A Swinging Life - Episode 1 (part 3 of 3) Erotic

Ruth and David (and Lesley)…

I woke up disappointed to find that I was alone in the bed. Ruth must have decided to spend the night with David. Waking up to her the day before had been a pleasant change to my normal student routine. Beds in the halls of residence weren’t designed with that luxury in mind, in fact they were probably designed to discourage it. I heard some noise downstairs and decided to see who was up and about. Ruth was in the kitchen cooking

“You sho… Read more

A Swinging Life - Episode 1 (part 2 of 3) Erotic

Ruth and David…

I woke up the next morning and momentarily couldn’t figure out where I was. Then it came to me, I was at Ruth and David’s house. I thought about last night’s events and turned to see Ruth still fast asleep. I tiptoed to the en-suite to have a pee, trying not to disturb her but by the time I got back into bed she was stirring. “Morning” she said as she cuddled up to me, putting her head on my chest. I could feel her ample tits pressing u… Read more

A Swinging Life - Episode 1 (part 1 of 3) Erotic

Ruth and David…

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been swinging for over thirty years now. I started swinging as a single guy and it looks like that’s the way I’ll finish, but I’m happy to say that for most of the time it’s not been the case.

There’s a heirachy in any sort of swinging scene and as you get older your position in it changes. Of course the young beautiful people will always be at the top but I was never in that league. There was not… Read more

Meeting after horny text Erotic

Tongue exploration…

My desire is heating up again reading all our horny messages they are so hot I can feel my pussy aching to be filled by you after all the amazing foreplay we have talked about. My knickers are lace and very sticky with juices that have been flowing all day long. I keep sliding my hand into them to taste and smell my sex juices imagining your hands playing with my pussy through my panties. The idea of you moving them to one side to finger me dee… Read more

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Meeting Elizabeth and Steve Pt2 Erotic

Part 2…

Meeting Elizabeth and Steve Pt2
A Younger guy got up from a group sat opposite and came across to where Elizabeth and I were seated, Sorry he said, Do I know you? I said no I don’t think so. To which Elizabeth said “maybe, I come to Brighton quite a lot”. That sent my mind swirling with the idea that the two of them do this quite a bit. The guy smiled and went back to his group. There was a lot of staring and a few giggles that would’ve … Read more

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Meeting Elizabeth and Steve Erotic

This will be in parts, but worth the wait…

Meeting Elizabeth and Steve

The day had arrived and Brighton was my destination. I’d not been to Brighton for years excitement surged through my veins as I made my way south. Anticipation was making me sweat and I was drifting into a sort of daydream. There in my mind’s eye was that Image I’d espied a few weeks before. Picture this.. A stunning looking dark haired woman had adorned my PC screen and I had to dig to find out who she was. I… Read more

Canaries Cock And Pussy 2 Erotic

Her pussy was dripping…

The day after that first fuck Shirley came round to visit my friends in their villa. We all sat around on the patio chatting and she kept flirting with me again, sitting next to me at the table near the pool and stroking my leg, my back and neck. I'd told my friends that morning that I'd fucked her and they weren't surprised, they knew she always acted the 'lady' but when she was out with them at gay bars and clubs in Gran Canaria she was a real … Read more

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Upskirt fun Erotic

Ive always loved upskirt fun with my girlfriend…

My last 2 girl friends loved my turn on which is upskirt or open leg panties glimpse.
We would arrange to meet out doors or in a pub or club and from a far they would appease my fetish and glimse me a look at their panties, just for the record white cotton panties do it for me and on occasion stockings and sussies would get me rock hard and so turned on .
In the warmer months we would find somewhere discreet and fuck ,pantie gusset pulled to on… Read more

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Club Night Out Erotic

A night out with my wife that turns into a surprise…

Club Night Out

Many moons ago a little nightclub existed nearby called Majestics that my wife and I use to frequent to save us going into the city, cheap booze and good music was always on the cards and thankfully it had both, along with a surprise neither of us was expecting on out Saturday night out.

Aubrey was a small and pert beauty of a woman with a huge smile and deep dark eyes that any unsuspecting guy would lose himself in, and on t… Read more

Jenine's Experiment Erotic

Jenine and Arthur continue their adventure…

Jenine and Artur’s vacation had been wonderful so far, guided by James, with whom they had developed a close and trusting relationship, they had seen more of London than a tourist would and enjoyed erotic, sensuous but safe adventures of sexual discovery.

They had both noticed how their libido was heightened, even when just alone their sexual excitement was at a peak. They would make love at the drop of a hat as their memories or some recol… Read more

Interview for a new job - Monday continued Erotic

I finally sign the contract…

I closed my eyes as I felt Johns cock start to grow hard in my mouth, I felt his hands in my hair as he pulled my head harder onto his cock forcing himself deeper into my mouth, I built up a steady rythym as my mouth moved u and down his shaft, my saliva mixed with his precum making him wet and slippery…. I heard Rob talking on the phone but couldn’t make out his conversation, he hung up and then spoke to John “I told you she was better tha… Read more

Tailor Shop Cock 3 Erotic

Leather glove fingering…

I decided I wasn't going back to the Tailors shop for a few weeks but whenever I could I was wanking, thinking about what a horny time I'd had there with the two old gentlemen pervs. I kept fantasising about being back there with them and wanked myself, emptying my balls at the thought of them both playing with me, their old hands all over my firm young flesh, Norman kissing me as I smelt his expensive cologne, Charles gobbling my cock and feathe… Read more

Tailor Shop Cock 2 Erotic

Went back for more…

So two weeks later I went back to the shop for my final fitting for the suit. I called in late afternoon again, nearly 5.15 and only Norman was in. He was probably 60 or older, slightly stocky, very smartly dressed in suit trousers, shirt and tie, leather slip on shoes, grey hair, clean shaven. He said his partner Charles would be back soon and asked if I'd like to try the suit or wait. I told him I'd wait and started to look around the shop at … Read more

Jenines adventures continue Erotic

American couple try cuckold…

The vacation thus far had been wonderful, the tone set on day one with James as the perfect guide; in oh so many ways ensured that all were relaxed and comfortable with each other. Arthur had travelled up to Leicester on his business with his eager bride Jenine waiting for his return. It would be unusual for them not to make love immediately, shower, then plan the evening sojourn. They particularly loved English pubs where they could drink rela… Read more

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A London Holiday Erotic

Athur and Jenine have a tour guide experience…

It was bright summer day in London, Arthur and Jenine had had a good journey and were pleased with their room in the Hilton metropole. The Hotel was very central, equidistant between Hyde and Regent’s Park. They were about to meet James for the first time, they had established a rapport via the internet. James styled himself as a charming and cultured man but he had, on occasion met couples like Arthur and Jenine to explore his own delicate … Read more

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The Photo Shoot Erotic

A surprise extension happens after a family celebration…

Tony or his full Italian name of Antonio Vella Di Casiaris had seen better days and business as a photographer, he was a hothead artist, an enfant terrible of the photography world who used to command the top prices for his work. But today he was struggling to live up to his reputation. Youngsters he had fostered and taught were now the sought after photo artists commissioned by Conde Nast and all top magazines. He had clashed once too many ti… Read more

Tailor Shop Cock Erotic

Two pervs had me in the shop.…

When I was first working my boss told me to get a new suit, he'd pay, so I decided to have one made ........ I went to a menswear shop in the town where I lived to discuss what I wanted. It was a fairly small shop and I'd been in a few times before, buying clothes and thought the two old guys, Norman and Charles, running it were gay ....... tho this was the 70's and no one used that term then. One of them was a professional tailor and said he cou… Read more

Callela Holiday 4 Cont'd Erotic

The Story continues of Paula on holiday.…

HOL’S 4 Callela (Cont;d)

We showered and changed ready for dinner, making our way to the lift Jane and Claire were waiting for the lift , Jane turned and told us her parents had phoned her and were arriving tonight and they had asked us to join them tonight.
Paula was pleased but also disappointed that we were not going to a club, however her mood soon changed.
All the girls were dressed conservatively for dinner and remained that way for… Read more

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My First Cuckhold In Blackpool Erotic

Cuckhold story…

I am 40 and Helen is 38, 12 years together and we have talked in bed about her fucking another guy which really turned both of us on. Anyway we booked a weekend away in Blackpool and decided that this would be it. We planned to go out but split up and she goes in a bar like she is on her own and i am in the distance watching.

She goes in the bar and 5 mins later i arrive i spot her and keep my distance. After about 15 mins she is speaking to s… Read more

Crossing the line Erotic

Bisexual but not gay…

I have always had a secret side rarely shared with others: the urge to slip on ladies underwear and masturbate. There was a brief period in my married life when I almost shared the entirety of the desire lurking inside with my wife. It went as far as her suggesting that I might like to wear her panties. Oh my god I so did...and when I said nothing, she actually slipped them, black satin with lace front, over my feet and up to cover my tightening … Read more

Imagining my first club visit... Erotic

My first try at erotic writing. My real fantasise to visit a club and be used by strangers.…

I’m very nervous about posting this. This is something that I fantasise about a lot, I’m posting it without my partners permission. I hope that you enjoy my writing as much as I do.

It was a cold wintery day in Dublin. We’d rushed back from the conference and you were frustrated by how little we had spoken ahead of visiting our first club tonight. I’d rushed back to the hotel and my separate room before you’d had a chance to notice,… Read more

Randy old sod, part 3 Erotic

Keep it in the family.…

If you have read my last two posts you will know that I have been letting my neighbour Stan basically do what he likes too me, and the letcherous old sod certanly does know how too use and abuse me as his sexual playting and I am more than happy too let him, He is 78 and 43 years older than me but he satiesfies me with the help of viagra, the other day he mentioned of bringing his younger brother Jack along with him as a birthday present for Ja… Read more

Randy old sod part 2 Erotic

Old Stans plaything…

Old Stan has been fucking me for the last 3 weeks now, whenever he gets the opportunity, I cant believe the stamminer an old man like him has at 78 he is 43 years older than me, He isnt even good looking, short, 5 ft 5, bald, wrinkled up like an old prune but it is so naughty it turns me on that I give myself too this old man too do what he likes to me more or lessHe loves me sucking him off to completion and fucks all my holes, I feel such a di… Read more

Wife's adventure 2 Erotic

More cock for pam…

After Pam's adventure with her friends boyfriend who's name is Steve I came home from work yesterday too find out off Pam that Steve and his mate had called around and fucked her most of the morning.she had just showered and had a robe on,Steve soon moved in on her teasing and asking her if she was up for some fun,before look they had her bent over in the kitchen and were both shagging her in turn she told me they were a bit rough with her slappi… Read more

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Callela Holiday with Paula Erotic

Exibitionist Wife and more with booze…

Callela Holiday (Exhibitionism). Part 1

We booked Callela as a 10 day Holiday break during term time away from every thing and left the daughter with the mother in law, Paula had to have her womb removed after the birth and later changed when she had alcohol, she was a like nympho’ in bed.
After about six months recovery we decided to take the break.
We flew into Barcelona and after having a few drinks on the plane were in a great mood as… Read more

Wedding experiences Erotic

After dinner events…

A few years ago, after lots of discussion, usually in bed, about the possibility of ‘involving a third person’ in our sex life, my wife J and I decided to see if we could make it happen.
At that time we were both in our mid 40’s, kids grown up and no longer dependant on us, so we had a bit more freedom to do what we wanted.
Our main problem was who to involve.
We thought of our circle of friends, but decided against that as the possibili… Read more

Servicing Sexy old Mary. Erotic

Older woman does what she is told…

Just to follow on from my last chapter, I am having the time of my life shagging Mary at every opportunity, Bert has gone to stay with his brother for a few weeks and I have been sleeping in the marital bed.

I came home from work yesterday and Mary was cooking the dinner I sat in the living room and was watching the tele, in came Mary and boy was I gawping, she was wearing a tight black sweater a black leather pencil skirt that was below the … Read more

Working For A Perv Boss 4 Erotic

He wanted me as his sex toy.…

He asked me to carry on working for him for a few more weeks so I asked for more money ......... being 19 I needed as much as I could get and he was a successful 45 yr old businessman.

And I'd let him have my SPUNK.

The following week was back to the routine of me driving him to meetings in his Bentley and every few couple of days diverting to the cottage or cruising areas he liked. Again he always told me to wait in the car while he went o… Read more

Sexy old Mary. Erotic

Shagging the landlady…

I,m John I,m 28 and seperated, I needed somewhere to live but could only afford a room, my mother suggested I live with her old friend Mary, & her husband Bert.

I knew Mary from when she visited mum, a lady in her late 60s about a size 14 and around 5, 5 tall, she had short spiky peroxide hair and wore heavy make up and always bright pink lipstick,

Bert was a quiet man who loved his allotment and fishing, I moved in and settled down quite… Read more

Wedding dress adjustment fitting bi moment Erotic

Her touch was getting me wetter all the time…

This story has stayed secret until now , i was getting married everything was going great , my wedding dress was stunning showing of my figure, perfect .
I chose the dress with my mother, sister and my best friend, it caught my eye straight away , for the wow factor i tried on 4 dresses , then i would come out and see their reaction , the owner Sandie , was helping me in and out of the dresses, she was a great help and very touchie , hands on my… Read more

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