Started as just a story Erotic

Story that became reality…

A text story that became reality one afternoon.......

I want to strip you slowly and explore your gorgeous body
Running my hands over every sexy part of your, kissing your neck and skin, as I move lower down around each breast, teasing your erect nipples 1 by 1. Your hands running through my hair as kiss lower, around your belly as I go.
Gently moving down your side, down your sexy leg as my hands run down then making my way back up and dow… Read more

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I love sucking cock and my fantasy was to get a multi cock facial Erotic

The more the spunky merrier…

I am bi , i get my rocks off fucking men or women.
I do love to suck cock , any size , any colour , heavy cummers are my favorite, i do swallow, what i do like is to get a facial while i wank off.
My fantasy was to get a facial from lots of errect cocks.
One of my suck buddies said he would as around and sort me out , a phone call a few days later and i was in , he said there was 5 sorted but there maybe 2 or 3 extras.
Carl said i could use h… Read more

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The Headmistress Study Erotic

revisting the head mistress old study for punishment…

I have never thought of myself as being particularly submissive,but being married happily for many years, we have led full sex lives and indulged in roleplay on occasions. So what I am about to relate, for me is unusual and something that has not happened before.
I am Heather, happily married to John, he has mentioned this site before and I have read some of the rather imaginative stories, however I thought my recent experience would entertain … Read more

Bob is a great friend but Vicki i love to fuck Erotic

CD arrangement…

I have known Bob for years , married with 2 kids that have left home.
But Bob is also Vicki , he transforms himself into a CD slut and we have fun.
The 1st time years ago we were having a heart to heart and he just came out with it saying he got off to wearing his wifes undies , she didnt know , he even wore her knickers at work.
The thought didnt freak me out , i asked him can i see him dressed up , we arranged a weekend his wife had gone to … Read more

School teacher kinky reunion- lady fun Erotic

There was always rumours she was gay…

When i was in 6th form , a new teacher arrived at school Miss Bamber ( Janice ) she was in her mid 20s very popular, attractive she always had time for everyone , there was a rumour going round that she liked both men and woman.
Anyway i finished school, went to Uni and moved to London this was 8 years ago , i was confused about my sexuality and i experimented with both men and woman , then just before last christmas i went to my fav gay / fun b… Read more

Another train ride Erotic

How to while away a business trip.…

I had gone away on business and had caught a morning train out of London to Birmingham or somewhere north. I had bought a Penthouse Letters magazine which I was reading. As usual these randy letters were turning me on and I could feel a really nice hard-on growing in my trousers. The carriage was pretty much empty except for a young guy sitting in the window seat across from me facing me. Reading more I slid my hand into my lap and began stroking… Read more

Cancelled gymn class and a invite to something else Erotic

Ive always thought about it - this time there was no turning back…

I have been going to a keep fit class for a few weeks but last week the instructor had to cancel at the last minute.

It was only a small class about 5 or so , some of the girls left i got talking to C younger than me but very chatty, walking to the carpark she suggested to go back to hers to do a training video with her .

She said lived alone and she only lived 10 mins away .

Anyway she asked me to follow her , i followed her into her ho… Read more

HongKong flight of lady pleasure Erotic

Maybe it was the alcohol or the smell of her perfume but i wanted her…

This happened last summer during my flight back from HongKong after a short business trip I was booked for a return flight back to London and as my presentation was a success my boss upgraded me to business class - ( thanks Jim )

It's nice to get a upgrade , like most girls I like to get pampered and when flying long haul you , they go the extra mile to make your business flight a experience you won't forget.

Anyway back to my story, the b… Read more

First dogging suck Erotic

It was my first…

I have been curious for so long , always wanting to see what would happen and what i would do.
Last week i decided to go to a hit & miss dogging carpark.
It was just getting dark , there were a few dog walkers and a few cars parked up , i was having a smoke and hoping for something.
Then a car pulled up , a few glances and he got out of his car, he walked away past my car then he came back , a rub of his cock showed he was keen.
I rolled my w… Read more

Bi female affair - what do i do ? Erotic

The introduction of her strap on was a game changer…

I am married but i have been having a bi lesbian fling with my new bi curious buddy .

To cut a long story short , we met at a bar on a girly night out , we had a sneaky snog when no one was looking , we swapped mobile numbers and we met up in Lillys apartment for a afternoon of female/female exploration, plenty of kissing , carressing , nipple sucking , licking , fingering , mind blowing , it was everything i wanted and more , my orgams were s… Read more

A time to experiment Erotic

I was only young but i wanted to try…

When i was young i wanted to experiment , i had boy friends and i was willing to try foreplay with my boyfriends , Messy handjobs , fingering , then the joys of oral, then my 1st time was all fumbling and it was all over before it began.
Then like everything i got better and more adventurous, then i got close to a girl friend , we kissed and fingered each other , then enjoyed each others pussy , then sue left the area , we kept intouch but like … Read more

A Suprise for Princess part 3 Ben and the bedrrom. Erotic

Princess learning the ways of a male Master…

A surprise for Princess
# 3 Ben and the bedroom...

Ben carried me in...He stood me on the rug near the fire that was already alight giving of lots of heat. Then said stay goes across the room to lock the door he does so then comes back looking at me the whole time and me of course watching him. He reached me crouched to my feet and grabbed the hem of my dress and he slowly lifted it up as he rose just as slow. When he started to reach my wais… Read more

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Lunch Date Erotic

An interesting walk to lunch…

She stepped from the shower wrapping herself in a thick towel. reaching for another to wrap around her hair she hear the soft tones of her phone starting to ring.
As she reached to answer it she felt a surge of excitement as she recognised the number.
It was him.
"Hi, It's me"
Even the sound of his voice caused a flutter in her stomach.
"Do you have any plans for lunch?"
Any plans that she had evaporated in an instant.
"No, why wh… Read more

Rugby men fun Erotic

It was a opportunity i was not going to miss…

I am a typical male , i love my sport ( especially rugby ) going to the gymn , drinks with the lads , lads holiday ( ibiza 2012 full on ) and i go for the typical woman , confident , sexy , boobs and a good arse .......we all know the script.
But last Christmas something happened that i never thought would happen to me , i needed a all over massage , with lifes stresses and going too hard in the gym and on the pitch , i looked on line then i saw… Read more

Bathroom Fitter Erotic

Cum in the Garden…

During last years really hot summer a neighbour had a new bathroom fitted out and they'd gone away for a couple of weeks leaving the workman their keys. I noticed him at lunchtime on the first day laying out the fittings and workbench in their garage ..... about 30, lean, tight body, cropped hair, clean shaven. For a couple of days I only heard him next door ripping out the old fittings, then on the fourth day he knocked on my back door. At home … Read more

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Military naval female - 1st time with a woman Erotic

I was hooked and i wanted more…

I have been in the Navy for 5 years , i have had a few boy friends in the Navy and at home.
With my work my home relationships were a bit hit and miss , and i tried long distance relationships but they were not faithful enough and if i have to be honest i didnt expect them to be.
In the navy i would sneak into his room and he would try and get in my block , in the end we had our fun either in our cars or we would go to a B & B or a hotel.
Yes … Read more

My mate made a pass at my lovely wife Erotic

Groped in the Kitchen…

I cant concentrate, thinking about an erotic incident last week. I moved away from my home town over 30 years ago and sort of lost contact with my old friends. Out of the blue last year I heard from a couple of old mates and we met for drinks in the summer. Back in the day they were good looking blokes and used to shag around and I tended to be at the end of the queue.
It was when I moved away that I met and married K. a lovely looking gir… Read more

Sauna oral free for all Erotic

Jacuzzi fun…

I was in blackpool on a course , so i was looking forward to going to my fav gay sauna.
Been here a few times , sometimes its hit and miss , this time there were a few in , i had a sauna then got in the Jacuzzi , a few passed by had a look and left , i got out had a shower and a play with myself , a few looked in i walk past them and in the sauna , i was playing with my dick , then a stocky lad , looked over and flashed me his dick , mine was ha… Read more

The Sex Party... Erotic

When you are in, you are in. Literally...…

As I mentioned in my previous story, I had been keen to join a rather exclusive private party with some of the local swingers in my area.
And when I got the chance to join them, I was so excited that I almost missed the catch. The only caveat was, I could not come alone. And as a single man in the lifestyle, you are always aware that no party wants more penis than pussy. Its basic math really. The acceptable balances are always at worst, 1-1, t… Read more

My girlfriends sister having “me time” in the bath Erotic

I played with my cock as i listened…

My girlfriend ( Sara ) had her own flat and we had many a erotic moment all over her flat , even the garage after a drunken night.
Anyway my story is my girlfriends sister ( Ali) used to live with her but she had a locked cupboard with all things in there.
Ali is about 24 , very confident and sexy , unknown to me Sara had spoken to Ali , she wanted somewhere to crash and have a bath , she had been camping with her mates.
I popped around to get… Read more

Launderette blow job Erotic

I thought for a second and then went for it…

Close to were i live there is a 24 launderette, the weather was shit last week and my dryer picked a great time to stop working.
So with 2 bags off i went , it was late a few people in , it was warm and there was a vending machine.
Then a middle aged guy came in and we exchanged pleasantries, he told me the laundrette was safe there were cameras but not in the rest rooms.
We chatted and the pubs and clubs he was talking about were bi / gay.
H… Read more

Exploring my bi side in the RAF Erotic

It was exciting , and i wanted it every night…

I am currently in the RAF stationed in oxfordshire , i am single but i have always been bi curious , ive had a little play here and there but nothing to write home about.
That all changed over the festive period , i was on a week long guard duty .
I pulled the short straw and my duty was the far side of the runway , i had a radio , mobile phone , tea and coffee and a few mags to read.
My 1st night was challenging but once in the swing i made t… Read more

I keep putting it off Erotic

I want to try more kiny and dirty things…

Hi i would like too share a few things with you all im a overweight guy with a very high sex drive and i keep having the same sexual desires week after week it all started 7 years ago when i found myself eating my lunch and saw lots of people walking past into some woods next too where i was parked i was very intrigued too what was happening so i finished my sandwich and went for a walk ... to my amazement i saw a eldery woman not pretty at all s… Read more

Food sex toys Erotic

I love using fruit & vedge as sex toys…

Being a frustrated teenager , i would masterbate with anything i could get my hands on , my favourite was turning my electric toothbrush on full on my clit.
I was to shy to buy sex toys , then after a drunken night i was looking in the fridge and there was a oddly shaped phalic carrott , with a wash and watching porn on my laptop, i let my carrot dick fuck my pussy , it was intense and with my fingers rubbing my clit , i came,
That was the star… Read more

Wifes running partner Erotic

Wifes fun at the running club…

My wife has always enjoyed running and after moving from her hometown to join me 30 miles away she had got out of running for about a year and then decided she would like to start doing it again. I had no objection to this due to her looking red hot in lycra leggings, she really does have an incredible arse so positively encouraged her.
After several weeks of running alone she had bumped into a guy who was also running and he invited her to run … Read more

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Feet i love them Erotic

Ive always had a thing about feet…

We all have our thing , boobs , arse , face , legs , mussels, mine is feet , my girlfriend could wear her sexy undies in bed , a naughty sexy nurse or school girl outfit and yes she will look hot but its her feet that do it for me , bare foot or in stockings or if its my special time she puts her foot in her lacy panties .
Ive had my share of girls and when sharing likes and dislikes in bed , i say feet and they give me funny looks , i will mass… Read more

She's the Boss! Erotic

A wager gone (nicely) wrong…

Mid 2016, I start chatting to a single woman on the site, and while she was a little hesitant in her replies at first, I could tell she was a little kinkier than the average lady.
After some back and forth in our conversations, we agree to meet for a drink and see if the real life chemistry matches that of the mails.
I clean up nicely, and off I go.
She arrives as arranged...elegantly dressed and ever so polite. I cannot believe my luck.
I … Read more

2nd encounter Erotic

Our 2nd meeting this time it was at his house , I know a bit risky , but that was what was exciting me.…

2nd encounter

So we arranged to see each other again , this time it was to be at his house , yes I know a bit risky as I don’t really know too much about this man, this man that I’m know calling Master.
He told me to dress really sexy again , so this time I wore a tight black dress with a very low v neck , & stocking& suspenders , thong & high heels , I also before going round had a glass of wine to try & relax my nerves.
I arriv… Read more

My mates slutty sister Erotic

I heard she liked fun and i was right…

I was born and bred in Norwich , but with work and a failed marriage i moved away.
I always kept intouch with my mate Jonno , i always got on well with his family , some of our parties will never be forgotten.
J has a younger sister , she got married and there was talk she was playing around with a married man.
Anyway lets get to the chase - i was invited to a party just before christmas all the family were there including Tina my mates sister… Read more

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Unexpected perks of private health care Erotic

Unexpected examination at the Doctors…

Over the years I’ve been provided private health care through work, and whilst I’ve been relatively dismissive about the benefits it’s fair to say I never really used it. However once I turned 45 I was offered a annual physical examination and check up free of charge, so decided to take advantage.

Since then I’ve have seen it has certain benefits, lovely private clinics, charming medical teams and as much time as you need. Overall qui… Read more

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