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Car Stories



a fucking good weekend

It was a month after our 6sum that we went on a trip, all six of us. Three hours after we set off, Andy turned off the road and bounced up a track. "Almost there." "I'm glad I never bought my car." I commented. We drove through some trees then into the op...


I thought it was a one off Part Three. two one

A one night stand with a Taxi driver leads to trouble

I Thought it was a one off Part Three two and One Down previously shown. Part Three I arranged to go for a coffee with Mr Fowler, my husband was in the office at home and I had finally developed the courage to face Mr Fowler. I have to say it was a very p...

Sir Arthur Cumalot

Lust Story

Taking my wife's cherry

LUST STORY Even after all this time, we're still mad for each other and deeply in love. With no distraction of kids, I think a lot of our mutual attraction is down to our age difference of a good few years.  I met Ellen a few weeks before her 21st birthda...

She was ready for this.

A lot of planning for this.... Part 1

Let us go back a little, I met this amazing woman on a chat app, we got talking and over a few months the chat became sexual. Now I tend to hide my dogging and bisexual side a lot since well, it is no body's business to know. I am bi to the point of fun n...


Dogger or cuckold?

Living the dream.

I'm Alexander, most people call me Alex. I've been married to Elizabeth, Liz, for ten years. No kids. We have a wonderful sex life together, though I freely admit, I have cheated a few times, usually when away from home. Liz also occasionally has to stay...

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Debra broke down in more ways than one.

Debra was just 42 years old when suddenly she became a widow. Bob had a heart attack. Once all the funeral and other paperwork was completed and monies sorted, she suddenly discovered that she was all alone. Bob had been her world and every spare minute w...


Another Night at the Reservoir Back in the 80s Part 2

Its history now but i was conned and used and rather enjoyed it

I suggest you read part one from two weeks ago to understand this second part of my experience. I would be a bare face liar if I didn’t say how much I had enjoyed my session with Kevin I hadn’t felt like that for year’s However two things worried me was I...

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My wife, Lily, Hotwife with boyfriends, taken on dates, but sometimes went whoring.

"My pussy and mouth are for other men to use nowadays, ha ha cuckold"

My wife, Lily, Hotwife with boyfriends, taken on dates, but sometimes went whoring. Lily enjoyed 'denying' me sex and said "My pussy and mouth are for other men to use nowadays, ha ha cuckold" Lily has now realised some men like to use her arse and she ha...

My friend in the car in front drove off, and I noticed that the car that had been parked behind me had also gone leaving just me and one car further down the lay-by. I decided to move closer to the other car but before I could do that 3 new cars entered t...


Cumming of age

Summer of slut... part one

We married young.... I was 20 and my wife just 18. The first few years were filled with constant sex and experimentation, she built an impressive collection of toys and sexy underwear, outdoor sex and car fun quickly became a regular occurrence and dirty...