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Love the bush

"I woke and could see up Lisa's skirt to her panties and pubic hairs escaping"

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It all started when I was sixteen.  My mates all called me muff.  That was because I had seen my mums and several bushes of girls we were at school with.  I had a fascination and was obsessed with women and girl’s patches of pubic hairs.  By seventeen I had not only seen a few I ha managed to get my hands in several pairs of knickers.  Yes, dear Anna I had fumbled in her panties a few times, and like the most of the sixth form and a few of the male teachers I was treated to Malissa’s bush.  I even got to push fingers up her pussy and lick them afterwards.  Then there was poor Josie I not only got to finger hers but probably broke her hymen as there was blood when I came to lick my fingers afterwards.


By seventeen I was focusing on my mum’s friend Lisa.  Lisa was a bit younger than my mother and was probably around thirty.  She had tits real big ones, unlike the girls in school who had only just developing theirs.   She lived with her stepdaughter and husband, although he was rarely home and seemed when he was to work all sorts of strange times.  Lisa was a redhead and I started obsessing whether it was real or came from a bottle.  If it was from a bottle, it was pretty convincing and as she often wore short skirts, far shorter than a woman her age was meant to wear, I found myself trying to look up them to see what she was sporting.  I was sure that I had been caught looking several times, but the best I got was flashes of panties.


Then it happened, my moped had died, and I had a cricket match I was meant to play in and no way of getting to it or back home afterwards.  I was telling my mum hoping she would take me in her car.  She was telling me that she had other plans that she couldn’t change when Lisa pipped up that she would ferry me to and from the match.  The thought of being alone with her in her car was enough to get my cock rising and I rushed off after thanking her to my room to fantasise about her bush and her tits and wank myself off.


The trip to the cricket match was uneventful, although her perfume and the closeness had my cock twitching as I tried no to think about her bush.  Then the match started.  Lisa seemed happy to watch all the young men running around as I waited my turn to bat.  It was a good day for me as I hit forty seven before our overs were up and I was still not out.  Then I was put in wicket keeping, as the opposition took to the field.  The third ball bounced in a wrong direction and the next thing I knew was I was in hospital with some doctor peering into my eyes and I had a pretty sore head.  The doctor declared that I was ok and to take me home and keep an eye on me.  Any dizziness and I was to return at once.  The doctor had assumed that Lisa was my mother, and she made no attempt to correct his error.  After being given some pain killers I was discharged.


To my surprise Lisa took me to her house rather than mine saying that my mother wouldn’t be back for hours, and I needed looking after.  In her house I curled up on the sofa while Lisa went to make drinks.  I must have fallen asleep because when I woke, I thought I was still dreaming.  My head was in Lisa’s lap, and I was facing her.  Her short skirt had risen up and I could see not only her lemon coloured panties but several curly pubic hairs escaping from said panties.  They matched the ones on her head.


“Oh, your awake,” she said, “I was beginning to get worried and thought I might have to give you mouth to mouth to revive you.”  I tried to stutter that she could do that anyway as I tried to sit up.  Lisa held me pinned down in her lap not that I struggled that much.  “You just lie there a while and take it easy, besides you have been trying for months to look up my skirts,” she giggled.  I couldn’t refute that and just lay back down enjoying the view and the waft of the scent given off from her pussy.  As I lay enjoying the sights and smell Lisa uncrossed her legs.  This did two things.  Firstly, a lot more pubes escaped her panties and secondly it put my nose just millimetres away from her pussy and I could see a dark patch developing where she had either just peed a little or was getting wet.  I just hoped it was the latter.


Lisa asked was I enjoying it down there and I told her very much so.  She told me that I could touch it if I liked.  I liked, and she squealed a little as my tongue snaked out and ran across the damp patch making it darker and wetter.  “Oh, you naughty boy.  I meant with your fingers,” she gasped making no attempt to stop me running my tongue over it again and again.  She groaned something but I didn’t hear it and then her own fingers were pulling her panties to one side giving my tongue unfettered access to her widening crack and a great view of her ginger bush.  I had often dreamed of licking a pussy, any pussy, but never imagined that the first one I got to lick would be my mother’s best friend’s pussy.  Lisa’s hands were now cradling my head as I continued to lick up and down her now wide open pussy.  Her juices were now flowing freely, and I was enjoying lapping it all up.  She smelt and tasted even better than I had imagined.


It was now that a hand left my head and seconds later was fumbling at the zip on my trousers.  She gasped again as she freed my now rock hard cock from its confinement.  She said something about being bigger than she expected as she started to slowly wank it for me.  It was far from being my first wank but hers was the most skilful that I had experienced.  Then she did something that no woman or girl had ever done before.  She bent over and sucked it into her mouth.  I almost came on the spot.  How I held back I will never know, but I did.


I couldn’t take much of that and told her to stop or I would come.  Lisa just sucked harder and as warned my cum was gushing out and filling her mouth that was still firmly clamped onto my throbbing cock.  Then as me cum subsided and my cock started to wilt, I asked why she hadn’t stopped.  Lisa informed me that young men got so excited and usually ruined a good fuck by coming too soon.  Having come once the second time usually lasted much longer giving a much better fuck.  Lisa told me to go back to sucking her pussy, which I had stopped when I started to get too excited.  I didn’t need telling twice, and soon had my tongue in her crack and as deep as I could in her pussy while I reflected on what she had said.  I just hoped that she meant that I was to get to fuck her.  I tried not to get too excited and show that I was a virgin as I performed my duties on her pussy.


I must have been doing it ok as she was now moaning and with each lick and suck, she was getting louder with her moans and also louder with her instructions of where to lick and how she wanted it.  I was really getting into it and had almost forgotten about my cock, but Lisa hadn’t, as she moved us around so that she was now on top of me kneeling down onto my face.  She was writhing her pussy all over, not just my tongue but also most of my face.  Then her mouth was sucking my cock into her orifice again and sucking hard on it.  I could feel it pulsing as she prepared me to lose my innocence. 


Then suddenly no more sucking and no more pussy in my face as Lisa was up and off me and getting undressed.  Then she was telling me to do the same.  Then as I was divesting myself of my last few items of clothes Lisa had placed herself on her knees and leaning on the sofa seat.  “Hurry up I need that cock of yours in my pussy.  I had seen plenty of women getting fucked in the doggy positions in magazines, so I knew what to do even if I had never done it before.  I was soon feeding my cock into Lisa’s pussy.  She had to tell me to take it easy as I was trying to go too quickly and hard before she had time to adjust to it. 


Then the moaning started, and it wasn’t just Lisa moaning.  I found myself joining her and moaning with almost each thrust.  She was right about the second time, and I felt I could fuck for the rest of the day without coming again as I now slipped effortlessly in and out of Lisa pussy.  I was amazed to see her pussy lips sort of disappear up inside her as I drove in and then pulled out as they seemed to grip onto my cock as I withdrew.  I had been fucking Lisa for a good fifteen minutes when she was suddenly doing most of the thrusting and her moans had reach a very high level.  Then her pussy was gripping my cock even tighter as she squealed, groaned and announced that she was coming.  Then she went rigid, and I was left to do any thrusting, just before she suddenly collapsed, and want floppy like a rag doll.


I still had no longings to come yet and just kept thrusting at her now rather wet and sloppy pussy.  The Lisa gasped at me to slow it down as it was far to sensitive.  I really wanted to bank harder but guessed that she knew better so I slowed things down.  Lisa was now getting regular little shivers as I continued to slide slowly in and out.  It was at this time that Lisa took one of my hands and cupped her tit with it and told me to massage it.  I had forgotten about those big tits, and as I started to gently squeeze, I discovered that her nipples were quite long and rock hard.  Lisa guided my fingers to the nipple and had me gently roll it around and gently pinch it. 


Then the next shiver was a much bigger one and that led to another and another.  The third one was verging on an earthquake as her hips had stated to thrust back again.  I was told to nibble on her ear and neck.  I was multi-tasking.  Don’t ever let a woman tell you men can’t multi-task.  Here I was fucking her pussy, playing rougher and rougher with her tit and nipples, and now nibbling and sucking on her neck and ears.   Suddenly Lisa was shouting for me to fuck her harder and faster.  I had to give up on sucking her neck and ears as I was now slamming into her pussy with some vigour.  Lisa started slowly but tremors were wracking her body and they seemed to be building.  Then suddenly she went uncontrollable, and I was struggling to hold onto her and continue our fucking as she thrashed around like a fish out of water.


Then her pussy tightened up to the point of being almost painful as I tried to continue pumping.  Then it happened.  I started shaking and knew what to expect.  In seconds my second load of the day was surging along the length of my cock and erupting into the depths of Lisa’s pussy as I grunted as spurt after spurt hit her womb.  Then I collapsed on top of Lisa gasping for breath.


Then Lisa was telling me to get off her.  I thought she was upset but it turned out that she was struggling to breath due to my weight on her.  I started to apologise to her for coming in her without a condom and making her pregnant.  Lisa laughed and told me there was no chance of that as she was barren and couldn’t have kids of her own.  I was relieved to hear that.  Not that she couldn’t have kids, but the part that there was no chance of me becoming a dad.


We lay for a while stroking each other and I was pleased to hear Lisa tell me that I was a better fuck than she had expected.  I never told her that she was my first, well not at that time anyway.  Then she was telling me that we should dress as her husband and stepdaughter would be home shortly.  We were sat separately when her husband and stepdaughter arrived home.  Lisa explained that I had been to hospital and that she was keeping an eye on me until my mother got home in case I suffered any repercussions of my accident.


A short while later Lisa walked my up the street to my mother’s house.  On the way I asked if I could see her again.  Lisa told me that we would see.  Later as I lay in bed, I tried to relive seeing Lisa’s bush along with her tits and reimagine what our lovemaking was like.  I ended up wanking again as I lay there. 


It was just over a week later when I got home from school.  I hadn’t even time to get to my room for a wank when my mother told me that Lisa needed a hand to move some furniture.  I tried not to show any excitement as I told my mother that I would make my way down to her house now.  I was told that tea was just sandwiches so there was no need to rush and do whatever Lisa needed.  I didn’t need my mother’s last instruction as I had planned to give Lisa whatever she desired.


On arriving at her house, Lisa let me in dressed in only a see-through nighty.  As I had guessed there was no furniture to move.  It was movement of a different type that Lisa was looking for.  As we went up stairs to her bedroom I asked where her husband and stepdaughter were.  Rob was at work and wouldn’t be back for a few days and her stepdaughter was with her father for the weekend.  We had the house to ourselves.  I was soon naked in her bedroom fondling her through the nighty as we kissed.  It dawned on me that it was our first kiss even though we had previously fucked.


It wasn’t long before we were in the sixty-nine position again and I was enjoying her bush as I licked her out and Lisa sucked my cock to another load of cum that she swallowed.  Then after more play I was again on top of Lisa only this time in the missionary position.  I enjoyed sucking Lisa’s tits as well as kissing her as we fucked.  Lisa again had a series of little orgasms before a massive one that again milked my cock.  After a rest where we cuddled and stroked each other we were at it again and this time I was shown how to spoon with her.  I finally left a third load deep in her pussy before having to go home. 


My mother asked about what furniture took so much time to move, and I told her that Lisa was decorating her stepdaughter’s room while she was at her father’s house, so I had given a hand with some preparation work.  Mum told me what a good boy I was and so accommodating.  If only she knew the half of it.    Next day being Saturday, my mother assumed that I was off out with my mates.  I was straight down the road to Lisa’s house and in minutes we were back in bed fucking like rabbits.  In fact, I spent nearly all weekend there and only returned home at just gone nine p.m.   Mother asked why I was so late, and I told her that I had returned to help Lisa replace the bedroom furniture for her stepdaughters return before coming home.  I was again told what a good boy I was.


That first time and the weekend end was the start of what was a twenty year long affair.  My mother, God rest her soul, had no idea that I was servicing her best friend whenever I got the chance.  Lisa’s stepdaughter got pregnant, not mine I hasten to add, and went to stay permanently with her father before marrying the baby’s father Lisa’s husband.  As for Lisa’s husband, Lisa informed me about a year into our affair that he was aware of our relationship and was quite happy to allow it to continue as long as it didn’t upset his home life when he was home.  Lisa said that she was aware that whilst he was away from home, he had many affairs.  I guess it was a sort of open marriage agreement. 


Then Lisa’s husband was killed in a traffic accident.  After a short while after his death, we came clean about our relationship, and I moved in with her.  Two years later we married and are still married and happy to this day.  Lisa is the only woman that I have ever slept with, and she is well aware of my fascination for women’s bushes.  To that end she often sits with me trolling the web for nice bushes for me to look at.  I have never found the want, or need, to wander and sample other ladies and to my knowledge I was Lisa’s only other man to sleep with other than her late husband.  The age difference has never worried us, although we had heard others comment on it.


As for Lisa’s bush.  It is still a gorgeous ginger bush that I love to dive into whenever I can.  Hope you like my penned account even if it wasn’t as bold as some of your literary explorers.

Written by Lisa and Muff

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