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Hairy Stories


A close shave

Julie had escaped from prison and psych wards for killing her rapist.

I have changed our names as this is a true account of what happened to me. I had owned my new house for just over six months, and due to all the work I wanted done on it, had only moved into it three weeks back. I was sat having just opened a bottle of Me...


All the advertising I need.

I thought she was wearing black panties, but it was the hairiest pussy I had ever seen.

It started just after I was made redundant. I had a big enough pay-out to sit things out until I picked up both my state pension and my works pension, but quickly I was bored with sitting around. It was my wife’s fault, she suggested that as I was good at...

Lisa and Muff

Love the bush

I woke and could see up Lisa's skirt to her panties and pubic hairs escaping

It all started when I was sixteen. My mates all called me muff. That was because I had seen my mums and several bushes of girls we were at school with. I had a fascination and was obsessed with women and girl’s patches of pubic hairs. By seventeen I had n...


Our new house

As she went up the stairs I could see her bush of pubic hair, she had gone au natural.

I had just left my bank manager and he had told me the most that I could have for a mortgage on a second home. I had to dash to see the estate agent at the house that I fancied. I was surprised that it wasn’t the chap that I had organised the viewing with...


Not into bald pussies

It was a good job Brenda didn't know I was fucking her mother and sister.

I had been going out with Brenda for just a few weeks. At twenty three I was just a few years older than Brenda and I thought she was perfect. She had a great body and a gorgeous face that needed lots of kissing. That along with a big pair of tits I thoug...


Muff diving

while Ron was muff diving Alma's pussy I was diving in diving in his wife glend's pussy

The first bad snow of the winter had just fallen and I decided to take the bus instead of risking my car. I had only moved into this neighborhood two months back and didn't really know anyone. I had just waddled into the shelter when I watched a neighbors...

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Big Boy

I’ve always had a thing about my sister in law Helen and I’ve always liked hairy women and I found out back in the 70’s that she fell into this category. We were on the beach one day in Bournemouth, the sun was out and was getting quite warm. We all decid...


Giving wife to John 3

Wife seduced over time and made pregnant

Following on from our story of 23rd &28th Jan. Both me and Pam are in just our dressing gowns when John entered. He wished Pam a happy belated birthday, got up to get him a drink and he quickly sat down next to her and handed her one of the presents sayin...


Giving wife to John 2

Wife seduced over time and made pregnant.

Following on after leaving the bedroom and having shot my load I retired to the spare bedroom. It doesn’t seem quite as exciting after you think and reflect on what might follow. I stayed there all night hoping Pam would come looking for me, I had heard t...