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My First Older Woman

"Where my love of older women started"

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Back when I was 19, I was a member of an online car forum and used to go to cruises (no, not those sort boys).

I was at a cruise in the North West, and being the young petrolhead that I was, I wales around the retail park checking out some nice cars.

I spotted one of those little 3 door MG hot hatches in bright yellow. I decided to have a look at it as I was considering one for my next car.

As I approached the car, I noticed a woman who must’ve been at least 15 years older than me, sat in the drivers seat with the window down listening to some tunes.

‘Hiya, don’t mind me, I’m just checking out your MG. Always wondered what these new ones were like’ I said

She got out and said ‘Hi, I’m Helen. It’s not mine, I work in the local dealer and it’s my demo for a few months. Get in and have a look around if you like?’

Clearly this was some sort of sales pitch already. I said ‘somebody’s on commission aren’t they?’

She laughed and said ‘well, this is our target market with these cars, so thought I’d pop down with it. If I get a sale, that’s a bonus!’

I said ‘well, tell me more about it then’.

She jumped in the passenger side, and went through the spiel. By this point, I was starting to be more interested in her than the car.

Owning a car meant that I’d had my fair share of conquests slightly younger than me, but apart from one dirty girl, they’d all been a bit inexperienced and were the type just to take it lying down.

I started seriously undressing Helen with my eyes. She had long black hair, with pale skin. She was at least 5’10 tall. I could tell she had big boobs under the red hoody she was wearing with a tight denim skirt that went down to her knees. She was wearing fishnets too with some flat blank shoes.

I said ‘Helen, I’d love to have a test drive in one at some point, just to see what they handle like’

She offered to take me for a spin before she went home later on, and passed me a business card with her number on and told me to text her when I’d finished looking around and wanted to go for a spin.

I got out of the car, and went for a wonder around the rest of the cruise. It was a bit shit to be honest. Within an hour I’d sent Helen a text from my trusty old Nokia ‘Hi, I’m ready for that spin in the MG now’. She replied and said ‘I’ll meet you in Asda car park in 15 minutes’

So I set off to Asda and parked next to her. I wound my window down and she told me to jump in the passenger seat as I wasn’t insured without going through the dealership first.

I grabbed my things, locked my car, and jumped in with her. I couldn’t help but notice that her skirt had ridden up a bit, and I could tell that her fishnets were actually stockings with suspenders. I had an instant stiff cock.

She set off at speed, and we headed out of town.

About 20 minutes later we pulled into a local picnic site. It was secluded from the road, and had always been a popular spot for teenagers to have sex in their cars. I wondered if she knew this?

She switched off the engine and told me to come with her so I got out of the car. She walked to me, took my hand and said ‘I think you’re fit’ then leaned against the car, pulling me towards her, and we kissed.

She was horny as fuck and started nibbling on my ears and grabbing my bum between kisses. I was so turned on that I spunked in my boxers.

I got on my knees, lifted her skirt up to her waist and noticed the suspenders and matching thong. I’d never had sex with anyone in suspenders before.

I started kissing her thighs, and stroking the outside of her thong with my fingers. I could smell how horny she was. To this date, I’ve never experienced such a pungent cunt (in a good way!)

I pulled the thong to one side, and starting licking that beautifully pungent hairy pussy of hers. She was so wet, I was able to slide 3 fingers inside her whilst I was tonguing her throbbing clit.

I could feel her on the edge of coming, so I stopped. She removed her hoody to reveal a matching black bra. I stood back up, and kissed her again. And took each of her tits out of the bra, devouring her big nipples.

She undid my belt, dropping my jeans to the floor, and released my hard cock. She Wanked me for a few minutes before opening the car door and kneeling on the passenger seat, facing the drivers seat.

She said ‘just take me now’ so I pulled her thong down and stuck my dick straight in and started to fuck her hard and fast.

By this point another car had turned up near  us with a couple of lads in. We were far too engrossed in what we were doing though.

They scurried off to the toilets, and left Helen and I to our own business. Wasn’t long until Helen came to a shuddering halt.

Whilst she was still trembling in delight, I shot my load up her.

We sorted ourselves out and Helen took me back to my car in Asda where we shared several more kisses, before going our separate ways

Written by SecretCouple2016

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