none of them showed up so we decided to get some Chinese but of course to our luck they didn’t deliver, my mate quickly offered to walk to the Chinese as it was only a 20 min walk there and back and he needed “some fresh air”.

I soon found my self sat alone in his parents house and as a super horny 18yo I wanted to find something to wank over, my iPhone died and my friends whole family had androids meaning that charging my phone would not be possible I then thought that his dad might have some dirty magazines in his room so I ventured upstairs to see what I could find I looked everywhere but the only thing I could find was a few sex toys and some lube. The last thing I checked was an old adidas shoe box, inside was a 2010s cam corder and an extendable tripod the box was also littered with sd cards so I put one in the cam corded and to my disbelief it was a video of my friends mum being fucked by 3 different men not one of them being her husband,

At this point my dick was twitching in my pants and I hear the door open. Thinking it was my friend and knowing he wouldn’t go in his parents room I put the camcorder on the bed and bolted downstairs although to my shock I was stood face to face with his mum I greeted her and said I was just looking for a charger in my mates room, she gave me quite a cold look as though she didn’t believe me, to pass the awkward look I got I asked where her husband was and she shouted “at the pub he’ll be home soon” whilst walking upstairs. As far as I was aware she had been at work and only just got back and when I saw her she looked drained and tired however moments later she shouts for me upstairs saying “I need your help” I make my way upstairs and she is bending over the bed with nothing on I can see her pussy is wet, at this point my dick starts to throb she tells me to hurry up and that she has been waiting for a large young cock like mine she tells me she has always noticed me looking at her ass and down her blouse she turns around and says don’t just stand there as she lunges towards me falling to her knees sliding my jeans and boxers to my ankles my cock shoots up like a spring and she licks from the bottom of the shaft to the top and then continues to give the sloppiest most sexual blowjob I have ever had as I’m about to finish thinking it will be over her tits I begin to pull away to which she responds by pulling my hips closer forcing my dick further into her throat and then finally I cum my legs feeling like jelly she continued to suck every last drop of cum like drinking from a straw and then showing me her empty mouth to prove she has swallowed she rushes to clean up the small mess I made while snooping and whispered into my ear from behind just before i start walking downstairs “I’ll see you soon”

Written by Iceman_dorset

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