A kiss was all it took Erotic

A lift home by my gym trainer ........then…

Im a bit of a gym buff , i love training , its addictive , sweaty and i have to admit horny.
I am attracted to men and women , but ive never taken the next step.
Well last week i was doing crossfit training it was hard , and Paula our trainer was pushing us all , it was very vocal and intense , she was in our faces pushing us to give more.
When it was all over were in a mess , the warm down and stretch was heaven.
The others were leaving i wa… Read more

Jane; Chapter One (Repost) Erotic

For new readers, with typo's removed…

While our married life was a series of sexual escapades, I had, in fact, laid the foundations for this lifestyle some time earlier.
I first persuaded Jane to allow me to offer her for sex with strangers some time before our marriage, and I include one our first adventures in this batch of memoirs.
Some two years before our marriage (Jane would have been 20), we were invited to a wedding reception, where, after a few drinks, we made our excuses… Read more

You are never too old Erotic

I was in my menopause and i thought my fun was over…

I am 58 , single but thats another story , i have a good social life , i would describe myself as a bubbly voluminous woman.
Sadly my size 16 /18 days are long gone , like most woman of my age i have hit the dreaded menopause, mood swings , eat binging , drinking , and zero sex moments.
Wether its self confidence but I couldn’t get into the mood , a cuppa and a good book was my solace.
Looking on the internet , some advice was to get to know… Read more

3some fun ends with me sucking cock Erotic

We love going to sex parties-i never thought i would like sucking cock…

We have a open mind when it comes to sex , we share each others fantasies and we like to mingle at sex parties.
Anne likes the thrill of sexy undies , and taking charge , over the last year or so Anne has enjoyed girl on fun , seeing her enjoying a womans touch is so fucking thrilling.
One mind blowing memory was seeing here in a all girl 3 some and she was getting strap-on fucked while licking out her sex partner.
My story took a different d… Read more

Faceless fuck - my perfect lover Erotic

Part truth part fantasy. All sexy.…

To start off, this is partly true but mostly fantasy. You will know if I'm talking about you. I hope you like it. I hope we can make it so.
The true part first:
Like many on here, logistics and time is an issue. Commitments and responsibilities mean I'm not free to meet as I might like. I have done before and enjoyed some good times. However, I've never really been into phone sex or texting with strangers. I prefer to wait till we've met. Buil… Read more

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Wank - Suck buddy gets better and better Erotic

From wanking each other off to getting a mouth full…

When i was younger i was always bi-curious , in my late teens i used to go around to my mates parents house , to play video games , and have a bevvy or 2.
He would put porn on and with no embarrassment we moved from readjusting our hard on in our jeans to one night i said fuck it i have to wank off .
Carls cock was bigger and thicker than mine , with alcohol and lust i would take cheeky side looks at his cock has he pumped away with his hand.
Read more

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First Time Wanked and Sucked Erotic

I was 18 he was 70's…

When I was 18 there was an underground toilet in the town where I lived, cold damp, with glass bricks in the ceiling so you could see when someone was approaching the steps. I think I'd innocently found it one afternoon when I genuinely wanted a piss as I was passing but once inside realised guys used it for sex.

There was a long wall of porcelain 'stones' shaped so that each one had a side 'modesty panel' and two cubicles opposite. The cubicl… Read more

Naughty flatmate Erotic

I was being watched…

Some 40 years ago I shared a flat with a woman friend. It was purely platonic and lasted for about a year before I moved into a flat on my own. She used to share with a friend who was dating my flatmate so when they decided to live together it made sense to swap flatmates. As I said, it was purely platonic and she never showed any signs of wanting to change that, which was a pity because she was gorgeous. Her nickname was Purdey after the Joanna … Read more

S/w reminds us Erotic


We've been reading s/w for a while picking out the posts that turn us on, it gives our sex life's a boost.And I'm sure it does other couples, also it gives us new ideas, we would never have done flashing, or being watched, while I fingered my wife in semi public places,it took a while for her to wan k me at the same time but she soon got to love it.
We hadn't had anyone join us but we new it would happen, recently in a secluded area in the park,… Read more

The Wedding Erotic

Saw her on the dancefloor with two older men......…

Her friend had invited us to the wedding of her sister. I wasn’t that interested in going as it was likely to be a big family do and we wouldn’t really know anyone there. But it was at a hotel in the country which looked nice and I managed to book one of their rooms. So as the date got closer I was looking forward to getting away without the kids and hopefully having some good sex with the wife. When we get the time and space it’s still rea… Read more

Caught playing with myself by my boyfriends sister Erotic

A bit of me time turned into girl girl fun…

Ive been in a relationship with my boyfriend since Christmas last year , Darrens parents are so laid back than mine , at his house we can stay in his room ,we've had the chat from their parents as long as we are not screaming its all good , but being a moaner if we get frisky he has to put his hand over my mouth.
Still horny as fuck.
Anyway last weekend we went to a festival got back on the sunday , Daz had work early Monday so i was ok to have… Read more



THE EUROPEAN SPA EVENT – (names are private and initials are used to ensure privacy of all)

Enjoying the skiing and Apres-ski on this winter holiday so exhausting, JJ & J decide to relax in the resort town spa set in the middle of town. After locating the Spa trudging through snow and ice they both enter a welcoming reception, complete the registration documentation supplied with gowns towel they go make their way to the changing area. Thing… Read more

Seduced by my boss at work Erotic

She knew i was looking at her ........when the moment came…

Very quickly i am married , but i thought there was something missing in our sex life , it was becoming more like a chore that sexy fun.
Anyway i found when i wasn't getting any i would look for porn on line and i would have my fun that way , i liked 3some porn with 2ladies and a man , at first i was getting off to the man fucking the girls in all holes but then i was getting turned on by the girl on girl action , licking , rimming , and dildo f… Read more

She -PT2 Erotic

An ongoing story of desire…

Its been one of those weeks, the kind that make you question your life, your work, your very exisitence...
Its a Friday its nearly time to go home, and she passes my desk, leaving this fragrance that lingers as she walks past, it makes me smile...God she smells so good.
I wonder where she is going so I glance round, she is heading to the break room, unusual at the end of the day, so I saunter over with cup in hand.
'Oh are you going to be work… Read more

An unusual holiday treat. Erotic

Husband offers his wife to share.…

Hi all.
I’m Nigel and I’m a 57 year old divorcee. I have just come back from holidays and I want to share with you all an amazing experience.
I stayed in a decent enough hotel but with one design flaw. My room was on the 11th floor and in the centre of the building which was at an angle which meant that I could see into next doors balcony and they could see into mine. The only issue was that I kept forgetting this and this is what led t… Read more

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Unconventional Therapy Erotic

An unusual remedy for Depression…

Perhaps not the usual type of story that one might find on this site, but after submitting it to mumsnet and finding the response amazing, my husband thought that it may also arouse some interest on here for different reasons.
It begins with me, a long standing issue with anxiety and mild depression, led to me considering psycho therapy, the NHS although good had extensive waiting lists. This led to me making enquiries locally, and the same name… Read more

It started with a kiss / FF introduction Erotic

Ive always been tempted - then the kiss…

I like sex , good sex the emotion of a full on orgasm sets me off , some of my boyfriends were selfish more interested in their own enjoyment but not so hands on or tounge on with mine .
Dont get me wrong , some of my exs bfriends where open to help me reach my peak , my story is with too many fumbling and frustrating experiences my thoughts would stray to what would it be like with another woman.
Well a few months ago i met Kat , younger than … Read more

She Erotic

An ongoing story of desire…

I watched her for a long time...
I know that sounds creepy, but she was one of those women who no matter what they do or look like, she just oozes sexuality.
She would smile at me if she looked up and saw me looking at her over the top of the computer screen, this woman has no idea how beautiful and desirable she is.

One day we are in the kitchen at work, she is making a coffee. As I come in she smiles and says 'hi'....I return the hi and c… Read more

El saler bus Erotic

What a way to end the day…

I was coming home from a day on the beach at El Saler and I was sat on the back seat

A young girl fairly tanned came and sat facing me
All of a sudden the bus came to a stopas we hit solid traffic heading back to Valencia

She had loose silky shorts on and great legs

She smiled nervously then suddenly placed her hand between her legs. I couldn’t believe it as she started to touch between her legs

I rested my hand on my cock and… Read more

surprise on visit to local woods Erotic

A walk with the dog turned into a new experience…

Last weekend I went up the local woods with the dog for a walk. After returning to my car I decided to check out some parking areas in the woodland, as it is common for bi guys to meet regularly. I parked up behind a car with a person with sunglasses sitting in the drivers seat.bout five minutes later a car pulled up two in front, and a guy got out to be greeted by a young woman in the car in front of mine. They embraced each other with a k… Read more

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Watched Erotic


Just read Jans story to my husband although rather short he managed to wan k off after the second reading, we thought this sort of thing had gone out of fashion a long time ago, as cinemas have changed so much.
Perhaps it was set a while ago, let me tell you about ourselves, we've been married about 10years no children but a varied sex life, we don't swing, but are excited if we're watched flashing or touching in public places, these are done in… Read more

A Suprise for Princess part 2 Limo ride and the hotel suite. Erotic

Showing dominance and giving over possesion of Princess.…

A suprise for Princess.

Part 2: The limo ride and hotel suite.

The Limo ride.

Of course Dean opened the door and let Becky and I in the back where we sat opposite each other waiting for them to join us. Ben slid in beside me and automatically put his hand on my thigh stroking it through the smooth silky dress he had brought me. I really did feel like a Princess on her way to a ball or banquet. This was only the second time in my life … Read more

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the girl from corfu part 4 Erotic

total submission…

The girl swore eternal devotion & submission
over the next 10 days of the holiday , my husband and me taught her all the dirty filthy exiting tricks possible
She got truly exited as the games became dirtier .
Firstly, I asked her if she had ever sucked cock before, no , she had played with a couple using her hand to make
the boys cum (wanking I told her, she devoured all the dirty English words) My husband lay on the bed and the girl and me g… Read more

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Young desire Erotic

A missed opportunity…

My best friend at school and I would often see each other during summer holidays and would sometimes sleep on his father’s boat on the river at the bottom of their garden. We weren’t gay, just familiar enough to have few inhibitions, and we would wake up, always in separate beds, one would announce they were feeling horny and we’d often wank, seeing who could get hard first, or cum first, but sadly we never progressed to touching each other… Read more

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Fuck Buddy Plays Away Erotic

She came back and told me about the dirty old men…

Hadn't seen my Fuck Buddy for a few months ..... about 5 yrs ago were at it all the time .... out dogging or clubs where she first had a taste of gloryholes ( find the story on here ) ....... but she's got an 'on-off' partner now , and can't get out as much ....... so when I had a call from her last week I knew she'd have something to say or want to play.

She called round one evening and after a brief catch-up, wet kisses and a grope told me … Read more

The Girl from Corfu .. Part 3 Erotic

now to her pussy ....…

I pushed her down on the bed sideways, my husband shoved a pillow under her head and i started stroking her parts.
I rubbed the back of my first finger up and down her slit, she was quickly wet, then i leant foward and flicked at her cunt (hubby says its her cunt NOT her pussy) she started to squeal - Mon Dieu , Mon dieu - I coudn't see but I think my husband was playing with her tits and sucking them as I set about her cunt. She rapidly became… Read more

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the girl from corfu ... part 2 Erotic

likes oral she does ...…

wrote part 1 on 20/06.(read this first).. now I have time to continue

We rushed along the path to our aptmt.. my husband threw the goor open and the girl and I crashed in, I whipped off my blouse
and stood naked from the waist up in front of her ; now she had been ogling my tits at the swimming pool all day ; now she saw g the chance to feel them, her eyes bulging ... I took her hands and placed them on my tits -- gently I told her ;;
she… Read more

The Stone God Erotic

Not true, but inspired by a somewhat true event…


“Yep, the guy is something all right”

“Just look at the size of that cock… and the pure savagery. If he were real, I’d let him fuck me… all that primeval, raw, power driving a ten-inch rock hard cock… literally rock hard.”

I circled your waist with my arm, pulling you back against me and slipped my hand through the fold of your sundress. Running my finger across your pussy lips, I nudged your clit with the tip… Read more

Say cheese for the camera Erotic

Having my photo taken is so much fun!!…

When Clive said he needed to update his website I knew that all my holes were going to be aching by the time he was finished. Clive likes to photograph me in various states of undress, masterbating myself with fingers or whatever toys he brought with him, I am just a slut who enjoys sex so Clive and I get on very well. I dress in a red lace body and silk wrap and wait for him to arrive. Once he arrives and admires my outfit he sets up his camera,… Read more

Jane makes a suggestion Erotic

Early Jane…

In our early days, once I had realised that Jane enjoyed a submissive relationship, I struggled to 'manage my asset'. She would go along with any suggestion that I came up with, but I was young and inexperienced, while her Turkish 'bull' had used her expertly and mercilessly. She was fully compliant and often took the lead in offering herself to men for my pleasure - she also dropped hints and suggestions when I was having her, regarding the situ… Read more

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