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Older woman Stories

older woman

You may have read about June /Susan. we changed to June after there was some possible recognition. But this is me, first sexual experiences were with copies of Health and Efficiency, whilst at school, there was a taxi office that would sell to us. I and m...


I knew Ellie was a slt and with better judgement should have fled.

I found Ellie in the gents toilets being fucked while she sucked and wanked two other lads.

Against my better judgement I had started going out with Ellie. Yes, I had heard all the rumours that she played fast and loose. But I thought that if we were an item things would change. On our first date on the way home from the cinema, Ellie had me pul...


Sexy step mother

As she pushed my face to her pussy I could see a string. Morisca pulled a pair of eggs from her pussy.

Growing up I had enjoyed being seen out with Nigel’s mother. The best way I can describe her was she was the most gorgeous glamorous woman I had ever seen. Long flowing brown hair. Big tits and very shapely legs. Nigel was the envy of every boy in school....


The best sex to date is with an older woman

As when she bent down to pick her drink up her tits nearly fell out

Hi all my name is David and I'm 28 years old. I hope my encounter with an older woman will encourage other younger blokes to try the older lady, don't be put off by age. I would like to tell about something that happened a few months ago. I was called up...


Grave robbing

June was in a short skirt with stockings, suspenders and crotchless panties, she looked bloody sexy.

At twenty-one I was still very inexperienced with girls as I had only been with three to date. The first one was in the back of a mate’s van. If it was uncomfortable for me, it was doubly uncomfortable for her even though it lasted barely three minutes be...

Lisa and Muff

Love the bush

I woke and could see up Lisa's skirt to her panties and pubic hairs escaping

It all started when I was sixteen. My mates all called me muff. That was because I had seen my mums and several bushes of girls we were at school with. I had a fascination and was obsessed with women and girl’s patches of pubic hairs. By seventeen I had n...


A Swansong for R

After eight years she felt a cock once again

I had arranged to meet R but there was no guarantee she would show. She had told me she was in a loveless marriage and only stayed with him to keep the lifestyle and the family together as she doted on her grandchildren. R was the office manager and was 6...

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Dirty M The final chapter

She came to say goodbye

I decided to have a shower, I had spent the afternoon fucking with my lover J, we fucked doggy,missionary, cowgirl and spoons. She had had two big vaginal orgasms and numerous smaller ones,too many to count. She had queened me, her dangling creamy pussy l...


Naked pussies

As I measured her feet I couod see right up her skirt to her naked pussy

There I was your typical broke student. I was struggling to pay my rent, food, clothing and beer bills. Then I got a lucky break. Besides the two bar sessions that I was doing I was told that a shoe company wanted assistants. I was straight down the high...


Best mates Step Mother

I wasn't sure how she would take, it but I straddled her, and slipped my cock up her pussy

I met Hermon when I started secondary school. It was an intake of seventy-one kids that year, so they were pretty big classes. I was a bit like Hermon in that I was an odd one out. Whilst Hermon was a little on the slow side, no, not thick, just slow. I w...


The Tennis Club

My wife enjoys a doubles session at the tennis club

This is something that happened a few years ago. My wife, Jude, was a member of our local tennis club at the end of our road and used to play there regularly. At the time she was in her early 40s. She is a petite brunette, short but curvy, with short, bob...


She was caught fucking a young man

Georgie was a sexy dirty slut that loved younger men until she got caught.

I was in a very crowded bar and trying to get back to my mates with a tray full of drinks and trying not to spill any. I contacted elbows with an older woman and she tongue lashed me saying I had spilt her drink on her dress. I apologized and continued on...