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Erotic Stories

Exploring your own erotic fantasies or a partner's sexual imagination can be a liberating experience. Sensualising with one another can truly add that extra spark between the sheets and change everyday sex into a passionate mind-blowing pleasure.

Erotic experiences in swinging include dressing up roleplay, adding another person into the bedroom and group gangbangs.

Explore our erotica collections below and share your own pleasures.

Late night overtime with HR manager

We dozed then she woke me with her mouth

If you have been following my stories about my encounters with my HR manager you will have read that in my last one I had overtime with her and after a full session we rested and recovered. I was then awakened with a warm tongue running up and down my sof...

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Sitting in the cafe where I had arranged to meet Ella, a nervous apprehension swept over me. Discretion was key for us both, so the photos we shared were, well, tantalising with faces hidden and so it was a blind date. She knew what I would be wearing and...

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Overtime with HR manager

Out of hours working with HR manager

From my previous stories you will have gathered that my HR manager was hot. She sent me a text telling me that I should be prepared to "do some overtime with her". I asked what it would involve and was told a room for the night, your hard cock, my wet smo...

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Erotic true encounter in a club

Wife let’s man fondle her while iam there

Hi all this is a true account of what happened while out with my wife , we’ve a white married couple me 43 her 39 she’s a very sexy size 16 , 40 dd , 5 ft7, my thing is to watch her fuck , but she’s not into to it , so we go out to west end London to a cl...

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Massaged in Borneo.

Samantha and my Massage.

During my time in the Force and while on detachment in Borneo, the nearest big town was Kuching. After a month or so of long hours at work and stand bys, with very short breaks I began to feel really stressed. My friend Ron, an Engine fitter, he had been...

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Six months.

A reunion.

I admit it, it was entirely my fault. I was looking at my phone and went arse-over-tit not knowing that if he penetrated this most private hole, she would come instantly, the pavement. The phone was a write-off and I had a bloody nose for my sins, fortuna...

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PARAGRAPH OF A REFRESHER FOR YOU As I stroked his cock, it was coming alive in my hand and in no time, it must have grown to between 8 - 9 inches. Fuck me it was the biggest, fattest human cock I’d ever touched! It looked like it belonged on a horse, not...

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My Fantastic Sexy Wife

My Wife’s Fantastic Sexual Experiences

MY FANTASTIC HORNY WIFEI met my wife many years ago when we were both 18 and have both enjoyed a fantastic sex life since, though mainly down to her fantastic lust for fucking and all things sexual. I thought I would share some of my experiences with her...

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A helping hand

and my wife's advice

Fria has been with us for three weeks. She is half Swedish half Danish and looks the part, she is 18 and helping to keep house and look after the baby when she arrives, we have still not picked a name. Last night Fria went out, by the time she got home we...



PART FIVE OFFICE WORK. Sorry it’s taken a while to continue Sal’s office work, Health problems. Enjoy It had been a while since I had last given Rob a blowjob. This particular day, Rob came into work all highly excited and agitated; I knew immediately wha...

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The risk of not taking an Uber

A choice the evening before leads to repercussions

It all started this morning. From the moment I woke up. I mean, what has got into you? My first thoughts were of the stupid argument last night about whether we should walk or call an Uber, but I just can’t believe your attitude! So today you are only goi...

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